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wantiall4now 56M

2/6/2020 4:04 pm

If that's the case I wold have had a lot more sex in my life so I say no

Footballer117811 40M

2/6/2020 4:10 pm

I definitely would not do that.

LadiesR2B1rst 58M  
2423 posts
2/6/2020 4:12 pm

I can say I have never did this . It's just not right ! I'm also mature enough to know to "never say never" Thank You ! Great topic !!

Sluttsteph 65T

2/6/2020 4:13 pm

Definitely not

maw102873 48M

2/6/2020 4:14 pm

I've never done it and won't do it. I too agree that it's very low class.

Gitanicethickone 52M
18 posts
2/6/2020 4:27 pm

I never done it but to some I know they have but it’s really up to the person and their ethics on it

Tmptrzz 59F  
106362 posts
2/6/2020 4:29 pm

No I don't think I would as I have to get to know someone before having sex with them and for me it's all about the Chemistry.

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

brow6902 57M
99 posts
2/6/2020 4:30 pm

not! Never a good idea and unfair to both parties

Doggieback69 69M
101 posts
2/6/2020 4:45 pm

Honestly, I did once. I felt so bad after. Two wrongs don't make it right.

idblueswoman 63F  
830 posts
2/6/2020 4:46 pm

Of course I would.. and I have. My husband and I have an agreement or an open relationship mind you. I found out that he had more FWB than I was aware of and he was entertaining them in our house. Eight months later I finally have a FWB and I suspect that my husband still isn't being honest so I have snuck off and had sex with my FWB with out my husband knowing.
As for it being fair to the person you are having sex with? Well considering how this site works and how many people are into casual hookups, I think what does it matter?

SparePrickBH 61M  
100 posts
2/6/2020 4:52 pm

One of my girlfriends cheated on me.
One of my friends cheated on his girlfriend.
She then came over to mine and asked if I'd like to have "revenge sex".

It didn't appeal to me even though I thought she was hot.

fkmeallnitelong9 51F  
2468 posts
2/6/2020 5:01 pm

big fat NO from me

A1Xpleaser 63M
416 posts
2/6/2020 5:09 pm


TB5758 63M/64F  
573 posts
2/6/2020 5:11 pm

No not even a little. I need to have a better reason.

pokekitty01 50M  
563 posts
2/6/2020 5:11 pm

I would have to agree with depending on the situation.

benard69 64M/64F  
6281 posts
2/6/2020 5:24 pm

If you was in high school...

AgileMind 54M  
60 posts
2/6/2020 5:42 pm

I will probably get a lot of hatred for this but yes. I think alternative. Right conditions... If it got to the point I was mad enough at my sub, I would invite a willing sub to join us, tie both up and make her watch! Kinky thoughts that came to mind when I saw the question.

Heathen_G 63M
7968 posts
2/6/2020 5:45 pm

Would you have sex with someone simply because you were mad at someone else? ..... When you say, "Someone else"? You're talking about the girlfriend [or whatever] right? .... Not because of getting cut off in traffic. Right?

I was 31, and I did find out my gf had sex with someone else...[but not mad because she forgot to buy orange juice, which she frequently did] ..So I did storm out in a board breaking angered fit !! [But not with the intent of having sex... sex with an unknown just happened to be in the stars that night].

To answer your question, "Yes".

What made having sex with another really great was, by good fortune , I found this other woman, she was really pissed off, too, she was mad at her husband. Rough sex mad. Not tender touchy feely weepy weepy shit . She was enraged and so was I!

The sex was so damn hot. Lifetime memorable hot. It was only that one time, though, but that was enough to make a lasting memory.

Those people saying , "No" and they want to be better than the person they're mad at, is ridiculous. That translates to , "The spouse/lover gets sex , but not me , no siry bob, because I'm better". LOL. Bullshit. Is that really better? Hell no. And they're probably lying saying they wouldn't , anyway. Probably trying to kiss your ass. Make a good moral impression.

I'm curious because of some of the things I've read in other blogs. .... Would have been better if you went back and copied some of those remarks onto this blog. That would have been fun to browse.

furry7890 49M

2/6/2020 5:59 pm

no, i never have. not going to say the thought never crossed my mind but i never did it.

jolielaide 50F  
1749 posts
2/6/2020 7:20 pm

People too immature can't find the right adult words to express their feelings so they revenge sex??? Too much drama. Sounds like high school shit.

dom37uncut 40M
24 posts
2/6/2020 7:41 pm

no not a solution

Blck01996 25M
5 posts
2/6/2020 9:46 pm

I've done it before but I wouldn't do it again

h4rry66 55M

2/6/2020 10:05 pm

The answer to that is no. I would only have sex with someone because I want to have sex with her and if the feeling is mutual. Is there any chance of the feeling being mutual between us ever beautiful?

Philharmonik3 44M

2/7/2020 5:14 am

I did that ! And it was so goood ! I don‘t really know why…bu then I came back to this person I was mad at with I felt much better

easy_going2014 55M
14366 posts
2/16/2020 6:49 pm

I only do things that I have to do, or want to do

and, making luv for me, is about connecting with a lover

so, my answer is "no"

reminded me of this

H.E.R. - "2"

"...Thought I was up in my room
Crying myself to sleep
I was with a better you
While you were busy playing me
I was playing you too
I was playing you too
Thought I wouldn't find out
Thought I didn't know how to play the game
Could've screamed at you for hours
Instead I was screaming somebody else's name
There were no rules
Now I can do whatever I want
I can never lose
So it's funny how you thought you won..."

To leave private messages, please use my confidential mailbox at my blog:

Good luck!!!

MrRareity 62M  
4568 posts
2/17/2020 11:08 am

No I wouldn't

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we have only one - Confucious

Catmancatman5 101M
1 post
8/12/2020 7:13 am

One of the biggest causes of anger is sexual repression. I think more people should be doing this. That doesn’t mean I’m condoning cheating or using people or the big No-no of doing something behind another’s back and getting off solely on the fact that you are deceiving another. But just because people hookup on FriendFinder-x doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect or it’s ok to be deceptive.

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