Sausage for breakfast?  

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6/16/2021 5:26 pm
Sausage for breakfast?

So do you wake up with wood? Do you need someone take care of it? Like my sausage anyway you like because I will learn what you enjoy
Can’t provide you with and references, because I don’t have any experience other than toys!!

But throw I know I can accept your seed in my mouth, this said if you would rather start your day deep inside then that would work too.

I’m a gurl in chastity who only wishes to serve as feminine, I feel like I’m as ready as I can be to take this huge step,

So I would love to trade chastity for something more permanent, sure we both know what I’m talking, this could be your choice either chemical
Or banding or a cutter, I’m in minds a cutter is just done and dusted, but this said chemical is a slow process as is injections over a number of
Weeks, just feel like may enjoy seeing suffer become his gurl

Whatever your choice I’m good with it, during and chastity and hormones I do have a problem in getting erect, I would like for this continue
Moving forward I would like more if I may ask? I would love be locked into<b> dresses </font></b>and heels so I feel feminine all the time

So as a gurl I’m yours to enjoy as you like, but I would like to share a dream I have if I may. I see myself head down arse up. With a machine behind me
So I’m accepting anal while your cock is in my mouth, as you get close sure your force me further down on your erect cock something we could work on?

I totally understand once started there is no going back my fate is sealed, but this excites me even more for me sissy has been a long time coming so if your
Into turning me into the sexy, kinky submissive you desire lets talk

Anything goes baby!!!

Spunky kisses Sam

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