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10/3/2021 11:35 am
Bisexual fun

My wife and I have been swingers for about 5 years and enjoy playing with other couples and select singles. We have done a lot of wild things over the years but I was not prepared for what happened a couple months ago. Let me start by telling you that my wife is 39 and is incredible, she has done a lot of modeling and had an adult website for a while. She is a MILF. She is bi selective and I am straight (so I thought).

Thursday afternoon my wife called me and said she wanted to go out after work for a drink. She had had a rough day and needed to unwind. We both go home shortly after 5 and changed to go out. She wore a short mini skirt and a low cut top exposing lots of her long legs and 36c tits. We headed to our favorite bar and ordered a couple drinks. We talked about the events of the day and started to relax. A few minutes later she excused herself to the bathroom. She had been gone a little while so I ordered another round of drinks. When she returned she had another guy with her. She introduced him as Mike and asked him to join us. She flashed me a naughty grin as she sat down. We all talked for a while and discovered Mike was 35 single and in town on business. He was staying at a hotel just down the street. I saw my wife squirm in her seat and noticed Mike’s hand was all the way up her skirt. She looked at me with desire and I could tell she was enjoying herself. Mike ordered another round and headed off to the bathroom.

While he was gone my wife told me she bumped into him on her way to the bathroom and stopped to introduce herself. She said he was attractive and judging by the bulge in his pants he was attracted to her. I agreed he was a good looking guy and asked what she wanted to do. She said she would have to see if he was game for a little fun.

When Mike returned she greeted him with a kiss. It was slow at first but heated up quickly when she eased her tongue into his mouth. They broke their kiss and Mike looked at me. I told him it was ok that we were swingers and that she was felling horny. He responded by telling that he had always wanted to play with a couple. He invited us back to his room so we could all get more comfortable.

When we got to his room my wife headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Mike and I sat and made small talk. The conversation quickly turned to sex. I told him that we had been swinger for a while and that I enjoyed watching her with other men and that I liked to help pleasure her but that I was straight. He said that sounded like fun. My wife entered the room and sat next to him on the bed. We all talked a little more while they felt each other up. I could tell he was a little unsure how to get things started so I told my wife to get a little more comfortable and give us a show.

She jumped up and slowly started to undress. First she removed her top and slowly unhooked her bra. Then she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was now standing there wearing only a pair of high heels. I stood, undressed, and sat back down in the chair. I slowly stroked my hard on while watching my wife start to undress him. When she slid his pant down his growing cock sprang out and slapped against her<b> tummy. </font></b>He had a nice long cock about 8 inches with a big swollen head. He was a couple inches longer than me but not quite as thick. I had never seen a head as big as his. Mike said he wanted to watch us for a few minutes.

I laid across the bed on my back letting my wife climb top of me in a 69. She was really hot and I could see her juice running down her thighs. She lowered her pussy to my face and I slid my tongue inside her making her moan as she swallowed my dick. Mike watched for a few minutes stroking his dick. He walked over to the bed presenting his dick to my wife. She took turns sucking our cocks while I licked her to her first orgasm. I continued to lick her clean while she recovered. She looked up at Mike and told him to fuck her with that big thing. He stepped behind her as she raised her hips from my face and presented him with her wet slit. Mike grabbed her hips and aligned his cock with her pussy.

I had seen my wife fuck by a lot of guys before but had never been so close. They were going to fuck just inches from my face. He pushed and eased his enlarged head into her wanting pussy. He slowly slid his entire cock into her making her moan on my dick. He pulled almost all the way out of her and slammed back into her. I was in a trance watching this enormous cock fuck my wife silly. As he fucked her harder and harder my cock slipped from her mouth and was throbbing. She was being fucked so hard she was shaking. One of the strokes he pulled out to far and his head popped from her wet pussy. She moaned and cried “Don’t stop… Fuck me hard!” Still in my trance I reached up, grabbing his dick, placing it back into her sloppy slot. She moaned her approval and told me to lick her clit.

I raised my head and began to massage her clit with my tongue. Mike’s heavy balls were rubbing against my face. I could feel him sliding into her as I licked her towards another orgasm. I felt her legs tense up and she leaded forward as her body began to shake. I was now licking her pussy at the point of entry. His hard dick was sliding against my tongue. She was now bucking uncontrollably and her cum was running down my chin. She jerked hard and his dick popped free from her.

The head of his cock was now resting against my lips. I began to lick her juice off of it. He slowly leaned forward pushing past my lips into my mouth. It felt strange at first. He was so hard yet the skin was soft and smooth. I was beginning to enjoy having a cock in my mouth and let out a moan.

My wife rolled off of me and saw what was going on. She freaked! She started screaming “What are you doing?... You are sucking his cock!” Mike quickly pulled away and started to apologize. She interrupted him say it was me and not him that I was the one sucking cock. I apologized and said I must have just gotten caught up in the moment. She started to calm down and asked if I liked it. She wanted to know if I liked licking her cum off another guy’s dick. I told her it was different but that I did kind of enjoy it and it tasted good. She reached over and grabbed Mike’s dick. Looking at me she said “He does have a really nice dick and it tastes real good.” She leaned over and sucked him good and hard bringing his cock back to full erection. She looked back at me and said “It is only fair that I share.”

She guided my face towards his dick telling me to suck on it. I began to lick his head. I eased it past my lips and started to gently suck on it. I felt good and tasted great. I could still taste her on him. She pushed on the back of my head and told me to suck it all in. His head was so big it filled my mouth. She was pushing him deeper into me and I started to gag as his cock slid down my throat. She forced him farther in and I felt my throat relax. I couldn’t believe it there I was sucking a big dick and my wife was helping me do it. He slid the rest of the way in and I could feel his balls against my chin. Mike slowly started to slide his cock in and out of me fucking my face. It was amazing how good it felt. I began to suck harder as he fucked my mouth faster. My wife was cheering us on telling me to suck him good. I felt Mike’s head swell and prepared myself for what was next. I grabbed his ass and suck him as far down my throat as I could. He moaned and his body became stiff as he unloaded in to me. I thought he would never stop cumming. I swallowed as much as I could but some of his cum ran down my chin. I continued to suck him till he was limp. When I was done my wife was eager to lick his cum from my face and thanked me for saving her some.

As we got dressed Mike thanked us for a great time. He said he was in town at least once a month and would love to get together again sometime. I looked at my wife and she gave me a naughty grin. We exchanged and e-mail addresses and headed home. We didn’t say much on the ride home. When we got in bed my wife confessed that she always thought two guys playing was grouse, but watching us was really hot and a big turn on. I told her I enjoyed it to and was shocked how good it felt. She climbed on top of me and we had the best sex we have had in years.

Mike does come to town every month for business and we try to get together for some fun.

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