I can’t double guess what you desire  

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8/9/2021 5:01 pm
I can’t double guess what you desire

So I found out I was a submissive sissy a while back when I discovered chastity love the feeling of frustration I won’t lie once in a while
I have to unlock myself and frustration gets the better of me, but if I’m tempted to climax I swallow what I deliver and over time I’ve grown
To love the taste, I’m happy to walk away from a normal climax instead I desire a sissygasum unlike a normal climax this is an orgasm it’s like
A head rush and it keeps giving and is very desirable, if I’ve kept myself captive for long enough I will also climax as normal during anal play
While I’m in chastity my clit tends to dribble so my panties are often<b> damp
</font></b>So right now I wear chastity but I would welcome loosing my ability to get erect for good, I’m into piercing and have both nipples pierced
Would welcome more, chastity is fantastic as it makes me sit to pee, if you intend to remove my boys I won’t object so long as you also
Consider having my urethra rerouted so I have to sit to pee
Being kept captive is also a real plus as is bondage, or chains use me yourself or share me I don’t mind maybe you’re a couple into a slave
Maybe a guy into kinky it don’t matter to me I will please you anyway I can!!
I’ve done all I can to be ready for a guy to enjoy me and change my mindset to have to encounter anything you may want from me
So guys remove my desire and enjoy the feminine me I can’t wait to have to sit to pee and swallow your load and develop puffy boobs
American guys try me for up to 3 months if your not delighted send me home but I feel like your want me to overstay
I’m sure within 3 months I will become the gurl of your desire!!

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