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9/30/2021 5:07 pm

So I guess most of you would consider what I desire extreme say the least, for me this started years ago and in fact most of this
Just seems like natural progression, I got into chastity years ago I would wear it every waking moment at first this excited me but
Over the years it’s taught me frustration, being my own key holder has given me the chance to cheat I hate cheating but whenever
I did the best I could would me climaxing at best limp and often in the shower on<b> toes </font></b>and with an object in my arse
So for my MTF transmission isn’t a huge deal, I know and understand isn’t any going back from what you plan for me this
Said I’m excited become the object of your desire and finally I can forget about me and just serve a as the object of your
Desire, I know what is required but that isn’t a huge step from here and now
I’m very much into kinky and expanding my limits so I hope you are also? I forward discovering the feminine me, can’t wait
transform into feminine and all the things I enjoy, if you want to become my master then your require me to act and dress feminine
You will remind me of I was while enjoying me as I am now, you will humiliate me daily, push my limits and just enjoy me as the
Woman I desire be, do this for me and I will be your gurl use and abuse as you like bondage is a plus !!
need feel a guy inside me my mouth and arse are yours explore as you like but i'm no slut i'm saving myself for Mr Right
want render me sissy for your enjoyment lets talk

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