White boy...  

2bused4urnut 52F
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11/22/2021 6:00 am
White boy...

My first day after my retirement party, I wake-up feeling good. All day long I just laze around doing nothing. I decide to take a evening walk I get a little carried away and walk too far. I turn back and head for home tired as all get out. I see a young white guy I know getting out of his car, he was at my party, I was his supervisor. I say hello to him and in my mind I am thinking how to ask him for a ride. He didn't like me and I didn't like him. We chat a bit, I know he is trying to nicely get rid of me, finally I ask if he could give me a ride home. At first he is stunned, the he gets a strange look on his face as says "sure, but first come in and have a drink." I follow him in sit ar his table and he mixes me a bourbon and 7up. It was more like 5 shots and a splash of 7up I told him I couldn't drink that he said as soon as I finish it he will take me home, but, I had to finish the drink. I sipped my drink. He said no, drink it all.so I swallowed it down real fast. Now take me home, he took my glass and refilled it this time it wasn't so strong. I downed it then stood and said ok, let's go. He said sit back down and lets talk a bit,I was feeling the drink so I I sat. He told me how much he hated me and each time I ordered him to do something all he thought about was how he should pull out his cock and fuck me and show me who's the real boss. I I just stared at him wishing the drink wasn't starting to effect me because I was seeing him as a sexy hot white boy and his words were making me wet. Ok now it's time for me to go. NO! He said as he stood up from the table his pa n ts were unzipped my eyes got big this white boy had a huge uncircumcised log jutting out. You're not leaving until I give you what I have wanted for 2 years. He stood close that beautiful cock in my face. Kiss it! I'm mesmerized bending forward and opening my mouth No,I didn't say suck it . I close my lips and kiss that dick I try to touch it. He tells me No! He's between my legs squeezing my tits. Pulls me up, turns me around pulls off my shortz and panties pushes my back tells me to spread my legs. You fat black bitch this is about fucking me fucking you. I feel his thick rod going<b> straight </font></b>in me deep. Cunt, you're wet, this won't be fun for you don't you dare cum. He starts pumping away OMG each stroke is hard and deep I'm ready to cum he pulls out telling me not to get pleasure from his dick, them slams in pumping like a wild man as he cums I am in heaven his hot seed filling me he collapseson my back, "who owns this pussy... I said who owns this black pussy" I say "you" .. slut answer correctly "you do" he squeezes my tits "wrong answer" You do, Sir.. I get dressed he give me a ride home like nothing ever happened. "Goodbye, I'll call you every so often and you can come over for a drink" Yes Sir.

horndogger1957 64M
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11/22/2021 10:45 am

Nice story, would like to be next in line!

Owatalife 65M
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11/22/2021 12:01 pm

Nice story & very well written. This is the first time I've read one of your blogs so hopefully you will treat us to some more tales in the future.

69ereatwetpussy 59M
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11/22/2021 4:42 pm

at least you finally made up and now are friends.
guess a few drinks breaks the ice and you got a surprise and he got you..

passionmaninaz 58M

12/20/2021 4:50 am

would love to fill that chocolate kitty up with my full load of protein

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