Interlude and memories, part 1  

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8/5/2021 11:10 pm
Interlude and memories, part 1

Blake, Cezanne, and I had been hooking every opportunity we could. We thoroughly enjoy each other's bodies and keep looking for new creative ways experience pleasure with each other. Life has a way of happening though and it had been a few weeks since we had gotten together. Blake and Cezanne were out of town. We had talked about it and we were being exclusive between the of us. We were clean and enjoyed the sharing of our bodies and bodily fluids with each other without concern. Last night, I had had a particularly vivid dream of the last time we were together in my pick- truck and today I was thoroughly horny. I want Blake and Cezanne, or Blake, or Cezanne. I need them and it is frustrating that they are out of town. I'll go for a drive, I thought, maybe that will help ease the tension I am feeling. I just start driving and find myself on the interst heading north towards Blake's and Cezanne's exit and I begin remembering the trip Cezanne and I had shared and the amazing blowjob she had given me while I drove down this very road. My cock is feeling swollen and stuffy in my shorts. I should have worn looser shorts if I'm going to be thinking about Cezanne like that. I don't know why I do, but I take their exit and head towards their house. Why am I teasing myself? I think as I pull into their neighborhood. I know what's going on. I'm hoping that I get to their house and find their car in the driveway, that they've returned early from their trip. I tell myself that I'm just being silly, but when I pull into their driveway, there's their car! Well, this is the best news I've had day. I park my car, hop out, and walk their front door with some pep in my step. I ring the doorbell and wait for a minute. Do I hear movement inside? I'm not sure, so I ring the doorbell again. After a few more minutes, I ring the doorbell one last time. I about leave when I hear footsteps coming the front door and the door being unlocked. When the door opens, my eyes go wide and the smile on my face becomes a look of wonder. It's not Blake and it's not Cezanne at the door. It's a young woman with wet hair and wet body, in a bathrobe she is holding together with both hands. She has long chestnut hair and hazel eyes. She can't be much older than 19 or 20. She's tall, almost as tall as I am. The robe is linen, not terrycloth, and is clinging to her body, revealing a slim figure and small, pert breasts. The cool air from the open door caresses her body and I cannot help but notice her erect nipples pressing against the fabric of the robe. Her long legs are randomly flashing me tantalizingly through the opening in the front of the robe as the wind toys with the opening. I stand there stunned for a second and with great willpower force my eyes to rise to meet hers. Her eyes are bright but show just a little annoyance at having been interrupted from whatever she had been doing. "I am so sorry miss, I was hoping that Blake or Cezanne were back early from their trip. I need them desperately. I mean I needed to talk to them desperately. I mean badly. Not that I'm<b> desperate.</font></b>" I'm rambling, but the young woman's beauty and state of undress have me all bamfoozled.
The look of annoyance quickly dissolves into amusement and the young woman starts to casually dry her hair with the towel she had draped around her neck and looks at me as if she were trying to place me and a wry smile starts playing across her face.
"Blake and Cezanne are still out of town. I'm housesitting for them while they're gone. I'm Celeste, Cezanne's much younger sister." She says with a light, elfin laugh and puts her hand out to take mine. As she does, the front of her robe flashes open for a moment, revealing that the robe had only partially concealed. "Whoa!" She says, and draws the robe together with her other hand. I take her offered hand and she holds onto it and says, "I think I know who you are. You're the guy that Cezanne has been telling me so much about, aren't you?"
"What do you mean?" I ask, trying to be innocent, but I can't keep the pleased smile out of my voice.
"You're Jerry, Blake's and Cezanne's new best friend and sex toy. Cezanne didn't say that, but we've been sisters my whole life. I know her and that's how I interpreted what she said." She looks at me with interest and I return her look, just as interested in her now.
She steps to the side and says, "Do you want to come in?" and starts pulling my hand as if I had already said "yes". "Sure!" I say, maybe a little too eagerly, and let her pull me into the living room.
"I was in the hot tub enjoying Cezanne's amazing collection of... wine when you started so insistently ringing the doorbell and that's where I'm heading now. Care to join me?" She asks, still holding onto my hand. I swear for a minute I thought she was going to say dildos when she said wine. That’s just my wishful thinking or she’s teasing and tempting me, I think.
"I would love to." I reply. She lets go of my hand and starts walking slowly through the living room toward the French doors at the back of the house, gently swaying her hips as she walks. She lets go of the front of the robe and it falls open as she walks - not that I can see since I'm following her - and the light shining through the French doors backlights her body through the robe, seductively showing me more and less of her body. I try to figure out if she's wearing a bikini. If she is, it is tiny, I didn't see any cloth when she flashed me when her robe fell open earlier. So she is naked, I think to myself, no big deal. But my cock is disagreeing with me. It wants it to be a big deal and is becoming a big deal itself. When Celeste opens the French doors, the robe swings open and I get a glimpse of her -so-perfect body. No bikini there, I think, and my breath quickens and my cock stirs in my shorts. Celeste walks over the bar by the hot tub, picks a glass for , and then walks the other side of the hot tub. Blake and Cezanne's back yard is perfect for entertaining. It's large and there are tall trees around the edges, shielding the back patio at least from the prying eyes of neighbors. Celeste puts my glass down next her glass and the open bottle of wine, climbs the steps and slips out of her robe. She stands there for a moment, watching me expectantly, as I let my eyes explore her body. Afterall, it would be rude refuse such a generous invitation. She is understandably proud of her body and invites my eyes ravish her as she turns the left, then the right. Her skin is smooth and tanned. She had a nipple ring in her left nipple and a bellybutton ring. Her pussy is shaved, and she has an amazing tattoo of a flower on her left hip. As she turns around and climbs down into the tub, I see another tattoo at the top of her ass and lower back of Celtic knots. The tattoo intentionally draws my eyes down to her perfect ass.
Once in, she spins around quickly, takes her glass of wine, and settles back comfortably, all eyes on . I slip out of my sandals and pull my shirt off. By this time, I have a raging hard-. I don't mind showing Celeste what she has done , in fact I want her know, so I unbutton my shorts and slip them off. My cock is standing tall and proud. Now it's my turn to watch Celeste's eyes drop from my eyes to my cock and widen in delight. She licks her lips without thinking about it and takes a quick sip of wine. We look at each other and both say "you're welcome" at the time which starts us both laughing. I go the back of the hot tub and climb the steps. As I climb down the steps, Celeste hovers close in the water, her mouth inches from my cock as I slowly descend into the water. I feel Celeste's breasts brush against my legs as she scoots to the other side of the tub and makes room for . The water is warm but the jets aren't running, so I get a good view of her body through the clear water. I settle down in the tub and grab the bottle of wine and the glass Celeste had left the edge. I pour myself a glass and top off Celeste's glass.
We relax and sip our wine, content in the moment just to appreciate each other's bodies. Celeste breaks the momentary silence by asking, "So what do you like best about Cezanne and Blake?"
I think about it for a moment then answer, "I can’t really answer that without getting personal and more than a little graphic.” I tell her.
Celeste laughs and says, “I hope so.”
I begin. “They are both easy going and playful. I get along with them great. But most of all, I like their passion and creativity. There's very little they aren't willing to try and because of that, I've gotten to experience pleasure in ways I have never gotten to before."
Celeste then asks "What's your favorite memory, of them and you that is?"
I like Celeste, I think. She's brazen and free and loves to explore, even if vicariously through others. Either that or she's getting turned on wondering what Blake, Cezanne, and I have been doing.
"I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one favorite memory," I reply, "but I can give you a top 5 or 10."
Celeste starts nodding, with eyes bright and a look of excitement on her face, and says, "That would be wonderful."
"Let me think. Cezanne picked me in the grocery store once and brought here while Blake was out of town. She gave an amazing blowjob the way the house while I was trying drive. She loves my cum, loves the taste and loves the idea of my loving the taste too, because she shares my cum with every time I cum inside her. She loves her toys and I love that she loves her toys. She loves the idea of experiencing of my body. She loves the feel of my cock inside her... anywhere - her mouth, her pussy, her ass, it doesn't matter as long as I am inside her. She also loves the idea of being inside . She has fucked in the ass with a dildo, a strap-, even a cucumber once. She is always pressing at the limits what I think I can do. She even fisted once, something that I wasn't sure I could do. It was an incredible feeling, feeling her fingers inside me massaging me from the inside while my cock was buried in Blake's ass. She's also free enjoy with or without Blake. I really appreciate that."
I can't tell whether it's my story or the warm water of the hot tub, but Celeste is flushed and her lips are parted. I see through the water that she has a hand her pussy, rubbing herself. I don’t even think she’s aware that she’s doing it. She has a way of listening and entering into a story, of becoming the people she hears about, that makes the storytelling even more erotic. In the pause, her eyes refocus and she follows my eyes which are watching her masturb which she now realizes she’s doing. She doesn’t stop though. Instead, she slips a finger inside her pussy and slides it in and out a few times. "Go ," she breathlessly encourages .
"I came over the house once when I knew that Cezanne had been called into work and spent the evening with Blake alone. That was pretty awesome. Blake is comfortable with his sexuality. He's not afraid to be alone with a man or a woman and can fully enjoy whoever he's with. He's excited to try new things. He came in my ass, a first for both of us, and I came in his ass, a first for both of us. Also, his cock is quite simply the most amazing cock I have ever seen. He's huge and he knows how to use it. I learned from Cezanne how to better deep throat Blake, but still couldn't get all of his cock down my throat. Did I mention he's huge? But his cock felt amazing in my ass. And he has the most amazing orgasms. I have swallowed his cum and had his cum flow out of my ass onto his stomach and then finger painted with his cum on my stomach. I like that Blake is playful like that. He also apparently has no limit to the number of times he can cum in one evening. That evening we were together, he came in my mouth, then took his still hard cock and slipped it into my ass. I fully expected him to just fuck me until his erection was finished, but instead he went from semi-erect back to fully erect and fucked me in the ass a half-dozen different ways. After he came the second time, this time in my ass, he let me fuck him every way he had fucked me. I like that he liked what I had asked him to do to me enough to let me do it to him. After I came, we both lay in the bed and right as I was starting to drift off to sleep, he slips his cock into my ass and fucks me a third time. When Cezanne got home later that night, we had both fallen asleep in the bed and Blake's cock was still in my ass after he had cum the third time. Fortunately, Cezanne was exhausted, because I had been worn out by Blake."
While I tell Celeste what I like about Blake, I start touching myself too. As I talk, I watch Celeste masturbate and she watches me masturbate. It's crazy how erotic this is, remembering and watching a beautiful woman masturbate to my memories. I continue, "And then there's the two of them together. They are both thoroughly in love with each other yet love to see someone else enjoy the body of the one they love. Blake gets turned on thinking about Cezanne and me fucking without him and Cezanne gets turned on thinking about Blake and me fucking without her. And they really love fucking someone else together, that's really how we met. Cezanne loves to watch Blake's cock in my ass and in my mouth and my cock in Blake's mouth and in his ass. She loves when I cum in Blake and loves when Blake cums in me and she loves when we both cum in her. Cezanne loves to have two men inside her at the time, especially if there's a dildo being used complete the trifecta. And vice versa. Blake loves watch Cezanne being fucked and giving head. He is turned when she orgasms with another man's cock inside her. I have swallowed more cum spending time with the two of them than I ever have in my life. Once, after both Blake and I had cum inside Cezanne, she straddled my face and squeezed our combined cum, deliciously mixed with her own juices, into my mouth. I have cum inside Blake and Cezanne every possible way and they have both cum with me in every possible way." Reminiscing like this has brought me close to cumming into the hot tub, something I really don't want to do, so I let go of my cock. I don’t know if it’s the wine or the memories, but Celeste is clearly turned on now and makes a decision. Without a word, Celeste floats towards me and I spread my legs to make room for her. Her hands are resting on my thighs and she kisses me passionately. When she breaks the kiss, she takes a deep breath, and slips completely into the water. I feel her place the head of my cock against her lips and then she slips my cock into her mouth, keeping a tight seal with her lips on my cock. She pumps her head and down my cock for about 30 seconds and then breaks the seal and lifts her head above the water take a huge breath. "Well that was a little more difficult than it was in my head." She says with a small laugh. "How about this instead?" She asks as she pulls into the middle of the hot tub and straddles my waist with her legs. I hold her ass with both hands, and she reaches back with a hand and guides my cock into her pussy. Once I am inside her, Celeste starts to rock and down my cock. I hold her ass firmly with my left hand and explore with my right hand. I find her left hand and guide it her ass. I take her hand and use it caress the cleft of her ass, which she continues do her own. I place my hand over her hand and as she slides her hand down, I press one of her fingers into her ass. She gasps and keeps this too, sliding her finger in and out of her ass as I slide my cock in and out of her pussy. She starts to moan with each thrust of my cock and her finger and I feel her legs wrap around a little tighter. When she starts orgasm, I feel myself let go. I put my mouth Celeste's shoulder muffle my cries, since we are in a neighborhood, but Celeste seems have forgotten that and her cries break the silence of the yard and send birds fluttering for the trees.
Celeste laughs that elfin laugh she has as I slow our rhythm and she settles down my cock. "As amazing as you are as a storyteller, you are even better at this. I can see what Cezanne see in you." She says then slowly kisses again. I moan a little in protest as she lifts herself off of . I am not ready let her go and hope that she isn't ready let go. "Let's go in the house," I suggest then finish off my glass of wine. "Yes, let's." Celeste says and I have my answer.

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