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10/4/2021 9:51 am
I want it

The names have been changed to protect the kinky

I was in my late 20?s and married. We had a very good sex life. My wife was bi-curious and had been with another woman. I had always been curious about sex with another man but never acted upon it. My wife made it clear she was turned on at the thought of watching me with another man. I was not going to let that happen but I knew I was secretly wondering what it might be like. We had a number of gay friends that we socialized with and I was comfortable in that social environment. There was one man who I found interesting. He was 10 years older than me and was a masculine gay man. One day, he asked if I could go with him to his property in the country and help him cut firewood for his cabin. I agreed and we arranged to go there the upcoming weekend. When we arrived, we spent a couple of hours cutting wood and had a few beers. I had to pee and being aware he was gay, decided to walk about 50 feet away to relieve myself. While standing there peeing, I was startled that he walked up beside me and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his dick and began to pee. I could not help but notice he was looking at my dick. I looked down as his and it was larger than mine. He looked at me and asked, have you ever been curious? I was still a little shocked and said nothing but stood there with my dick still in my hand. He said, if you are, no one will know but us. I didn?t move or say anything and he released his dick, letting it dangle in front of him and placed his hand on my dick. I was aware I was getting hard and it both excited and embarrassed me. I finally said, if we?re going to do this, we better get started before I lose my nerve.

He had a small shack built on the property that had a table and two bunks built inside. We both put our cocks back in out pants and he led me to the shack. We went inside and he closed the door. He began to undress in front of me and I watched as he took off his clothes. He kept his shorts on and asked if I was going to undress. He reached out and began unbuttoning my shirt and removed it. He then unbuckled my pants and let them drop to my ankles. He squatted down and took off my shoes and socks and pulled my pants off. I stood there in my underwear with an embarrassingly hard dick. His cock was still flaccid. He asked if I was ok and I nodded and he hooked his fingers in the waistband of my tight white underpants. He pulled them down slowly and my hard dick sprang out. I stepped out of them and stood before him naked. He then pulled his shorts off and I saw his dick. It was long and a little thicker than average. He put his hand on my dick and stroked it slowly. He used his other hand to put my hand on his dick. We stood there stroking each other. His dick grew long and hard. It was intimidating to say the least. His hand felt good on my dick and I was aware that I might cum. He stopped stroking me and knelt in front of me. He took my throbbing dick in his mouth and began to suck me. I closed my eyes and very soon could not hold it and came in his mouth. He swallowed all of my cum and continued sucking me for a few seconds until he had extracted every drop. He stood and asked me how it felt. I thought the answer was obvious but said it felt good. He said, why don?t you try it on me. I slowly dropped to my knees and my shaky and took his long cock and placed it to my lips. I eased it into my mouth as far as I could get it, which wasn?t that far. I started sucking him as I bobbed my head up and down on his dick. I stroked him with my hand as I did it. As I was sucking him, I wondered what to do when he came. Should I try to swallow it? As it turned out, I only had about 30 seconds to decide. I first tasted his salty pre-cum and suddenly he began to gush cum into my mouth. I tried to swallow but quickly gaged and opened my lips and let the load run out on the ground while keeping him in my mouth. His cum was very salty and thick. I could not make it go away by simply swallowing. It was as if it was sticking to my throat. I drank some water to wash it down. He told me how great it felt. I was feeling like I had done something really bad but I kept telling myself no one would know but him. We sat on the bottom bunk of the beds, he beside me. We drank a couple of beers. We remained naked as we did. I was sure that we had not finished whatever it was he was leading me through.

After a couple of beers, I went outside to pee. There was no bathroom so I just peed into the grass. He came out and peed too. This time, I did not try to hide the fact that I was looking at him naked. We went back inside. He closed the door and picked up a bottle of baby oil and put it on his hand. He walked over to the bed and sat beside me and put his hand on my dick and started to stroke it. It grew hard fairly fast. He told me to stand up and hold on to the table. He walked up behind me and reached around and started stroking my dick once again. I felt his warm body pressing against me. He picked up the baby oil and I felt it dripping between my butt cheeks. I panicked and tried to pull away but he held my firmly in place and told me not to be afraid. I felt his hand between my cheeks as he rubbed his fingers across my anus. After a few seconds, I felt him push the tip of his finger into my rectum. I jerked and he told me to relax. He slowly pushed his finger into my tight ass and began to fuck it in and out. It felt large but good and I began to move my hips as he stroked my dick. After a few minutes, I felt him pull the finger out and Immediately begin to push two fingers in my ass. It was uncomfortable and I made a noise. He stopped pushing and told me to relax and after a few seconds he continued pushing the fingers in my ass. He asked if I was ok and I told him it hurt but I was ok. He kept his fingers in my ass for about 5 minutes and would occasionally stop stroking me to keep me from Cumming. I began to get used to the size of his two fingers and it didn?t hurt anymore. He began to stroke me again and I felt him withdraw his fingers. Within seconds I felt him begin to push three fingers up my ass. This time I cried out and he again admonished me to relax. I felt him pressing his hard cock up to my back. He stroked my dick until he had worked all three fingers completely into my butt. It burned but I did not ask him to remove them. After a few minutes, he began to move them in and out of my tight ass. I moaned and felt myself getting ready to cum. He stopped stroking me and told me to wait and not cum. He asked me if I was curious about anal sex. I said yes but I was afraid it would hurt too much. He pushed his fingers all the way up my ass and asked me if that hurt. By then I was used to the size and I said, no. He told me that the three fingers were as big around as his dick and asked if he could put it in me. He promised to stop if it hurt too much. I said ok and he pulled his fingers out of my stretched butt hole.

I watched as he put more baby oil on his hand and rubbed it onto his big cock. He then wiped it onto my anus. He pushed me slightly over the table. I was aware of his strong hand firmly on my back I felt the mushroom head of his hard dick rubbing between my ass cheeks and nestling into my opening. He again began to stroke my dick as he started pushing the head of his dick into my ass. It began to burn and I began to panic because it WAS thicker than his fingers! I began to cry out and he held me firmly in place as he told me to relax. I felt the big head of his dick pushing past my sphincter muscle and I begged him to stop. He didn?t and told me this is the worst part. It popped past my tight muscle and I made an animal sound as it did. I was panting and I heard him say, the worst part is over now. I began to realize it did not hurt as badly and began to relax. I felt him slowly push his long cock up into me and he continued until I felt his hairy balls rub against my ass cheeks. He stopped for a few seconds to give me time to adjust to his size and I felt him place both hands on my hips. I knew what was coming and I tried to relax. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom with his big cock in me. He began to pull it out slowly and I could feel it as it rubbed against my stretched anus. He pulled most of it out and slowly pushed it back in, making me moan. He continued to fuck me and began to move faster as he did. I felt his grip tighten around my waist and I thought about how a woman feels when a guy does that as he fucks her from behind. It occurred to me I was now the woman as I felt his big balls slap against my soft ass cheeks. I could not help but to moan as he fucked my ass and I noticed he had given up on stroking me. I found it no longer hurt as my ass adjusted to his big dick. He began to pound me and grunted and I suddenly felt this hot oozing sensation inside me. I knew he was Cumming in my virgin ass and I collapsed over the table and let him have me. He moved his dick slowly in and out for a bit and then slowly pulled it out. My ass was standing open and I could feel the cold air rush inside me. He sat in the chair and I saw his softening dick hanging between his legs. Cum was oozing out of the tip. I suddenly felt the urge to go to the bathroom and I rushed out the door. I made it about 25 feet and squatted. To my surprise, most of what came out was his cum. I was amazed at how much he had shot into my ass. I saw him come out of the shack with the toilet paper and he handed it to me. He said, that happens in the beginning. He went back inside and I wiped myself. I could not resist feeling back there. My ass was standing open slightly!

I went back inside and laid on the bed. He sat beside me. I no longer hesitated to take a long look at his dick hanging over his big hairy balls. I felt strangely close to him now that he had used me like he had. I watched as he stood up and went to the wash basin and thoroughly wash his dick. He dried it and walked over to me and presented it if front of my face. It smelled clean. I opened my mouth and let him put the head in my mouth. I felt submissive and began to suck it. He fed it into my mouth I sucked it and tasted the last drops of his cum as they oozed out of the slit at the end of his cock. His dick slowly grew completely hard and I stroked it while I sucked him eagerly like a woman would her man. I knew he had shot two big loads of cum and I wondered if he was going to cum again. He pulled his dick out of my mouth. He sat in the chair and beckoned me. I walked over to him and he told me to lay over his legs. I did and as I stared at the floor, I felt him pull my cheeks apart. He said, your little ass isn?t so tight now and as he probed me with his finger. I suddenly felt his big hand slap me across my ass. He put a hand in the small of my back and held me tightly as he spanked my naked ass with his bare hand. It stung and I yelped. He kept it for about 30 seconds and let me up. I reached back to rub my burning ass cheeks and he told me not to do it. He said he enjoyed spanking men?s butts and wanted to see it all red. I turned around and let him see. As I turned back around, he was standing up. His dick was as hard as before. I asked him if he was going to fuck me again, secretly hoping he would say yes. He said no and walked to the table. He said, now it?s your turn to fuck my ass. My dick was already hard from when he spanked me. He bent over the table and handed me the baby oil. I put some on my hand and started to stick a finger in his ass like he had done to me. He said, you don?t have to do that. I?m used to getting it. I pulled my finger out of his ass and rubbed some oil on my dick. I put the head between his cheeks and began to push my dick up his ass. I was sure I would cum before I got it in him. He made a groaning sound as I pushed my dick all the way into his ass. I noticed he didn?t scream out like I did. His ass felt tight and warm. I began to fuck him and in about 30 seconds, filled his ass with my cum. I remember thinking, very impressive. He fucked your ass for ten minutes and you shot your load in 30 seconds. I pulled my dick out of him. He turned and looked at it. He said, you certainly needed to cum. I laughed nervously. I felt dominated. He told me to wash my dick and watched as I did. He then leaned over and sucked my dick till he got the last drops out of my embarrassingly small dick. It had softened completely while his cock was still hanging between his legs like a tail.

We drank a couple of more beers and I laid on the bed. He lay beside me and asked how I felt. I said I felt a little strange but at the same time ok with it. The day was getting late and he said, I want you again before we go. I said ok and he said he had to pee first. He walked out the door and left it open. I could see the stream of piss coming from his dick. He finished and shook it and walked back in and closed the door. He held his limp dick up in his hand and I knew what he wanted. I put it in my mouth. It tasted salty and smelled of pee. I sucked him until he was fully hard. He said, Why don?t you just lay there and let me do it. I obediently rolled onto my stomach and got on my knees. He put two pillows under my stomach and told me to lay on them. He got on top of me. I felt his weight as his oil covered hand rubbed between my butt cheeks. I felt the head of his dick at my rectum and he pushed it into me. I groaned and whimpered but did not scream. It hurt but I laid there and let him push the fat head past my sphincter muscle. I felt him push my legs apart and he started to fuck me like I was a woman. It took him a long time to cum and my butt started to feel kind or raw. After about 15 minutes, he started to fuck me harder. He pounded me into the mattress and told me to take his load as he shot my ass full once again. He laid on me for a while and eventually pulled his dick from my very sore butt. I laid there watching as he washed his half hard cock then he walked to me and said you know what to do. I sucked him, and stroked his dick as I did. He had not quite gotten his whole load out of his dick and I sucked it out and swallowed it.

He let me fuck him once more and I was proud that I didn?t cum so quickly. We cleaned up and left. It took an hour to get home and as we rode, he told me he was bi-sexual. I said, I guess I am too. He said one time only satisfies your<b> natural </font></b>curiosity. If you want it again, you may be bi. He confessed that he would like to fuck my wife whom he had known for years. He said it would be fun to fuck both of us in the same bed. I thought, she will like your dick so I guess we will see.

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