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2nd story
Posted:Mar 17, 2021 7:09 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 2:44 pm

2nd story

Stormy has her way with you!
I lead you into a nice and warm, dimly lit. I remove the robe you have on. You are now completely naked.
I command you to hold out your arms. Of course you obey and present your stretched out arms and hands. I cuff your hands to a steel spreader bar spreading them out shoulder wide.  I raise your hands and the bar up over your head, and I attach the bar to some chains that are hooked on the ceiling.
I command you to spread your legs just past shoulder width, and again you obey. I wrap some steel chains around your ankles and connect them to steel loops that are bolted into the floor, securing them with padlocks. I then place a blindfold across your eyes and I place a ball gag in your mouth, securing it tightly around your head.
You hear the door close as I leave the room.
Stormy enters the room and seeing what is literally hanging there for her, lovingly looks you up and down and all around.
Stormy is a beautiful woman, tall at 5’9”, she has a very nice chest, not too big and she has a great ass. She has long brown hair. She has a nice tight stomach and is wearing only the slightest of lingerie.
She walks over to you, walks around you slowly, admiring your beautiful, naked, and restrained body. She has a large grin on here beautiful face, thinking, “This is going to be a great time!”
She has a small riding crop in her hand, you hear it each time she smacks her hand with it. She slides around you, lightly striking your ass with her crop. As she moves around your naked hanging body, she strikes your nipples and your pussy with her crop. You feel the sting and wince a little, but it’s not really painful, more stunning as you are blindfolded and cannot see when she is going to strike you again.
After awhile, she puts down the crop and continues to walk slowly around you. She comes closer to you each time, you can smell her light perfume and her freshly bathed body. She rubs your cheek with the back of her soft hand. She lightly brushes your nipples with her fingers. She continues to walk around you, first brushing your ass with her hands, then she caresses it as she moves around you. As she moves to the front of you, she reaches for your freshly shaved pussy and begins to caress it and stroke it, feeling how soft and warm it is.
She removes your blindfold so that you can watch her. She reaches for an ice cube, and runs it around her mouth and lips. She then places it on your lips, circling them and the ball that is in your mouth. She slowly rubs the cube down your neck toward your nipples and circles them a few times. You can feel the cold drops running down your hot body as the cube melts. She continues to move the cube down your tummy to your hot pussy. She circles the cube all around and then inside and on top of your clit. She moves it down further to your asshole, circles it a few time and then pushes it deep inside of you. She grabs another cube, tastes it with her lips and then pushes it deep inside of your pussy. She then places the blindfold back over your eyes. The melted ice cube is running out of your ass and your pussy. She reaches down with her hand, gets it covered with the water and puts her hand in her mouth, enjoying your tastiness.
She moves around you ever so slowly, kissing you lightly on the cheek, and then kissing your mouth around the ball that is still in your mouth. She kisses your face and slowly kisses her way down your chest to your nipples which have gotten hard with excitement. She begins to suck on them, slowly and gently, occasionally biting them ever so lightly. Her hands are wandering around your ass and move around toward your increasingly wet pussy. Occasionally she’ll grab a handful of your beautiful hair and give it a solid and tug, while giving your ass a firm slap.
She caresses your pussy, gently spreading it open and slipping her fingers inside of you. You are soaking wet and very hot inside. She takes her fingers out of your pussy and puts them in her mouth thoroughly enjoying the taste of your hot sweet nectar. She slides them back into you, deeper and with more fingers. She kneels down in front of you, takes her breast and slides it up and down on your pussy covering her nipples with your nectar. She takes the other breast and covers it with your hot juices as well. She then stands up, removes the ball gag and brings your mouth to her breasts so that you can suck on them and her hard nipples, tasting your wonderful pussy once again.
With one hand she removes the ball from your mouth, and takes her other hand from your pussy and puts it into your mouth so that you can taste your sweet juices. She continues for a long time, tasting your juices herself from her fingers, or sharing them with you from her fingers. She puts the ball back in your mouth and kneels down in front of you and begin to tease your pussy with her tongue.
You arch your back, achingly pushing your pussy closer to her face so that she can get her tongue deeper inside of you. She grabs your ass and buries her tongue as deep as she can inside of you. She works her mouth and tongue on your clit and labia, you are moaning with delight, your pussy dripping wet and getting her face all covered with your juice.
She stands up, removes the ball from your mouth, tugs firmly on your hair and forces her tongue deep inside your mouth. You can taste your pussy on her tongue, you can smell the sweet nectar of your pussy on her skin around her mouth. She continues to kiss you long and deep, your pussy is getting even hotter. While she is kissing you, she is stroking your pussy, putting her fingers deep inside of you and teasing your clit, rubbing it harder and harder until you cum all over her hand. She puts that hand in your mouth so that you can taste your wonderful orgasm. She continues to kiss you long and deep, tugging firmly on your hair, pulling your head back as she kisses you.
Her pussy has become soaked as she is having her way pleasuring your wonderful, naked and restrained body. She slips out of her thong, it is soaked with her pussy juices. She puts the thong in your mouth, you are thoroughly enjoying the taste of her hot wet pussy. You suck on her panties, she takes them out of your mouth and rubs your dripping pussy with them until they are soaked again, this time with your juices. She first places her thong in her mouth, tasting your goodness, them puts it back into your mouth to enjoy.
She steps away for a second to allow you to catch your breath. She comes back with a fair sized plug which she easily slides into your soaking wet pussy. She pulls it out of your pussy and places it in her mouth, once again tasting you. She removes the plug from her mouth, slides it into her super wet pussy and then into your mouth, once again, you get to experience how wonderful she tastes! She commands you to hold onto the plug in your mouth and do not let go of it!
She moves around behind you and gets down on her knees. She begins to caress your soft and naked ass, and occasionally she’ll give it a firm slap. She begins to tease your ass, lightly kissing in various places, each time moving closer to your wet and aching for attention asshole. You push your ass as close to her face as you can while she uses her hands to spread your cheeks open so she has easier access to your hot little asshole. She begins to lightly lick your ass, making it become even wetter. She slides 2 fingers on each hand into your soaking wet pussy covering them with your juice, and then slowly slides them into your asshole. She slowly and gently pulls her fingers apart to open up your asshole giving her better access for her tongue. Her tongue swirls around inside as far as she can reach, and she slides it in an out as well. You are moaning with delight and dripping wet. She uses one hand at a time and strokes your already soaked pussy and clit, then returning it to inside your ass. She finishes the thorough rimming with a mouthful of you. She stands up, removes the ball gag, grabs a handful of your hair and gives it a tug. She kisses you long and deep, forcing her tongue down your throat as far as she can.
After some long and deep kissing, all the while stroking your wet pussy and sharing the juice from her fingers, she returns the ball gag to its proper place and steps away for a moment. She returns with a strap on harness and a large dildo. She removes the blindfold from your eyes and the gag from your mouth, she wants you to see the rest of what she’s going to do and do to you. She puts the dildo to her mouth and sucks on the end of it, then she puts it to your mouth to suck on. You open your mouth wide so that she can push it in deep as she can sliding it in and out. She takes the dildo and begins to rub it first on your pussy, sliding it in easily into your wetness, but not too deep. She takes it out of you and puts it to her mouth for a taste, then to your mouth for a taste. When you have sucked it clean, she puts in back into your pussy, much deeper this time. She slides it in and out a few times stroking your clit as she does so. She pulls the soaked dildo from your pussy and gives it a taste, then easily slides it into her own hot wet pussy. You watch her intently as she works the large dildo in and out of herself, occasionally pulling it out, tasting it and then sharing it with you. You hungrily suck her tastiness from the large cock, enjoying every drop of it and begging for more. She slides the large cock back into her pussy again, and shares it with you over and over again until you are ready.
After you finish cleaning the cock, she places it into the black leather harness she is wearing. You look at her as you think, “Damn that is sexy”, you anxiously await for what’s coming next. You are pretty well spent from all of the action so far, you’re not sure you can take anymore!
Stormy grabs a large butt plug, gives it an erotic licking for you, and then lets you have a chance to lick it. When you have finished, she places the plug into her pussy (beneath the dildo) covering it with her wetness. She moves around behind you and gets on her knees. She gives your asshole a quick but thorough rimming and then slides the plug into your ass, you are squirming with delight and anticipation.
She slowly walks around you with a sly grin on her face, the dildo ready to go, she strokes it for you to see and to anticipate. She tugs on your hair, pulling your head back and gives you a nice long and deep kiss. She moves around in front of you, she is kissing you while she rubs the dildo up and down on your soaked pussy. She starts to work the large cock into your pussy, it is tight because of the plug in your ass. You’re moaning in delight as it slides deep into you. She grabs your hips and pulls you closer, her hips are moving in and out moving the dildo inside of you. She grabs one of your nipples with her teeth as she is sliding in and out of you. This is an extra added sensation on your nipple and pussy. She moves her hips around working the cock all around your tight pussy. You feel the tension on your wrists and ankles as they fight against the restraints. She continues to slide in and out of you, harder and faster until you scream with a huge orgasm. She stops, with the cock still inside of you as you try to catch your breath. She pulls the cock out of you with a smile on her face. It is covered with your cum. She takes the dildo out of the harness and shares the wetness with you in long deep kisses.
After you have cleaned the cock off once again, she easily slides it into her own pussy covering it with her wetness. She pulls the cock from her pussy, commands you to open wide and places the cock in your mouth. She slides it in and out as you enjoy the tasted from deep inside of her pussy.
She moves around behind you and gently removes the plug from your ass putting it aside. She slides the large cock into her pussy once again covering it with her wetness. She then places the cock back into the harness. She slowly slides the slippery cock into your waiting asshole, stretched out from the plug, it slides in easily. She grabs your hips and starts to slide the large cock in and out of you, deeper and deeper with each stroke with it is fully inside of you. You are moaning in delight once again. You push your hips towards her again straining against the steel cuffs on your wrists and ankles trying to get the large dildo even deeper into you. She slides the cock in and out and moves it all around. She is moving her hips harder and faster until you scream with another huge orgasm, the cum from your pussy is soaking your legs. She pulls the large cock from your asshole, gets down on her knees and gives you another thorough rimming while stroking your soaking wet pussy. She gets a mouthful of your ass, moves around to the front of you and shares it with you in a long and deep kiss, tugging on your hair in the process.
As she finishes the kiss, she kneels down in front of you, and puts her hand on your pussy, then easily slides all of her fingers and hand inside of your hot wet pussy. She commands you to look directly into her eyes as she removes her and moves it to your ass. Slowly and gently slides her pussy covered fingers into your hot asshole and works it until her entire fist is inside of you. It is so hot in there. She leans forward and begins to lick your swollen and still soaking pussy while her fist moves around inside of your ass. This is almost more than you can take! Since she has her hand inside of your ass, she can easily pull you close to her as she grabs your clit with her teeth. She sucks on it and bites it as her tongue continues to move around tasting your cum as it flows out of you. She continues licking your pussy until once again you have a huge orgasm and cum all over her face. She greedily licks it all up as it continues to flow.
She lets you catch your breath, her hand still deep inside of you. After a minute she slowly pulls her hand out and you pretty much collapse on the bar, only the cuff on your wrists holding you up. She tastes one of her fingers from the hand she pulled out, liking the taste she shares the rest with you as she kisses you some more, tugging on your hair as she does.
After one more long and deep kiss, she steps away, takes another look at your beautiful body hanging there, unable to do anything. She puts her robe back on gathers her things and leaves the room.
I come into the room where you are hanging, I have your robe with me. First I release the cuffs on your ankles, and then your arms. You basically collapse in my arms. We get your robe on you and we walk out to the bathroom where Stormy has drawn a nice hot bubble bath and is in the tub waiting for you.
First story
Posted:Mar 17, 2021 7:07 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2022 2:44 pm

1st story
We enter the room, it’s nice, well furnished, warm and comfortable. We come together in a hug and start with some kissing, lightly at first then progressing into long deep kisses, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. We can feel the heat rising between each other as the kissing intensifies. I slowly begin to remove your clothing until only your panties remain. I reach down to feel your wet pussy pushing your panties into you as far as I can, soaking them with your hot wet juices. I then remove your panties and put them in your mouth, making you suck on them, especially the wettest parts. While you’re sucking on your pussy soaked panties, I fasten a steel collar around your neck. There is chain attached to the collar that has a large stainless steel hook on the other end. The hook has a large ball on the end.
 I remove your panties from your mouth and we share long deep kisses so that I can taste your pussy as well. I place the large ball of the hook in your mouth, you give it an expert sucking, like you’re sucking on my cock. Your pussy continues to get hot and wet! I take the ball of the hook from your mouth and place it in your hot wet pussy, making it nice and wet, I taste your pussy from the ball, so good! I then place the ball of the hook on to your waiting asshole and begin working it into you. The ball is slippery from your pussy juice, it doesn’t take long until the hook is fully inside of your hot asshole. I connect the chain on the hook to the steel collar around your neck adjusting it until it is taught. Any movement you make, you will feel it in your ass.
 I then take out some chains that have clamps on them. I attach 1 clamp to each of your nipples, 1 clamp to your clit (after I give it a quick licking as it is already soaked with anticipation.) and I attach a clip to each of your pussy lips as well. I tighten all of the clamps just enough to make your squirm with a little pain, but not enough to hurt you. I then attach another set of clamps to your pussy lips that have small weights on them, again putting them on tight, but not too tight.
 Next I handcuff your wrists behind your back. While I am putting these bondage devices on you, I am reaching down to your soaking wet pussy with my fingers, I lick the tasty hot juices from my fingers, then I get some more juice on them and put them in your mouth for you to taste as well. This goes on repeatedly. I take your panties and push them as far as I can inside your pussy, once again soaking them with the sweet nectar of your pussy juices, again I place your pussy soaked panties in your mouth so you can enjoy the taste. I watch to look in your eyes, wondering what is next.
 I gently tug on the chains that are clamped to your nipples, clit and pussy lips. Your pussy is soaking wet, dripping down your legs. It’s so hot to see you this way, your eyes have that real “wanting” look in them. You don’t move a lot because of the hook in your asshole, but you moan and squirm in delight.
 I lead you around the room gently pulling on the chains. As you walk around, naked and in in my bondage, I’ll spank your ass and your pussy with a riding crop or my hand, depending on your reaction. This goes on throughout our session. I turn to face you and give you long deep kisses, pinching your clamped nipples, and gently tugging on the weights hanging from your pussy. As your pussy continues to drip wetness, I lean you against the wall, I get on my knees in front of you and cleanup all of the sweet nectar with my tongue, pausing for a long time on your pussy, giving it a thorough eating bringing you to orgasm. I share all of this goodness with you in long, slow and deep kisses.
 There’s a coffee table in the room, I lay you down on your back on it. I tie your handcuffed wrists to one end of the table and I tie your ankles to the other end of the table. What a magnificent sight, your naked and bound body waiting there for me. I take the panties from your mouth and soak them again in your wet pussy. Freshly soaked, I place them back in your mouth. I get on my knees in front of you and slowly begin to tease your pussy with my tongue, pushing the weights around, you can feel them tug on your lower lips. I remove the clamp that is on your clit so that I can concentrate on it with my tongue. As I am tasting your sweet pussy, I place 1 finger inside of you, then 2 and then 3. You are so hot and wet. I taste the nectar from my fingers and then I share with you, momentarily removing your panties from your mouth. The hook is still in your ass, the sensations are driving you crazy.
 My fingers are soaked with your wetness, your pussy is aching to be fucked. I continue to lick your pussy, slow, then fast, hard and then softly until you have a huge orgasm, making a wet mess everywhere! The weights are driving you crazy as well. I release you from the table so that I can remove the hook from your ass, we both share its tastiness. I lay you back on the coffee table, this time on your front side. Again, I tie your handcuffed wrist to the front of the table, and this time I tie your knees to the other end, your waiting and aching ass is proudly on display for me to use as I please. The clamps are still on your pussy lips, I reattach the clamp to your clit. I get on my knees behind your ass and begin to lick your asshole giving you a thorough rimming. The large ball on the hook has loosened you up, so I am able to stick my tongue into you even further. I play with your clit and put my fingers in your pussy as I continue to rim you. Randomly, I will stop licking your ass, come to the front of the table, remove the panties from your mouth and kiss you long and deep, sharing the tastiness of your asshole with you. I place the panties back in your mouth.
 Still tied to the table on your front side, I place my rock hard and waiting cock inside your aching and wanting pussy. So amazing, so warm and so damn hot! I stroke in and out, slowly and softly until you orgasm again cumming all over. I slide out of you and take the panties from your mouth and soak up the fresh juices from your pussy, I place them back in your mouth.
 I move behind you again, my cock still rock hard. I place it on your still waiting asshole and slowly push it inside of you. You moan and squirm with delight. I slowly move in and out of your asshole until I am fully inside of your deep, hot ass! You are screaming in delight and bucking against me as hard as you can trying to go harder and faster. My strokes continue to piston in and out of you until I can’t wait any longer. I grab your hips with my hands, holding on tight, I shoot my load deep inside of you, rocking the both of us, you are quivering in delight. 
 After a moment as our bodies to recover, I pull myself out of your soaking wet and hot ass, your pussy is soaking wet. I release you from the table and remove the bondage gear. We share some long deep kisses, I reach to your soaked pussy with my fingers, and we share the sweet tastes of your pussy from them. We move to the bedroom and lay down to relax for a bit.
 After chilling out awhile, we head to the bathroom and get cleaned up together, and the fun starts all over again in the bathroom, that’s the next chapter.

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