Erotic Story (The neighborhood sucking girl) Part1  

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11/16/2021 7:32 pm
Erotic Story (The neighborhood sucking girl) Part1

The sucking girl in the neighborhood:

This sexual story happened in my adolescence in the neighborhood where I lived in Venezuela, I was in full development so you can imagine the hormones were a thousand hehehehehe very upset and I had a lot of sexual interest but I was very shy, playing with the boys from the neighborhood. I found out about a girl who liked to suck penises and that several of them had already sucked them.

I went home thinking about what they had told me about that penis-sucking girl and I wanted to meet her.One day playing on the neighborhood court, the girl passed by and one of the boys told me, look there goes the sucker and look, she goes with a Boy, maybe he's going to suck it off, and one of the boys says let's follow them to see how they suck it and we all went carefully to follow them to an abandoned house near the neighborhood and we watched as the two of us entered with care We got closer and looked out of a window and there they were kissing and groping for several minutes and suddenly he grabs her head and directs it towards his penis that was already outside and she began to suck it very carefully up and down, fast and slowly until I ejaculate inside her mouth because we saw how she spit out all that semen, I suck it for a while more, then he pulled up his shorts, she got up and they left.

I was ecstatic, excited with my penis a thousand about to explode it was the first time I see and experience something like this since I had never seen porn or something similar as a joke I masturbated hehehehe I went home, took a<b> shower </font></b>and took a good jerk off of my life and ejaculate three times.

That night I could hardly sleep thinking about that scene and wanting that girl to suck it off me, several days passed without incident until one day they sent me to buy some things and I saw the girl walking with a boy and I kept thinking that I was going to Suck it off and I wanted to see that again, but this time I had my cell phone, a simple one, but I could take photos and record videos and I decided to record it, I had to go home before my parents suspected why it took so long if the store was near, I didn't finish to see everything I went I got into the bathroom and masturbated hehehehe.

One day I was with the boys hanging out little by little they each went home I stayed for a while and suddenly the girl passed by alone and she was sitting in the neighborhood square I decided to go to her and talk to her I started with a hello I told her my name and she told me hers, one thing led to another until I told her that I knew I was doing oral sex to the boys in the neighborhood. She said it was a lie that she didn't do that, so I showed her the video where she record doing oral sex to a boy she was surprised, very nervous and scared she begged me not to show it to anyone that if her parents saw it they would kill her that she would do whatever she wanted and I told her anything? And she said yes, anything. She will continue.



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