What kind of gurl you looking for?  

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9/7/2021 4:33 pm
What kind of gurl you looking for?

I’m not looking for a guy to wine and dine me, nor buy me flowers swap flowers for a toy we can
Both enjoy?
I’m looking for an old school guy, a guy who knows what he wants and will take his enjoyment
I know my place and that’s of a sissy submissive, chastity has taught me what I like and dressing
Makes me feel sexy. I would like a little help with my transmission, keep me locked up for your
Enjoyment and my frustration, I know we both will desire puffy boobs so hormones would be a
Plus, or something more permanent? I know and understand a transition won’t be easy!
There is no gurl or earth that hasn’t gone to bed wishing to become<b> feminine </font></b>when morning comes
But we live in the real world most of the time, not saying I wouldn’t agree to be castrated under
A local, just not sure anyone seeking what I desire would act so direct, so maybe you like to play
Banding? This is so painful I know I’ve tried and it’s not something I could do myself maybe we could
Play banding then one day while in bondage you leave it on for too long rendering me sissy forever?
Maybe your thing is injecting my balls with alcohol over a number of weeks to achieve the same result?
What’s in it for me? Glad you asked! Chastity and frustration now forms me, I love the thought of flashing
A whole lot more flesh, sexy and kinky underwear is a huge plus! So we all make choices during our lives
My choice is to serve a guy or guys as<b> feminine. </font></b>I know the road ahead won’t be easy and that some suffering
May happen, for you guys it’s not just about the act itself it’s more about getting to that point you desire intercourse
This might include bondage, spanking, CBT or something I have yet to understand but I’m open to offers kinky is a real plus!!
i end most days with an object inside me, i know you expect a lot but my lust drives to to do this to myself will you do this to me? use me yourself or share me i'm sure there is a huge market for a castrated sissy
Into transforming me into the sissy you desire let’s talk

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