I’m Confused could someone help me understand ?  

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9/25/2021 5:11 pm
I’m Confused could someone help me understand ?

Do guys expect penetration both ways when they meet? I would have thought there would be some kind of appeal to a guy who requires being used as feminine
I may want to be your sissy slave and or slut for the afternoon or evening but I’m not a slag nor a bitch just a gurl looking for a guy to use as feminine

Just want a guy who will respect what I am and just use as feminine, not sure it’s much to ask!

Sissy is just an addiction like any other really, it all starts as fun but soon turns into something so much more, guess I’m not unlike many others before me I would dream
Of waking as female, the female form just fascinates me.

Don’t ever underestimate what you are dabbling in, sissy will consume your daily thoughts, my downfall was chastity that added frustration, I was used to frustration before
I suffered an erection when I was aroused. When I encountered Chastity becoming<b> erect </font></b>would cause pain, but even this wasn’t enough

I wanted more so I purchase an even more extreme chastity device so my clit is restrained even further, so if I got aroused it hurt I knew I was excited because I would dribble
So being my own keyholder wasn’t great, because I could cheat I would knock one as I showered but I would swallow anything I delivered

Its clear being my own keyholder won’t work in the long term I need you to frustrate . And maybe tease further just to raise my frustration, this will enhance your

If your serious in transforming me into your sissy, want me to undergo something more, something I can’t come back from then we should talk please!
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