All I want is BBC  

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10/4/2021 10:02 am
All I want is BBC

The names have been changed to protect the kinky

Like pretty much anyone else, Kate and I have watched our share of Porn. We were having a drink and watching some pretty intense interracial fucking one night, I could tell Kate was really getting worked up just watching the huge black cocks disappear into those hot, wet, pink, white pussies. Just for fun I asked my beautiful wife “would you ever do that” without any hesitation she replied “SURE” …… I couldn’t even think of anything to say, what did Kate just say – SURE I would fuck one of those monster black cocks!!! I tried to always pick a variety of Porn Videos when we were watching, but Kate always seems to get extra excited when I found a Black/White Gangbang. Sometimes she just said “find some Gangbang videos” I always did and I had my interests in them also. She would talk about how she wanted to try that but didn’t think she could keep up with everything happening at the time. I told her to watch how the white women reacted to a gangbang – after a couple of Black Cocks, they just laid back and enjoyed the huge dicks destroying their tight little White Pussy.

Most men will never admit to even thinking about what I had in mind, I really wonder who would admit they have had Fantasies about their beautiful White wife getting Totally Fucked & used like a common street by four or five Black Studs with really Big Cocks…. If you have never seen the amount of Cum that a Black Cock can put in a once Tight Pretty Pink White Pussy – you need to experience that at least once. Just thinking about seeing Kate’s little Pussy flooded with another man or men’s Cum until it is running down her legs and that Pussy is stretched to take any man’s cock, had me so excited that I couldn’t think about anything else but watching her get Black Cock Gangbanged.

That was all it took for me to get the ball (or balls) rolling. Now we had played in the Lifestyle for a while, but never really got brave and acted out some of our deepest desires. Just a little background about Kate – Kate is 50+ and the Ass of a 25 or 30 year old, a set of 38DD Natural Tits that I have had young men in the Lifestyle tell me are better than any of the 30 year olds they have played with & she can cum in intense waves until she almost passes out – Oh Yeah ….. she can Squirt (or rather Gushes) all night long. We started talking to some LS friends hat we knew had played in the interracial circles, so I checked out a few Black Men that had pleasured their<b> wives.

</font></b>When I told Kate what I was doing, she said she wanted to think about it before I set anything up – now that was ok with me – after all it was her little White Pussy that we were setting up for a Big Black Cock. I made contact with a couple of really nice Black Gentlemen on SLS and let her choose which Black Cock she wanted to have sex with. She chose Robert, he was a few years younger and single, very good looking and wanted to meet for drinks to see if everyone was onboard with a little Hot Sex. I knew that any man would be on board the minute he laid eyes on Kate, so I went ahead and put a plan in motion. We all agreed to meet two weeks later – Kate was excited beyond words, she said one of her Bucket List items was to have sex with a Well Endowed Black Man !!!

Saturday night was our usual Porn watching night, so in advance I checked out some really awesome Black on White videos. We were talking about the future meet and what Kate would like to see happen when it came to work on her Bucket List. After a drink or two, I moved on to threesomes (two Black Studs & a little white pussy. I could tell by her intense facial expressions that she was enjoying the threesome sex, so I said “what would you think to multiple Black Studs doing that to you?) She looked me straight in the eyes and said “if you want me to and will let me, Hell Yeah” That’s all I needed to know!

I called Robert and asked to meet him after work next week and see what we could make happen. We met and I laid it out for his input and to see if he could put it together……I am thinking WOW, my beautiful little White wife in the middle of a Black Cock Gangbang!!! Robert asked if it was some kind of joke or what, I told him it was something that we both wanted to do and I would leave the details and Black Studs up to him – after all – we were furnishing the White Pussy for their pleasure. He said consider it a done deal and leave the rest up to him. He asked if there was anything special & what was ok and what was off limits. I told him nothing anal & Kate didn’t want any facials. She has always been a “Bareback” only and she loves to feel the powerful explosion of a load of Hot Cum filling her little Pink Pussy and running out when the man withdraws his Cock – damn, I was getting worked up just visualizing Kate getting fucked by multiple Black Cocks.

Two weeks had gone by and it was Saturday night, this night could change my wife forever and we both could hardly wait until time to meet Robert. Kate had spent over an hour in the shower & bathroom getting ready for her escapade with Robert. Damn, she was looking so Damn Hot – she always kept her perfect little Pink Pussy trimmed wth a little heart shaped patch of hair and legs shaved so smooth…… but when I looked where her little patch always was – it was gone, she had shaved that pussy clean!!! As she slid into her favorite “Little Black Dress” with lacey black hose & garter belt, she knew I was watching every move. Kate gave me that devilish smile and winked, so I had to ask, “where are your panties” she grinned again and said “in the dresser drawer, where they are going to stay tonight”!!! I had tried many times to get her to go out “Commando” but she always said it felt a little dirty and she wouldn’t go without panties, I guess tonight she is having some “Dirty Thoughts” herself. Little did she know her life was about to change, I have always heard “Once you go Black…You will never go Back” !!!

We met Robert at a well established Restaurant/Bar in a town about an hours drive from home, our little town only has a couple of sit down places to meet & we all agreed to meet not so close to home (and little did Kate know) there were others involved that would have had to drive to our location. We got there a few minutes early and got a booth sort of out of the main area, we were on opposite sides of the table, Robert came in within a few minutes. I got up and shook his hand and sat back down in my spot, I nodded and told him to go ahead and sit next to Kate. She was ok with that, we ordered a round of drinks and appetizers, made small talk then had another round – I knew if tonight was going to play out as planned – Kate would need a couple of stiff drinks to calm her inhibitions. I had visited a few days earlier with Robert, just to make sure everything was coming into fruition for my lovely wife and her Sweet Little Pink Pussy !!! I excused myself for a bathroom break, giving them some time to chat without me in front of them.

Robert had got the text message I sent as we left the house, he now knew Kate wasn’t wearing any panties – I watched as his hand left the table and placed it on Kate’s leg – slowly he moved it up toward that place that no Black Man had ever touched. I knew when he found her pantyless pink pussy, by the look on her face, I knew by now he had found the soaking wet white pussy and was probably fingering my wife right in front of me. Now Kate is extremely multi-orgasmic and can cum with the slightest touch of her love hole, she now had a look of pending satisfaction on her face & her nipples were standing straight out even encased in her black lace bra. I asked “Babe you having a good time” all she could do was nod and show that evil little smile she had when she was about to get some SEX!! After 10 or 15 minutes, I figured if I didn’t get her up and out the door, she would have the seat so wet she wouldn’t be able to get up and walk straight. I told Robert that I had booked a suite at the local Luxury Hotel and gave him the extra key card, Kate said she needed a few minutes to freshen up before he got there so he said he would wait 15 minutes before he left for the hotel.

When we got in the car, her first words were “Do you know what Robert was doing under the table?” No, I said – but whatever it was it looked like you were enjoying it very much. “He was fingering my pussy” was her reply. Well babe – I think before the night is over he will be doing much more than that. As soon as we got to the room Kate started getting ready for her first Interracial Fucking, she had bought some special outfits and settled on a Black totally see through body hugging dress. She had barely gotten ready when Robert tapped on the door and let himself in, he just stood there a few minutes before all he could mutter was DDAAMMNNN!!! Kate looked awesome and I could see in her eyes, this would be a night to remember…. If she only knew what was to come later!! Her fresh shaved pussy was completely visible and those gorgeous pussy lips were already swollen and wet – her nipples were straight out with the anticipation of somebody new sucking them.

The suite was really perfect for the night I had planned for Kate, two beds & a large couch, plus a couple of large chairs. I could just visualize Kate getting Fucked on every piece of furniture in the room. She & Robert sat down on the bed and started kissing, he reached down and started fondling her pink Pussy Lips, she was moaning and already wet with desire for this Black man’s cock inside her tight cunt. He was sucking on her erect nipples and gently rubbing her clit until her hips were bucking up to meet his fingers. This was better that I could have even imagined……watching a Black Man have his way with my beautiful wife was the most exciting thing I have ever been part of and there was much more to CUM !!!

What happened next just completely blew me away! Kate broke away from Robert’s kiss, I think his tongue was touching her belly button…. From the inside. Kate has never been one to like her titties pinched or squeezed and once in a while a slight pop on her perfect ass was about as far as she would let anyone go. Robert was pinching her erect nipples & as she unzipped his pants, revealing a Black Cock about 8 inches long and pretty thick – he spanked her ass check and she let out a deep moan - immediately she took the head of his cock in her mouth and went all the way to his balls, in one swift motion she had Deep Throated this strangers cock!! He started spanking her ass and she was going wild as he pinched and squeezed her nipples, Robert looked me in the eye and said “I am going to FUCK your White Wife like a Crack Cocaine ” Kate never let up sucking his Cock as he Spanked & Pinched places that she had never allowed touched before tonight. I could tell Robert was close to letting his Cum shoot down my wife’s throat & Kate was going to take it all, suddenly he pulled her head up and told her it was going to be a long night and he wasn’t ready for her to receive his first load. First load ?? I thought, how many times can this guy Cum??

He pulled back and told Kate to slow down and relax, there was much more to come before the night was over. Robert turned to me and asked “Does Kate love surprises” before I could answer Kate exclaimed “If you are part of it, Hell Yeah – I love surprises bring it on big boy” He grinned, said “yes ma’am – you are definitely going to meet Big Boy tonight and said that he wanted to Blindfold her for the beginning of his next move, we played with blindfolding before and it was always a special turn-on for Kate. He told her to lay back on the bed and he was going to put the blindfold on and this would be a night that she would never forget. Kate looked at me asking if I was ok with whatever was fixing to happen, I nodded ok and she obediently laid back as Robert got her ready. He took her stockings an told her he was going to tie her to the headboard for just a short time, but promised he would remove the restraints as soon as everything got going.

Seeing a Black Man tie my wife to the bed (and her very willing) and me knowing what was in store for that Sweet Little White Pussy, I was so damn excited I almost came in my pants. You have no idea what that can do to your mind until you actually see it happening in the flesh. Quietly Robert picked up his phone and sent a message – he had gave his friends the room card (one was with him in the hall when he used it to come in) and they were in the lobby waiting for his text to come on up. Robert immediately went to my spread eagle bound wife and started kissing and pinching her titties again, she was so involved in his foreplay, she never heard the door open. Robert gave them a sign to be quiet and get undressed, in no time there were three very large Black Cocks standing around the bed waiting for their turn at my White Wife. He motioned to one to get closer and as he pulled back the new guy took his place with Kate, just as Robert had been doing he started passionately open mouth kissing and pinching Kate’s titties, she was getting hotter by the minute. He moved around to the headboard and placed his Large Cock on Kate’s chin, instinctively her mouth opened and he started a slow rhythm of Fucking her mouth. With each stroke of his Black Cock in her mouth her hips slowly started to hump up just as if it was in her soaking wet pussy. Now all of the Black Studs were standing next to the bed watching my lovely White Wife suck the enormous Cock of a perfect stranger.

Robert then motioned for another to take the first Studs place and as the first pulled back, the next moved right into place, I didn’t even notice that one of the Black Studs had moved over to the other side of Kate and was pinching and sucking her titties while she sucked on the second Studs cock, the Black Studs were playing Tag Team with my Blindfolded & tied up White Wife. The only one left that hadn’t touched Kate yet took a nod and motion from Robert pointing to that Sweet Shaved Wet White Pussy, immediately he got between her legs and started running his tongue up and down the soaking wet lips of my wife’s Ready to be Fucked Pussy. Suddenly Kate stopped moving completely as the Black Cock was taken out of her well fucked mouth, she said “Wait a minute – something is happening and I want to see what it is” With that Robert removed the blindfold revealing 4 Black Studs all holding and stroking their massive Black Cocks. Kate looked at me as if to say “are you part of this – are you letting 4 Black Cocks FUCK your White Wife?” All I could do was say “yes babe, we have talked about a Black Cock Gangbang and you know deep down you wanted to try” this is your chance and you have already sucked every one of these Cocks except the one eating your dripping pussy. Robert removed the restraints and Kate immediately raised up and said “Which one didn’t get a Blow Job” with that the last guy stood up and Kate grabbed his Cock and started sucking just like a Porn Star!

By now there were 4 pairs of Black hands feeling, pinching, spanking and fingering my White Wife – if you are reading this and say you couldn’t let your wife do something like that….. you are Crazy, that is the most Erotic Sexual thing I have ever witnessed. I couldn’t keep up with who was doing what except that Kate was moaning and bucking with every pop on her White Ass and ever finger thrusting inside her fixing to be Well Fucked Pussy. Finally Robert said “Since I put this White Wife Breeding Party together, I am going to get the First chance to BLACK COCK CUM this little White Bitch’s Pussy – Kate by now was so horny she raised up and said “this White Bitch’s Pussy can take Anything your Black Cock can give” with that Robert positioned himself between her pearly white legs and told two of the others to hold her legs up high, I want to hit the bottom of this Pink Pussy.

I got up out of the chair and walked around to the side of the bed – I wanted to see my wife take this Black Cock completely, he rolled the head all around her clit and slapped her pussy with his cock repeatedly. Kate was gushing almost every time he slapped her cunt, she was cumming in waves, I watched her body arch & shake like I had never seen before tonight. She was not the same woman that I brought to this room, FUUCCCKKK MMMEEEEE!!! Fuck Me NOW, with that coming from Kate’s mouth, Robert started a slow steady pace putting his entire Cock in my wife. Her eyes popped wide and she growled OH GOD !! It’s Huge !! She raised her head just enough to watch his slow steady strokes, she wanted to see the Black Cock disappear in her pussy, she started grinding up to meet his every thrust – now he was picking up the pace and she grabbed her legs pulling them up almost to her chin – she wanted every inch of that Huge Black Cock as deep as she could get it. By now Robert was in full stride fucking my wife, SLAP,SLAP,SLAP…. His balls were slapping her ASS and I will never forget that sound – DAMN – she was getting BLACKED and loving it. He was picking up the pace and Kate had two Black Cocks in her face and she was taking turns sucking both while the third Stud was sucking her nipples, AARRGGHH!! Oh God – Oh Fuck – I’M CUMMING – with that he made a few last hard thrust and filled Kate’s Pussy with a Hot Load of fresh CUM. Robert just stayed buried to the hilt in Kate’s once tight Pussy, finally as he moved back I could see the unbelievable amount of CUM dripping from her pussy, now running down her ass and onto the bed – Damn it was still running out when another took his place.

Stud #2 wasted no time, he buried his Cock and instantly Kate started Cumming - Robert came over and whispered “is this what you wanted to see” all I could do was nod, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the Big Black Cock pounding my wife’s pussy. Number 2 didn’t last too long, he came within minutes and I think he had even more Cum than Robert, Cum was everywhere around Kate’s cunt and ass, Number #3 asked if she would bend over the couch – Damn I never seen her flip over that fast and stuck her Ass right up in the air for easy access for him. He was taking slow deep strokes and she was Fucking back on his cock with every thrust, Robert went around and got in front of my wife, he slowly kissed her and ran his tongue down her throat, she was really moaning now – he placed his deflated cock in front of her mouth. Without hesitation Kate took his limp cock and started sucking the life back into it.

The Stud fucking her from behind was running his middle finger around Kate’s asshole and she wasn’t resisting in any form, I guess Robert had not told the others about her ASS being Off Limits, so I just watched to see how far she would go with this Black Stud Gangbang. There was so much Cum that had ran down her crack he didn’t even lick his finger, after a few minutes he pushed the first joint into her never BLACKED Asshole, before I knew it he had his entire finger inside my wife and massaging her ass along with every stroke of his enormous cock. My wife was moaning and hunching back with wanton abandonment now, he had two cum soaked fingers in her now and she was getting Fucked like never before in her life. Robert motioned for Stud #3 to take his place in her mouth. I noticed that the last guy wasn’t even really hard yet and he was bigger that any of the others. I got Roberts attention and asked him just how big is this guy and why was he last, He grinned and said “when he gets through, we can’t even touch the sides of that pussy” now Kate was sucking this monster to full attention and he was HUGE!!

The Stud fucking Kate from behind was slick, he had been fingering her ass enough that she didn’t even know when he took his cock out of her cunt and slid it right into her ass – she sort of paused for a few seconds and then started a slow easy backward motion on the cock now in her ass. He was not moving at all – he looked over at me and said “I think your wife likes Black Cock in her Ass” I just watched as she was slowly increasing her rhythm and thrusting back a little harder each stroke, by now he was grinning and spanking her ass and she was loving getting BLACKED !!! I could tell she was Cumming in small steps but I knew any minute the flood gates would open and she would have an enormous Orgasm and squirt everywhere, Kate was now pushing back harder and her ass was hitting him hard. She tensed up and everyone knew she was Cumming with that Black Cock in her Ass, it must have been good for him too - just as she started Cumming he grabbed her ass cheeks and started thrusting hard – if you have never heard the sound of a set of Cum filled Black Balls slapping your wife’s Pussy & Ass…. You have never seen or heard Pure Passion and Raw Fucking all in one, I love the sound of Big Balls slapping my wife’s ass and hearing her moan as they drive her over the edge of ecstasy as they both were cumming together and he was filling her white ass with hot cum as she came on him.

She had totally quit sucking on the Monster Black Cock while getting ASS Fucked – but now he wanted some of this White Cunt that had never had a Real Fucking until he got through with that little White Pussy!! He moved around to where Kate was laying face down on the bed with Cum dripping from her once tight cunt and ass. He started rubbing her ass and stuck three fingers in her ass, Kate gasped and thrust her hips up to meet him. Whoa lady – I just want to play with your ass a few minutes, I ain’t gonna Fuck You in the Ass with this Monster….well maybe, but not yet. After he stretched her ass out a little more he told her to turn over and spread them white legs wide, you are fixing to find out what a Real Black Cock can do to that pretty little White Pussy. He pulled Kate to the edge of the bed and pushed her legs up high, “Grab them legs Bitch and hold the up high, Big Boy is fixing to Tear that Pussy up, now I remember Robert telling Kate that she was going to meet BIG BOY - I didn’t realize until that moment just how big his cock was – DAMN, it was as big around as her forearm and at least 10 or 11 inches long. He had her positioned now and just eased the massive head about an inch or two inside her pussy lips. I couldn’t keep from glancing up at her expressions as he toyed with her Cock wanting cunt. He eased a little more in until the head disappeared in Kate’s cunt, she was squirming and moaning while hunching her hips up trying to get more & more of that Thick Black Monstrous Cock inside her now stretched and well Fucked Cunt.

“Look at me Bitch” he ordered, “I want to see your face when I take this monster to the hilt” obediently she looked at the Black Stud that was going to fill her once tight pink pussy with the Biggest Black Cock she had ever seen – “look at my Cock, I want you to see it fill your White Cunt” Kate was looking at his cock and thinking this thing would ruin her Pussy, after him – she wouldn’t ever be satisfied again. At that moment he gave a thrust and buried his cock completely in her throbbing cunt, MY GOD!! It’s HUGE ooohhhh FUCK, he was completely buried and motionless while Kate got used to the monster Black Cock she was impaled on. Slowly he pulled back and took a few easy strokes, I could see the skin from inside Kate’s Cunt coming out with every stroke, my God I thought - there was 2 or 3 inched of inside pussy skin holding on to his massive shaft, every stroke it got wetter and Kate was gushing all over his cock. I looked around an everyone was glued to the scene in front of them, Robert and the other two were stroking their half hard cocks and watching my wife get used like a backstreet .

Kate was Fucking him with every move, as he lunged forward, her now swollen red cunt was bucking up to meet his manhood, He grabbed both nipples and started pinching them as he buried his cock in my wife’s now well Fucked Cunt!! Kate looked at him and in a voice I had never heard told him “FUCK ME – FUCK ME NOW - I am going to CUM…. He looked at me and said “Your White Bitch likes some Black Cock, Don’t She?” I didn’t respond, he picked up the pace – he was destroying her pussy and she was loving every stroke. “Tell me Bitch, you like Black Cock” all she could do was groan “YES, I love your Black Cock.” Mister, you wanted a Black Cock Gangbang for your pretty little White Wife, now what do you think? She loves my COCK!! I just nodded yes and kept watching him impale her with every stroke, I think I had created a Black Cock but I didn’t even care at this point. I knew he was close by the way he was picking up Kate by the legs and ramming his rock hard cock harder with every thrust, AAAHHHHH GOD, I am going to CUM in this White Bitch, with that he rammed his cock as deep a possible and started cumming deep inside Kates Pussy – CUM was oozing out everywhere now and he was holding her tight. She said “My God – I could feel every squirt hitting hot and deep in my body – I love it, that’s never happened before.”

Slowly he pulled out, her once tight and petite pussy was now a monstrous HOLE, it was staying open as more cum kept flowing out, I have never seen anything like it – her pussy was open and I could see deep inside it. I asked her if she was ok and she rolled her eyes and said “What do you think, I need some more COCK Now!! I looked at Robert wondering what was next, all three Studs had their now hard Cocks in their hands looking at Kates dripping Pussy. Robert looked at me - then Kate, and asked if she was through or wanted another round – Kate pointed to her cum drenched cunt and told them if they could CUM again bring it on, I want to feel that Cum hitting deep in my body. Robert looked at me saying you want us to stop or you want to make this a Gangbang to remember – Kate grabbed his cock and laid back arching her hips, FUCK ME and do it good, fill this White Pussy up with Cum that’s why I am here.

I have never thought of my precious wife as a BLACK COCK …… but I had created this monster and I wasn’t about to stop now, everyone had another chance to Fuck my wife, but the thing thar took me by surprise was – she was on top of one of the Black Studs and humping him like a Cock Hungry Slut, when she said out loud “I am fucking him with my ass in the air, anybody want to FUCK my ASS??” That’s all it took, Robert got the bottle of lube and soaked his Black Cock then put some on Kates ass. He got behind her and eased his cock in her ass and started to Fuck her slowly, almost immediately the other two went for her mouth and she was jerking one off and sucking the other while alternating every few minutes. Her Ass must really be great because Robert unloaded a full shot of Cum deep in her ass. He had barely got his cock out when one of the others took his place, now three of the four had Fucked my Wife in the ASS and every Cock had unloaded CUM in both holes. The only one left was the Big Monster Black Cock, she looked at him and said “no way in my ass, but you can Cum in My Pussy again.” That was an invite that he took her up on, by now she was so Cum Soaked, his Giant Cock slid right in and she went to hunching him back. In a few short minutes he unloaded again and fell off on the bed – everyone was exhausted from the wildest FUCK MY WIFE Party I have ever seen – and it was MY WIFE.

Everyone just sat around for a little while and Kate looked at me “You like the show babe? When can we do this again??” I told her we would do it again but I wanted to make sure that she was ok with it. Everyone was getting dressed and Kate stood there Cum Soaked and dripping from both holes as the guys kissed he and thanked her for being a Great Fuck, she told them that she thanked them for being so good and letting her enjoy a real Black Cock Gangbang. Our Sex Life has never been better – Kate’s body has awakened to new and different things that now give her pleasure, but she didn’t like before that night. We still play in the Lifestyle, but my beautiful wife enjoys a Black Cock filling her Sweet White Pussy often and she wants another Black Cock Gangbang soon. Kate smiles now more than ever before – she says that nobody has the slightest idea of her other life and everyone at her office would never believe Sweet Little Kate…… had become a Black Cock .

If you have even the slightest thought of letting your White Wife enjoy being pleasured by a Black Stud, DON’T WAIT - life is too short and it will change your sex life beyond what words can describe. I STILL LOVE hearing the sound of CUM Filled Black Balls slapping Kate’s Ass and knowing that she is about to be filled with a Hot Load of Black Cock CUM. By the Way, Kate has taken on a new outlook – she has crotchless panties – but many times when we go out, she wears a conservative but nice dress…… and NO PANTIES. She really enjoys catching someone looking her over, when she does – she spreads those pretty legs just enough to give them a peek at her Totally Shaved Black Cock loving Pussy.

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