So I love chastity  

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8/18/2021 4:55 pm
So I love chastity

So dressing is a huge part of my life but being your own keyholder don’t work I tend cheat when it comes cleaning myself
Dressed and in the shower the best I can do is climax limp but I do so with a shampoo bottle inserted and on tip<b> toes </font></b>and if I
Climax I will swallow anything I can deliver! Chastity and hormones have rendered me all but sissy what I desire from you is the
Next step and remove my balls. I know I desire this so much is it what you desire?
I’ve been working towards becoming a gurl my whole life
I know what I am and I know I can please you just ask kinky is a plus just name what you desire, chances are I won’t say no
For years I’ve dreamed to wake up feminine maybe just maybe you could do this for me?
So if your into a sissy then please can me talk?
spunky kisses baby

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