When in Rome  

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10/3/2021 11:11 am
When in Rome

The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

The warm summer rain fell out of the night sky in sheets, reducing visibility on the road. The glare of our own headlights did nothing to help, on this back road of east central Florida.

Pam and I were heading home from a day of antique shopping and dinner out when the clouds rolled in bringing the rain with it, when we felt the distinct feel of a tire gone flat on the drivers front.

We coasted to a conveniently close pull over off the shoulder of the little back road. I had stupidly left my cell phone at home and when Pam checked her's she had no signal, and to make things worse, her battery was almost depleted.

Our car sheltered us well, but who knows how long we'd have to wait here in the darkness of early night for any assistance options, and this car did not come with a factory spare tire. Faith have it, within a few minutes the rains slacked off to a drizzle.

Visibility now opened up good enough to spot a house with the lights on, less than a few blocks down the road. I told Pam to sit tight and I'd walk to the house and I'm sure they would let me use a phone, and help would be on the way.

Pam would not have it, me going off alone on a dark rainy night alone and leaving her in a car. Pam is an out spoken, strong woman who says what's on her mind and does not have that cut off switch that tells a normal person when not to say something that may offend.

Her stubbornness, is packaged in a fine 44 year old frame that would rival any 25 year old. She is short at 5'1”, petite with a great ass and boobs that fit my hand perfectly. With straw colored shoulder length hair and shapely figure, Pam is a very sexy milf. She is the light in a darkroom that will uplift all in her presence.

Pam takes my hand and we trek down the road. The rain is light and warm, but we are soaked by the time we hit the driveway of the home. The big steel gate is open so we headed down the drive. As we get closer we can hear Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze playing loud, and there are six nice cars lined in front of the home and the lights from within illuminated into driveway. It was beautiful two story brick.

I look over at Pam and say, I'm getting a Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe all of a sudden. By the light of the interior house lights, Pam's pretty sundress, a sheer white flowing cotton fabric, is soaked and sticking to her flesh like a second skin.

It has all but disappeared into transparency, leaving her body exposed through the material. She would be a contender in any wet tee shirt contest and her nipples have peaked, very visibly.

If I hear The Time Warp start playing, my ass is out of here, she laughs. I then tell her to look at her dress, it has become see through. Pam glances down and shrugs, is what it is, I will either offend or titillate someone I suppose. Well, I'm titillated, I say.

We climb about five steps and approach the door. God, don't let it be a gong sound, I laugh. The music is loud and from the door glass we detect different colored lights from somewhere in the house. I ring the bell and it's chimes off a normal tone. I look at Pam and say that's a good sign, I hope.

The door knob turns and the door pulls open just enough for the person to peek out. Pretty eyes, some nose, reddish hair. Um, yes, the lady speaks to us but she is all but hidden by the big door.

I introduce us and tell her about our car, pointing towards it's location and ask if there was a phone we could use or give her the number and call roadside assistance for help.

Oh you poor things, you are soaking wet, come inside out of that mess, she says. The lady stepped back pulling the door open. Pam and I step inside and apologize for getting the floor wet. The lady was saying think nothing of it and as the door pushed closed, and we finally see, she had answered the door totally naked.

To the left we could see into a big kitchen area and several naked people holding drinks and laughing, having a good time, and off to the right there was a billiard room with a nude man and a woman playing billiards.

As the scene was absorbed into my mind the lady said we'd have to excuse their lack of attire, but this was one of their monthly nudist get together parties of sorts...

We both went on to apologize for the intrusion and did not want to disturb their festivities, but the lady said nonsense let me get you a phone and some towels. She was a shapely lady in her late forties I'd guess and I could not help notice had a very nice ass as she walked away.

Friendly, Pam says. I nod yes and we stand a minute just absorbing the whole scene. From the billiard room another naked man came walking by. He was tall, perhaps 6'3, also in his forties I'd guess and he was sporting a semi erection of some eight inches.

He smiles and says good evening as he walks past. We watch him go into the kitchen area and attempts to speak over the music, anyone seen Debbie. She's in the den blowing Steven a woman's voice calls back. We watch the tall gentleman wander off down a small hallway.

Pam looks up at me and is grinning real big. Swingers, she says, I bet you they are swingers. I look at her, I bet your right, Pam I say, but The Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe is definitely increasing.

The lady returns and has a couple of towels, and a cell phone, and she is still nude. She hands me the phone and a towel, then puts her hands on her hips and looks at us.

You guys are soaked and chilled, and you are the only ones wearing cloths. Let's get you out of these wet things and I will toss them in the dryer. They will be dry in fifteen minutes, and I have robes if you are feeling, modest, she smiles.

With that the lady goes behind Pam and begins to undo her dress ties. I was a bit shocked at the boldness of this stranger, beginning to undress my wife when Pam looks at me and shrugs, when in Rome.

Now Pam, is one of those rare breeds that had never met a stranger. Five minutes with her and you feel like you've known her forever. She is overly friendly, gregarious, outgoing and emits an undertone of sexuality that never quite every goes away in any circumstance.

In seconds Pam is naked and the lady hands her the towel. You have a beautiful body, I'm Nancy, by the way and this is my home. She is talking to Pam when I connect to the emergency road<b> service.

</font></b>Pam re-introduces us to Nancy as Pam and Roger, and tells her how beautiful her home is and we are grateful for allowing us to use the phone and dry off. She has a new friend almost instantly.

I'm informed they will be about two hours as the wrecker guy is working a crashed vehicle already. I hang up then tell Pam and our host Nancy, about the time line for the assistance.

Well, that's all you can you do, Nancy says. Get out those wet cloths Roger and I will put them in the dryer. I feel a whole lot awkward, but begin to get the wet cloths off. I knew I'd be less conspicuous naked, yet nudism was never something I delved into.

Walk with me to the laundry room, and I will show you the house, Nancy says. We say okay and follow her nice butt towards the kitchen. I have never been naked in front of more that one person at at time, so I'm very self aware, while Pam is smiling and waving hi at the other quest like a theme park greeter.

I count three couples in the room, and upon the kitchen island a gentleman is eating a big titty brunettes pussy like it was a salad. She is moaning and pulling his head deeper into her snatch.

Hey, everyone this is Roger and this lovely is Pam, their car broke down outside, so they will be with us a little while, make them feel at home, they all smiled big and waved saying hi.

As we pass the couple on the counter, Nancy taps the man on the head and says, this is my husband Carl, and don't wear that tongue out, I will want some of that later. We move on and reach the laundry room where she put our wet cloths in the dryer.

Heading back out Nancy points out the french doors to the porch and there is a couple screwing in the hot tub. Feel free to use the hot tube if you wish, Nancy says.

We walk through more of their home and into the billiard room. We stop a few seconds and take in the sight. A beautiful red burgundy room with matching pool table cloth and the lady pool shooter, is blowing the man. Both still have their pool ques in their hands.

Did you defeat Mandy again, Nancy ask the guy. He says yes and she is a wonderful looser. Well, this is Roger and Pam, their car has a flat, so they are our quest for a bit, make them feel at home.

The lady sucking the mans cock spits his dick out and waves to us, both saying hello. Another game, he ask his cock sucking friend, who stands up and says rack them.

To our left is a brass stripper pole and hanging upside down from it a petite lady older lady of perhaps 60 is working the pole like pro. Her toned body has aged quite well. I hoped I will be so flexible at her age.

And in the back corner of the big room is a sex swing hanging from a ceiling hook. Pam taps me and says we need a room like this. Nancy ask if we'd like to see the upstairs, and we both say sure. This way, our naked host takes Pam's hand and guides us up some steps. Going up the stairs, Pam turns and smiles at me like a school girl and I watch both their butts as they climb the few steps, hand in hand.

We have four bedrooms, too much house really, but we do enjoy entertaining our friends. Where are you guys from, Nancy ask Pam. She tells us about thirty minutes away just off the 95. Oh, we're practically neighbors, Nancy says cheerfully.

The doors were all open upstairs and we pause at the first smaller bedroom. A couple are fucking doggy style on the bed and the big dicked fellow who walked by as we stood at the entry, was standing next to the bed, now exhibiting a full erection I'd say was nine inches and watching the couple, as he slowly stroked his hard cock.

Umm, an open door means you can go in and watch, but you should ask, or be invited, before touching anyone and a closed door means privacy, Nancy informs us. We see the other bed rooms and all of them are nicely furnished and neatly kept. Nancy says for us to mingle, enjoy the munchies laid out in the kitchen and she will check on us frequently. I look at Pam and she says, you can't make this shit up. We are naked at a swingers house party,,, who could seen this coming. I laugh and say, at least they are not playing The Time Warp. We head back down stairs and wander into the billiard room, the source of the colorful lighting.

How about a team game, the guys against the girls, the man at the pool table yells out. It was hard to dismiss his own hard six inch stick as he waited for an answer. I look at Pam and she says, we're here for a while, so when in Rome. We accepted their invitation for a game.

We approach the couple and the guy introduces himself as Keith and shakes our hands while still sporting an erection, and Mandy who we'd just seen on her knees sucking his cock, apparently paying off a lost wager of sorts.

Pam ask if they are a couple and they tell us no, their significant others were somewhere about the house. Keith racks up an eight ball set and Pam is already selecting a cue stick. She seemed almost too comfortable in this hedonistic scenario.

Keith breaks a nice break and the balls disperse across the cloth. Winners get oral, Keith ask. Pam looks quickly up at me and I must of looked a tad shocked as well. Keith !, Mandy scolds laughingly, they are vanilla, their car broke down remember. She then says they usually play for one minute of oral, or touching, but sometimes the stakes can run much higher, and to overlook Keith's insensitivity.

Pam asked Mandy, who's breast were capturing most my attention, what did it mean that we were vanilla. Mandy explained it is a nice term, lifestyle people use to indicate non swinger friends.

My bad, Keith saying his mind was as short as his dick, he laughs. I did not want to seem a party poop, yet this whole evening was not your normal series of events, so I say, why don't we just play and see how it goes. Everyone agrees and the game commences and it goes well.

We do a lot of talking, laughing, and something was going on somewhere at every second, and the participants all seemed relaxed and having fun, like it was just another day in paradise.

Without perception, my dick is in a semi hard state. That fact was brought to my attention when Nancy appeared with bloody Mary drinks for Pam and I. Here is something to fight the wet chills, oh Roger, you do seem to be getting more, relaxed, that's so nice. Her eyes glancing down to my cock.

My instinct was to be embarrassed but, with several guys trotting about the house with fully hard dicks, the feeling was fleeting. I have about seven inches and it's decently thick with a nice shaped helmet head. Pam smiles at me and says, when in Rome, and we tap glasses and take a sip of a very well made Bloody Mary.

Mandy walks behind Pam and pats my wife on the ass, your shot Pamie, she says. Pam leans over the table and I notice Keith is soaking in every inch of Pam, as am I. It was odd, that I really didn't mind it. Truthfully, I was feeling an odd sense of pride my wife looked so fit and nicely shaped.

Keith smiles at me and raises his class at me and I do the same. It dawned on me, another woman just patted my wife's naked ass, and it seemed quite natural. I noticed from Pam's smile she had not minded at all.

I get a turn to shoot again and as I lean over the table and address the cue ball, Mandy is standing directly behind the pocket, and I notice she is cupping her breast and running her hands slowly across them. I smile and look up at her and she says, distractions are quite legal in these games. I laugh and say, it was pleasant distraction.

Pam says, well then let me help, we need to win this girlfriend, and stands beside Mandy and also begins to rub her breast and now perky nipples. Unfair advantage, tag teaming my partner, Keith says. I shake it off and make the shot despite the wonderful attempt to distract me.

Oh, he is strong with the force, Mandy laughs. Keith and I wound up winning the game. And he says pay up girls. Mandy says we don't have to participate but she will pay off her debt and give Keith one minute of oral.

I'm looking on as Mandy kneels down and looks right at me, then engulfs Keith's semi hard cock. Pam, standing next to me, looking on as well, and no sooner than when Mandy's lips hit bottom on Keith's cock, Pam looks up at me and says, when in Rome, then settles onto her knees and takes my cock into her warm mouth also.

The whole scene, the whole evening was sprinting into directions I'd never suspected I'd ever dreamed of. Pam sucked my shaft from head to balls and it was feeling great, when Mandy says, minute up, paid in full. It was the quickest minute I'd every seen.

Pam breaks away from my now stone hard cock laughing at the entire scenario I'm sure. I'm stand in front of two strangers with a hard cock and Pam wiping her lips off on the back of her arm.

Girlfriend, oh you got skills, Mandy says to my wife and steps up and high fives Pam. Mandy looks at my hard cock and nods her approval. Another game Keith ask, and everyone was down for another round of eight ball.

As the balls were being racked by the other three, Nancy appears with our freshly dried clothing. She looks down at my cock and says, congratulations for winning that game, it seems you were, pleasantly rewarded.

Again I felt a bit embarrassed, my hard dick swaying about in a strange home. I take our cloths from Nancy and thank her for the outstanding kindness and what wonderful a host she was.

Nancy just waves her hand and says it's nothing and was very glad to help us, adding we seemed to fit into their little group so well. She also says just because we had cloths, there was no reason we should get dressed unless we wanted to, just have fun she said, then wandered off to attend other quest.

Keith breaks the rack again, and as the balls settle to a stop, Carl, who we'd previously meet while he was eating out the big titty brunettes pussy on the kitchen counter, comes up to the table. He is all smiles and reaches out his hand to shake mine.

I'm Carl, sorry I did not formally meet you two earlier, but Nancy say's you two have been occupied nicely by Keith and Mandy here. He then steps over to Pam and gives her a hug, his cock dangling against her leg and says he's sorry about our breakdown but glad to have us as their quest, and let him know if we need any thing at all.

The game continues while Carl and I chat a bit and he seemed a very nice guy and loves having friends over at his home for these events monthly or whenever it was convenient. He excuses himself and goes over to the sex swing, checking out the rigging and straps.

I get a turn to shoot next and as I position myself for a table length shot, Mandy steps in behind the pocket. I glance up and see Pam's hands coming from behind Nancy onto her tummy, then sneaking up and cupping Mandy's breast in her grasp. It was admittedly, erotic. I'd never suspected Pan to have bisexual desires.

I'd noticed they had begun to talk between themselves some and I figured this little antic was devised to distract me. It was working too. Pam was feeling Mandy's breast with intent, soft sensual caress' and tender nipple touches. I'd never imagined Pam, fondling a woman.

Keith pats me on the back, damn, you poor bastard, they are not making this easy for you man. I can feel my cock beginning to stir again but take and made the shot good. Yes! Keith yells out, that's a man of steel. Mandy leans over and looks at my stiffening cock, not steel, yet, but definitely got some wood work starting, she smiles.

Keith and I wind up winning again and we raise a glass towards each other and take a celebratory swig. As I swallow a gulp of the tasty Bloody Mary, Pam and Mandy come up to me and both start getting on their knees. I am at loss of what to do, but Mandy takes my cock into her hand and strokes it a couple of times then aims it at Pam.

Pam looks up at me and says, when in Rome, then sucks my cock into her mouth. Mandy is lightly cradling my balls as Pam sucks my cock, then pulls away looking up at me with the biggest smile as Mandy then swallows my cock down her throat. I feel her lips press against my body and she has all of me in her mouth, her tongue doing magic to the tender under side of my shaft.

Pam smiles and fondles my nuts. Mandy eases off my cock and they both tongue my meat at the same time, licking and kissing my cock from head to balls, and kissing each other some as well. After a minute, Mandy says, debt paid in full and they abandon me.

I watch my wife, and Mandy step over to Keith and can't believe I'm looking into my wife's eyes as she sucked another man's cock into her mouth and preformed fellatio on him. I could see her smile even thought her mouth was stretched around his hard cock. Mandy took her turn and they pretty much did to Keith what the had done to me.

Every time I find her, she has a cock in her somewhere, I hear a voice from behind me. I turn to see to see a gentleman, about 5'7” salt and pepper hair, naked with about 5 inches of dick and a slight beer gut.

He extends his hand says he is Chris, Mandy's husband. I shake his hand and say the lady on the floor helping your wife is Pam, my wife. Oh she is a pretty thing, he approaches her and shakes her hand. Mandy stands up and says Pam is my new girlfriend, we sucked cock together. Oh, well you're bonded for life then, Chris laughs.

Hey, Mandy are you going to work the swing tonight, baby. Mandy smiles, oh you know I want to, she grins. I guess I looked confused because Chris points to the sex swing.

She loves getting in that contraption, with four or five guys swinging her from one to the other, all taking turns on her. I nod at my understanding of his explanation, that's doubtless a site to see, I tell Chris. Oh, yeah, she loves it. Safe environment for that sort of thing, he tells me.

Mandy walks over to the sex swing and Carl and Chris help her into the stirrups and seated comfortably. Pam gets in close to me and takes my arm. This is going to be something way out there, Pam says to me. I just stand there, naked, dick still quite firm, and look on.

Alright, she's all in Carl and Chris agree she is secure and safe. Mandy is in the swing, Chris calls out,, but the music is still pretty loud, so he went through the house like the town crier, Mandy is in the swing, Mandy is in the swing guys.

In a few seconds Carl, Keith and two others we'd not been introduced to, were in a circle around Mandy. One, was the guy who'd passed the door way as we entered the home with the big cock. The other man was seen earlier in the hot tub with another woman in his lap.

Chris pulled the swing and Mandy toward him and they kissed a few seconds. He reached down and stuck a finger inside Mandy and said, oh you wet little slut, you are ready aren't you. Oh yeah, she smiles, and with that he pushed her back with a slight spin and she is swung in front of Keith, who catches the swing.

He holds the straps and pulls Mandy in, looking down and guiding his cock inside her pussy. Keith stands there fucking her with both hands holding onto her ass. He said, stick out your tongue, which Mandy does and Keith sucks it into his mouth while fucking his meat in and out of Mandy.

Their kiss ends and he pushes Mandy away, she is sent swinging in a oval circle and Carl pulls her towards him and slides his cock inside her pussy. He fucks her for a minute or so before swinging her off to be caught by the guy with the cock.

He holds the swings straps, squats a bit and slips I'd guess nine inches of hard cock all the way inside Mandy, she moans and pants while dick fucks her with solid thrust.

I feel Pam nudging my arm and look at her, isn't that hottest thing you every seen she says. I agree, Mandy seemed to be having a great time. We stand there with several others that are cheering her or their husbands on, encouraging the action.

Mandy is swung back to Keith, and he is banging away at her cunt when Mandy looks at me, and gives me finger motion to come over there. Chris looks my way and says, jump in there if you want, the more the merrier for her, he says.

I smiled and thanked Mandy, saying maybe later. Pam slaps my arm, Robert, get over there and fuck Mandy, go help with her with her gang bang , she says. I was electrocuted, shocked to my very core. I'd never in my right mind ever thought I'd hear my wife, truly happy to be telling me to go fuck another woman.

I look at Pam with obvious,,,what the fuck! She says, this is a chance to experience something new, we didn't look for it, but we are here and that is faith, now you go get your cock in Mandy right now.

I look down and my cock is hard, at what point it became full erection again, I don't know, but I looked at Pam, and asked, when in Rome, she nodded, do as the Roman's do. Then Pam slaps my ass and says, go fuck Mandy.

I walked over to the group and Pam went with me right by my side and I stood in an open spot at the swing. Keith smiled and swung the swing and Mandy right at me. I caught the swing and Mandy was all smiles. Put him in me girlfriend, she tells Pam.

Just like that Pam takes my cock in her hand and gets it right at Mandy's entrance. I step in and my cock slides effortlessly into Mandy's wet pussy. I begin to fuck her in normal fuck strokes and she pulls Pam towards her and they begin to kiss as I am fucking Mandy.

Mandy gets bent forward enough to suck one of Pam' nipples into her lips and I feel my cock harden like steel in Mandy's body. I drive into her with solid thrusts and her pussy takes it.

After a minute or two, I figured it was customary to pass the swing occupant away, so I pull my dick out of her and with a gentle push she is away into Carl's spot again.

A tap on my shoulder I turn to see Nancy. I was again somewhat embarrassed in her presence with a raging erection. The roadside guy is at the door, and she hands me a robe. I slip the robe and and notice she did not bring one for Pam, but I grab my wallet and open the door.

The guy had a tow truck and said he found a big nail in the tire, and if I had my roadside card on me, he would plug the tire and we'd be on our way in about thirty minutes. I gave him my card and he said he'd be back in about thirty minutes.

I find Nancy sitting with Pam, gently rubbing her back and both watching Mandy get gang fucked in the swing. I sit down by them and tell them the car would be ready in thirty minutes or so, and we can get back on the road.

Nancy said nonsense, we were one of them now, and welcome to stay once the car was fixed and get to know our new friends some more. Then Nancy said, besides, I think Pam wants a go at the swing, she seems to find it.... interesting.

Two of the ladies begin working the brass stripper pole, seductively slow riding the shiny pole and running their hands all over each other, moving to the rhythm of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Little Wing. In my opinion, of the best songs to ever have oral sex to.

The dirty blond from the hot tub hung upside down on the pole and the other lady slowly licked her inverted ladies pussy a bit before continuing their erotic pole dancing.

My erection was poking out my robe, and Pam looked at my cock, stood up and opened my robe, then settled her pussy down onto my cock, taking all of it into her very, very wet hole. She clasp her hands around my neck, leaned back.

Pam looked at me and smiled. We'd never fucked in front of anyone before, but since it was happening all around us, when in Rome, she says, and begins to thrust her hips back and forth, fucking me with deliberate intent.

Nancy gets up and steps behind Pam then takes my wife's breast into her hands and massages them as she kissed Pam's neck. Pam moans out and reaches back to pull Nancy's face over to her and the begin to kiss. Tongues playing in their mouths and sucking on each others lips.

Nancy looks at me, we knew instantly we were going to kiss. It came fast, our lips soft against each others, then I could feel her passion as she shoved her tongue into my mouth and I could taste Pam in our kiss.

Oh god I'm cumming, Pam calls out and begins rocking back and forth on my steel hard cock as fast as she could pump her hips back and forth.

Her orgasm was solid, she stiffened up and ground her pussy hard into my crotch. I felt a rush of her wet juices suddenly soak around my dick, slick, warm and hot. Eyes closed she just quivered and came.

Next thing I knew, Pam dismounts me and guides Nancy onto my stiffness. She settles her tight wet pussy down to my base in one smooth motion. Pam's hands roam all over Nancy's breast, kissing her neck and biting her ear.

She smiles real big, then pulls Pam to her face, thank you sharing your husband with me, she says to my wife and kisses her deeply.

Pam's hand quickly gets between Nancy's body and mine and begins to work Nancy's clit at a frantic pace. She rides my cock faster, French kissing Pam like they've been lovers for years. Then they are suddenly touching foreheads and looking at each other.

Can I cum on your husband, Pam, Nancy pants into my wife's face. Pam's fingers dance rapidly against Nancy's clit. She nods her head up and down in approval, still looking at Nancy. Cum on my husband, cum on his hard cock, my wife says.

I can feel my own orgasm building up fast. Nancy is wet, snug and she feels so damn good wrapped around my dick. Suddenly she gasps, her body jerks violently several times but she never stops looking at Pam. They kiss again as Nancy's juices flow from around our fuck parts and drain onto my balls.

I want you to taste me, know me, will you do that for me, Pamie, Nancy asked my wife. Pam nods her head yes and Nancy rises off my cock, leaving it sticking up like a seven inch wet pipe, coated in her juices, throbbing in the air. I was almost relieved, I was so close to spewing my nuts into another woman.

Nancy guides my wife's head over my cock and Pam wraps her lips around the head of my dick, her tongue slowly works the tender underside, the pleasure area of my dick, tasting Nancy's essence on my swollen cocks head.

Pam's lips squeezes, grips my shaft and she opens her jaw slightly and goes deeper, munching with her lips and sucking her way slow and methodically down my cock, eating Nancy's cum and juices cleanly off my manhood.

My eyes closed and head drifted back as the pleasure of her skilled mouth sucking another woman's presence off me, consumed my entire being. I was at that second, not a man, just a cock being soulfully pleasured. Intense, a weak word for how I felt in her mouth.

I felt Nancy's lips on mine. Soft, sensual and her touch, further stiffened my cock in Pam's mouth. When her warm kiss left my lips I was so close to blowing my cum down Pam's throat, but I had to stop her,, not yet baby, not yet. Pam stopped and raised up to plant her lips firm against mine. I could tasty Nancy, taste Pam and it was intoxicating. I loved Rome.

Carl's voice pulls me from heavens doors saying, I think your tow truck guy is at the door. Shocked back into reality I thank Carl and pull the robe closed, then regrettably, tell the ladies I will be back.

The road side assistance gentleman handed me back my card and the keys. I signed his paperwork and he said he'd be glad to take me my car if wanted to get dressed. I said sure, be just a minute and quickly went back into the billiard room and began to get dressed.

Pam and Nancy came over with Pam asking if she should get dressed. I told her I had to go with the guy and get the car, but I will be right back in a few minutes, the decision was up to her, and left her behind and went off to retrieve our vehicle.

In all but fifteen minutes I return and let myself in and walk into the billiard room. There stands my naked wife with Nancy's arm around her waist gently kissing Pam's neck and ear, and dick is standing in front of Pam with his long fat cock actually touching my wife's pussy. Poking straight out like a baby's arm reaching for a treaty treat with the tip of his swollen dick head, just touching her clit area.

I walk up and they all greet me like it's another Sunday school gathering. Nancy leans over ask, your staying a while aren't you Roger. I can feel my dick growing already, stating it's opinion of the situation. Pam, I ask. Her head nods and says she like to hang a bit longer before we head home, it's only ten o'clock after all. Great, Nancy cheers, I'm glad you are staying.

I step aside to the seat, undress then follow my semi hard cock back to the threesome. cock still has his cock touching Pam's sex. I put an arm around Pam's shoulder and Nancy puts her arm over mine.

I'm Seth, cock introduces himself with an out reached hand, I shake his hand and tell him I'm Roger, Pam's other half. I look down and see Seth's cock is about entering Pam's slit. From that angle his dick would just slide along her wet pussy lips and likely poke out an inch or so pass her butt cheeks.

Interesting, what happens when you get close enough to talk above the music isn't it, Nancy says. I look down and would guess Seth's cock head was solidly against Pam's clit, I could see her lips just beginning to spread around his meat.

Very interesting, I say say to Nancy. My cock is stiffening, more and more. Pam catch's one of my dick throbs in her peripheral vision. She looks down and smiles at me.

Seth looks down and says, yes, I love a nice,, chat. I tell Pam, perhaps you need to stand closer so you can better hear him. She looks up at me grins real big.

Oh,I did not quite hear you Seth, Pam says I watch her hips creep forward, her pussy riding along Seth's thick cock, her lips spread around the top of his shaft.

Seth, leaned back a tad and eased his hip forward until his cock was fully between her legs and him being taller, pushing up into her pussy slit. They are both standing straight up, and Seth looks at Pam and says she is quite the,,, conversationalist.

Pam begins slide back away a few inches, then rides his dick sled back along the meaty shaft until their bodies met again. My dick is steel at this point.

Pam gets a hand on my cock and it pulses instantly and hard in her gasp. Seth leans back pulling his cock way back, I look down and see my wife's syrupy slickness. wet and thick on his ominous looking cock. Then he pushes forward again, slicing between her outer lips causing Pam to moan.

She looks up at me, when in Rome, she says with an obvious sexual desire in her words. Do as the Roman's do, I say. She pulls me down and shoves her tongue into my mouth and I can feel Seth's body movements and his beginning to steadily saw back and forth in my wife's slit.

I was hard as a rock. I'd not had another woman in twenty four years and now within an hour I'd had my cock inside two strange women, and my wife. I did not think a second to halt Seth's dick dragging back and forth in Pam's slimy slit.

Seth lowers himself so his cock it dangerously poking upwards and Pam is rotating her hips, gyrating her pussy around his thick cock head.

Nancy switches sides and takes my hardon in her grasp and begins to stroke me slow with a tight grasp around my cock. Her lips are at my ear and she says, I do think Pam is about to fuck him right here, she softly speaks. My dick throbs in her hand. I always thought I had a slight jealous streak, but here I am staring at a fucking dick log using my wife's pussy for a slip and slide and it's turning me on.

I watch Seth slowly pumping his hips up and down, his cock looking for Pam's treasures, and suddenly it slides half way inside my wife's pussy. Pam moans pulls Seth closer, who stands upright pushing all of his long fat cock up into Pam's body in one push.

He's fucking my wife. Nancy and I look at the junction of their fuck parts connected together. That's hot, isn't it. Nancy says. I said yes, that's very hot, I agreed.

This seemed to please Pam, she clutches onto Seth and allows him to piston his massive cock in and out, her hips pushing forward to take all he has each time. I was amazed she took that beast of a cock into her tight little pussy so, fluidly.

Carl stops by and tells Nancy their was on the phone for her, so Nancy abandons my dick to take the call, and I continue watching Seth and my wife fuck standing up.

Motion catches my eyes and it's Mandy getting out of the sex swing. I could see the wetness between her thighs, and she seemed to glow with sexual contentment. I think five men had her in the swing.

Mandy heads straight towards us, oh you be careful with that anaconda on my girlfriend Seth, she says. She is, wow, so snug yet wet and juicy, Seth informs us about my wife's cunt. You should try the sex swing, Mandy says to my wife.

Suddenly. the busty brunette, that was being used as a human taco on the kitchen counter by Carl popped in between Pam, Seth and I. Oh, honey, thanks for taking care of my Seth, he wears me out with that big tool of his, she tells us. I'm Barb, and I see you've met Seth, she laughs. I need to move on, have fun, and oh Pam,, be warned, he cums a gallon, she says and wonders off to the upstairs.

He does, Mandy adds. Seth here shoots more cum than most two or three guys put together. He is a one man Bukkake party aren't you Seth, she says. Seth says, yeah, I'd just mess you up but good, but only if you wanted me to.

I know Pam does have a slight freaky side about her, as if this entire scenario isn't freaky enough. Pam likes me to cum on her, her tits, her ass, sling shot it up her backside, in her mouth, paste her outer pussy and mound, and of course she likes me to cum inside her too. Pam likes cum. She has since we met twenty four years ago and often request I cum on her. I suppose it's some sort of mental, pleasure.

Pamie, can I fuck Robert, Mandy asked my wife. Pam did not hesitate, her breath broken by Seth, long stroking his huge cock in and out of her like a sewing machine, yes, yes fuck my husband Mandy, fuck him again.

It was crazy. A whirlwind of sexual debauchery like I never imagined, much less be a participant in. It was as if I were born into this sexual hedonistic life and it was all I knew. But I did know one thing, as Mandy took me by the cock and lead me to the small love seat, I wanted to fuck Mandy some more.

She turned me about and I sat on the leather love seat, and Mandy all smiles and slight look of mischievousness, stepped onto the love seat and impaled herself onto my cock, and settled down firmly the just sat there, knees up and feet along each side of my butt. Wide open and full of me, she sighs, this is nice.

She simply sits there, my cock throbbing inside her pussy, then I feel her snatch squeeze me. It's a solitary, firm squeeze. Her hands go back and she puts one on each of my knees then leans back so I can take in her splendid womanly form.

You looked nice in the swing, a free spirit, I say. The swing can be fun. I had six men in me, she smiles and grips my cock with her snatch again. Did they cum inside you. I ask, my dick throbbing inside her. No no, they just fucked me a bit. She leans in and whispers in my ear, I'd like it if you came inside me, then leaned back with her hands on my knees again.

I was entranced by her, Pam's hands appearing over Mandy's shoulders and creeping down across Mandy's breast broke the spell in an, oh so nice way. Pan cupped one of Mandy's breast then with the other hand pulled my head to her tit and I took her nipple into my mouth. Pam's hand lightly ran through my hair as I fed on Mandy's C cup breast.

Seth took a seat along side me, a bit close I first thought. This may be a wild situation, but I am straight, and tonight it was fully set in stone, I like women. But, Pam stepped in front of Seth and just as Mandy had done, settled onto the steel pole of a cock sticking some nine inches into the air from his lap.

Pam took a deep breath, then began to shift her hips back and forth, fucking that monster dick like it was small. The two women seemed to have a singular mind, they turned to the other at the same time and began to make out. Deep kissing, feeling each others breast and fucking Seth and I.

Mandy looks at Pam, kisses her soft and ask, can your husband cum in me, cum in my pussy. Her body rocking back and forth fucking me with obvious lust. Pam nods yes, cum inside Mandy, Robert, fuck her, and cum inside her, she says without even looking at me. Then they kiss another quick little kiss and get back to fucking.

Mandy wraps her arms around my neck and begins to use her pussy muscles to grip then let go as she slides up and down my shaft. Her head along side mine and she's got one hand on the back of my head and the other on my knee and riding me like Seabiscuit.

I could feel my orgasm building, Mandy was on a mission it seemed to drain my balls into her. A distraction to my right, Seth standing up with Pam and he turns to lay her on her back on the love seat.

Pam grabs her ankles and pulls them back to her shoulders, spreading wide. Seth's nine inches never comes out of her, and now I can see his thick long cock piston in and out of my wife's pussy. Her slick juices coating his meat in a coat of shiny lady juice.

He begins to fuck my wife harder, slamming his meat into her with long powerful thrust. Fuck me, fuck me Pam whines out, you see me me fucking baby, you see his cock in me she pants out to me. I did, but Mandy felt so good on me, I just did not have words. But I know Pam's pussy, and how great her body felt around his cock

Mandy is fucking me solid and with the all the visual and physical stimulation around me, I know I'm about to cum very soon. Mandy senses this, she is a very intuitive partner and was instantly encouraging me. Cum in me, cum with me, Mandy says fairly loudly.

I'm about to cum, Seth suddenly announces, drawing my attention for a second. His balls are tightening up but still slapping Pam's ass with authority on each thrust. Don't stop, don't stop, Pam calls out,, I'm cumming she cries out.

Seth begins to slam fuck her pussy with out mercy, pounding himself into her small frame with beastly fuck strokes. Ah, ahhhhh my wife cries out as she orgasms on Seth's big cock. Fuck, he calls out and jerks his massive dick out of her hole and I seen drips of her juices sling off his cock and into the air as he begins to jerk off rapidly.

Suddenly a stream of pearly white cum spewed out of his cock and splatted on Pam's tits, her belly and neck. It was an impressive amount of cum. Then another big load blasted out smashing into her face and into her mouth. Her tongue darting out to catch more of his semen.

Pam is cumming, running her hands across her body, massaging Seth's cum across her sweaty flesh. Then he grunts and another string of sperm shoots onto her pussy and he follows that stream, still pouring out of the head of his cock and pushes it deep into Pam's cunt to continue cumming inside my wife.

He fucks her with full length strokes and I see globs of white milky cum spilling out of her hole each time his meat slid back, then feeds his cock back in as far as he could shove it. The ladies were right, he came in pints.

Mandy is panting, I'm cumming, cum in me Robert, cum in me. She did not need to repeat it, It felt like my entire being blew out of the head of my cock and up into her body. Fuck yes, she moans as she felt my cock pulse with each blast of my cum.

I could feel Mandy's own juices flow and mix with mine, draining and flowing around my hardness. Mandy's arm tighten around me, holding on tightly allowing me to feel each little quiver and spasm of her orgasm. Her breast felt nice pressing into my chest and my hands, both clutching onto her ass cheeks kept her pulled deep around my cock. I wanted to stay in her until our bodies fell into relaxation.

Seth pulled his pussy juice and cum coated snake out of Pam and stood up. His cock hung there like big banana, curving downward, drops of their fuck liquids dripping off the massive head.

Pam sits up and grabs his cock, then begins sucking and licking his meaty weapon, cleaning his dying cock free of any sign of their carnal success.

Mandy finally loosens her grip and she mostly slid down my legs and onto the floor, crumbled up in a pile with her head on my knees. I looked at my cock, remarkably still in a semi state and dressing in Mandy's fluids and own cum.

Pam has not slowed down. She spat out Seth's freshly cleaned cock and turns her attention onto mine, sucking and licking Mandy and my fuck soup off my cock and balls. She was very efficient. Mandy lifts her head off my knees and kisses Pam, sucking each others tongues and finally a last little peck on the lips and it seemed an end of this moment.

I look about the room and notice a few guest were gone. One or two couples were dressed and waving by to us, saying they hope to see us at the next party.

We get dressed as well and our host, Nancy and Carl came up to us and said how the loved us in their little group and wanted us to come back. Nancy handed me a post a note that had their number on it, and a web site for swingers, SLS, which we joined five days later or one week ago and I had to tell our story here. We are after all, excited newbees here.

We said our good bye's and got into the car. We sat there for what seemed several minutes, but was more likely thirty seconds. The ding ding of the bell, warning the key was in the ignition was hardly enough to break the moment.

I looked at Pam, it seemed it so surreal. What the fuck just happened, I say. Pam looks at me and several seconds later says, we discovered Rome. I nod yes.

I fire up the engine then speak into my phone as we leave their drive. In seconds, we are speeding down the road, heading home and Pam is singing along with the radio, Let's do the Time Warp again.

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