Musings thus far from adventuring on AFF  

1FreeGuy1 46M  
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11/9/2021 4:23 pm
Musings thus far from adventuring on AFF

My story so far...

After setting up my profile, I began browsing the incredible number of female<b> profiles </font></b>on this site. I discovered that there are a good number of creative members and especially creative members with amazingly well written<b> profiles </font></b>and blogs. I would never have thought that (sorry for this slight) a hormonal driven carnal themed website would house a well versed talent pool of writers, visionaries, critics, and philosophers (and more...I haven't yet really explore the bookends of this site).

While screening aside a number of scammers/fakers, I do look forward to connecting with real people. Not necessarily in a physical sexual sense...well, I take that I would obviously like that if the comfort level was there (har!) but what I find along the way...discovering...getting to know and possibly even meeting some of the very creative masterminds/personalities behind a lot of these profiles/blogs...I would imagine establishing a rapport with them would be quite fun!

I do want to shout out to one lady in particular that I am graciously indebted for her wisdom and guidance on this site. (I am asking her if I can draw attention to her here or if she wants to remain in the I will simply say for now that she has impressed me in the short time with her wisdom and candor. I find her very refreshing especially in today's overly sensitive culture (well at least in certain sectors).

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Now back to work...

Quick edit: The wonderful lady I mentioned earlier is rdy2try4 . She has my utmost respect and admiration.

rdy2try4 57F  
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11/10/2021 6:36 am

Gosh, thank you so much. I am always glad to help out when I can. I want to see everyone do good on here and have a happy stay, but sometimes people just bang their heads against brick walls and don't get it. lol Best of luck to you and glad I could help you out.

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