Frustration is like a drug  

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6/26/2021 5:08 pm
Frustration is like a drug

I would say if you’re not 0% committed don’t dabble with chastity, first It seems like a kinky thing to do to restrict yourself
But don’t dabble you may regret it, for a guy and a posable meet I agreed to chastity, he wanted to serve as female
first it was just a thing then it got real!, the more you do it the more your desire too

I’ve dressed forever so this is natural for , but frustration has turned into something else, so I guess I’ve learned to like
What you may desire, during play I’ve grown to enjoy anal, and during the times I’m unlocked I do manage to knock one
But a , because of chastity the best I can do is climax limp .

So this is where I’m right now I’m unable to act as a and I like dressing as female and also enjoy play as a female so if
Your into your gurl serving you as female can we talk?

Like I said frustration is like a drug now I desire more, chastity is great to a point but I can be unlocked. So I seek a guy who wants
To remove my desire once and for all

Yes I’m talking castration in any form you like! There are many ways most aren’t desirable but I need to suffer for the cause I know
What I desire isn’t reversable but if I can serve a guy as female that’s a price I’m willing to accept

My ideal partner will want to serve as female, so keep in chastity or if you require more lets talk castration is just a move
Away, my ideal partner will lock into<b> dresses </font></b>and heels

I won’t lie if you’re the lucky one your be my first guy, instead of play I want to feel a guys desire inside !! I’m happy to swallow
What you deliver, I’m also keen to see how I develop as a female for boobs are a must, early days but I’m excited are you?

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