Beauty, To Chaos, Bound  

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11/12/2021 6:16 pm
Beauty, To Chaos, Bound

Here's the second of two bondage poems, that I promised you.

Her flogging in progress,
her insides trembling,
is she strong enough
to make weakness
her waking vision?
As her body is wracked with pain,
the action ratchets up,
and she screams.

Will the pain,
that is her satisfaction,
dissolve into dissonance,
as her beauty,
beaten out,
glistens and shines?

Can she shimmer
past her pain, her sweat, her smells,
toward something finer?

Perfumed by her preferences,
her bruises still healing,
she feels perfected by her wounds.
Her screams of<b> pain
</font></b>were screams of satisfaction found,
even as her body,
got lost
and abandoned,
too soon
too late
too bad.

From "Erotic Poems 2: Sex Online and In Your Mind" by Poetryshed on

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