First and Second Time  

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9/17/2021 2:11 pm
First and Second Time

On the first meeting, Dotti takes as comes, evaluating her new potential playmate.
We've vetted him the extent possible and decided set up a meeting, usually a
breakfast or a lunch where we meet face face for the first time. If he musters up
upon this first meet, Dotti will accept him then and , in other words, we go a
meeting if things wok out.

We're always looking for long term, reliable playmates for her, so each new
encounter is entered into as just a trial. She goes along with the flow of the event
and is compliant with my coaching. Hopefully, it ends with a bang and we go home
satisfied. If so, then this new potential playmate moves into the next category, a

The second meeting is totally different that the first. The first has it's nervousness,
being on guard and such. Being out in the public requires delicate conversations!

If a potential gets an invite, it will be to our home where we are most comfortable
hosting. And, it comes with the requirement that her potential playmate be able to spend a good of hours while she gets used him in different aspects.

I've seen her spend an hour on a blow job, which for her is the beginning of her -
period. She loves the genitalia and will closely at, touch, lick and run her
lips over countless times in order to become intimately familiar with it and her partners reactions. It's as though she wants to memorize every bump so that when he's
inside her she can almost visualize what part is where. She touches and feels the
fullness of his testicles to evaluate her vision as to whether she thinks he may be the big cummer that he claims (almost all men claim that).

When roles are reversed and he has an opportunity to show her his oral skills, she
concentrates on his technique and his ability to get in sync with her build up of pleasure. Note that Dotti is a multi-orgasmic woman and her first orgasm will generally come during
this early phase of oral manipulation. His reaction to her total release of girly juices will be observed by me. Oral stimulation before, during and after coitus is desired.

And the act itself. As mentioned, being multi-orgasmic, Dotti will get off multiple
times with just normal stimulation, so a potential long-term playmate will learn
that he can push her over the edge several times without a lot of effort. Once a playmate know how easy it is, he becomes comfortable with his performance knowing at that moment, the time of day, he is 'king of the pubis mons'.

On the other hand, failure to give her those ups and downs, failure to elicie her grunts
and groans as she responds to your artist application of pleasure, you will,
unfortunately, have to fall on the 'he was fun, but not a regular' list.

But successful performance on these two 'first' occasions will most definitely put you in the most 'fit and suitable' category for some time to come.

lips over


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