What I desire  

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11/26/2021 4:31 pm
What I desire

So right now I'm a practicing gurl I'm going throw the motions at best I climax as male limp if I'm able to climax I do so limp and swallow what I deliver
I do play with toys and really enjoy these moments an anal climax is unlike anything else!
Dressing is a huge part of my life as is play, but now I want to swap play for the real life so I'm willing for you to remove my desire once and for all yes talking
Castration, then swallowing my guys cum would be a huge plus
Once castrated the only way I can encounter pleasure is via anal, everything 'i've done so far is to get to this point in my life
truly consider myself feminine till I swallow your<b> load </font></b>and you have your wicked way with me till climax only then can I call myself sissy will you pop my cherry ?

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