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opentoofferstoo 61M
24 posts
5/16/2021 2:15 pm

business collapsed , moved out of the bedroom so that we both could get some sleep, that was a year ago

CleavageFan4U 64M  
69063 posts
5/16/2021 2:24 pm

Was still seeing just my main play-partner, and expanded the circle by one when a dear old friend was in town for the holidays, but yes, have not met ANYONE new in over a year.

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funsnellvillecpl 64M/52F
3879 posts
5/16/2021 2:56 pm

hell no, we enjoy each other and maybe a few very close friends

jc_powerman 61M
245 posts
5/16/2021 3:24 pm

For a while it did with my play partners and I . We agreed to take a break until the issue eased up. When it did we resumed causal play .

fang070 51M
1243 posts
5/16/2021 3:27 pm

I guess it's a typo, and you mean to say ruin

benard69 64M/64F  
6279 posts
5/16/2021 3:54 pm

Play time with friends was Zip, Zilch, Nada...

SweetMysterie 49F
3641 posts
5/16/2021 3:57 pm

Before Covid I was a year (plus) out of my most recent LTR. Being a single parent to three older children and co-parenting my youngest (as well as full time work and life in general) were keeping me too busy to try to pursue any kind of sexual relationship.

I can't say that Covid effected me much since I continued to work outside the home for the entirety of the pandemic and I wasn't pursuing a sexual relationship prior to it. But over the last several months I have definitely felt like time is slipping away and something is missing. I'm hopeful that the missing piece will fall into place sooner rather than later. Great question.

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dascooter1986 35M  
3 posts
5/16/2021 4:44 pm

I've been with more people the past year, than my entire life prior.

wildduck9441 31M/28F

5/16/2021 4:53 pm

More frequent sex

WilmingtonFun137 40M
281 posts
5/16/2021 4:56 pm

A lot of people, myself included, pretty much stopped meeting new people until it was over. I considered it a bit, but out of the two people I considered meeting, turned out neither were staying safe and they both ended up with Covid. One rather badly.

So... I stopped meeting anyone. But now I'm vaccinated, I'm branching out once again.

It's been a rough time, but it was definitely the right call.

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daily210517a01 37M

5/16/2021 8:00 pm

love2lick_you 55M  
221 posts
5/17/2021 5:11 am

Having Covid affected my lung capacity, making even moderate exertion difficult. It's slowly coming back, but I am still not able to go at it like I used to. Maybe having a better, sexier partner would help....

MEGuy04401158 49M

5/17/2021 5:25 am


FWB4you2ride 38M  
5 posts
5/17/2021 8:58 am

Would need to have one before hand 😄

MisterXTC1000 57M
357 posts
5/17/2021 9:38 am

I wish my name was Zip Zilch or Nada

Leegs2012 49M  
92525 posts
5/17/2021 9:52 am

Voted Yes. Been very cautious. Knew two people that died from it. In time I hope to get back swinging. I miss it!!!

69bignthick 62M  
106 posts
5/17/2021 11:45 am

Pfft, did the flu ever stop yours?

BiSussi 61F
1351 posts
5/17/2021 3:23 pm

For some like you TWO, it was a big PLUS
It actually made it better for me Much better
Home office, do I need to say more?
My live-in boyfriends spend more time at home, former boyfriends certainely appeared again and if they had a Covid, STD test and my boyfriends didn’t object, they were allowed to come over for a BBQ
I worked really hard, but I also had a lot of fun

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letsplay71563 59M

5/17/2021 4:00 pm

For awhile it did not affect anything, but when I was single it slowed to a stop for awhile. Glad the numbers are dropping and things are getting back to normal.

GEL4e 50F
110 posts
5/17/2021 4:26 pm

Have never quantified before this New Year's day when I was asked to quantify 2020 new sexers. Thought nothing of it during 2020, but it does sound odd and reckless to say that 2020 was a great sex year for both ONS and repeats. In no way was/am I socially reckless and no way would I dare give even a hint to the quantity.

justlooking15901 49M
1 post
5/17/2021 6:40 pm

I guess for it to affect your sex life, you have to have one...right?

bard3232 55M
27 posts
5/18/2021 12:11 am

haven't had real sex in over 4 yrs. so No effect either way for me

seenit 52M
78 posts
5/18/2021 6:39 am

havent seen pussy in real life in over a year and my arm is tried from jerking off lol little bit of exaggeration but pretty close how its been

Dacaterangler26 52M
16 posts
5/18/2021 9:06 am

It's hard enough being being a closet NYMPH! just hopeing to find friends near me to get back to fucking

Tomgruber44aYHc 51M
19 posts
5/18/2021 6:13 pm

No, not really, I had COVID a month & a half before the So Called Lock Down, (I live in Florida & did business in Texas), So I have been much luckier than most, & the first 30 to 45 days, I was focused on where my new Truck, my plane & a female FWB, that was over seeing the movement of 2,000 pounds, & when lock down hit, everything went to shit, like loosing over 2.25 million dollars, & have had very little luck recouping anything, except my plane, (currently locked down in Michigan because of weather & the Bitch running that State), & have worked down to being even on Cash, (paid back all loans) & still have my Trust Account to live on... but as far as sex goes, after getting over surprise of lockdowns, everything is about the same, I guess it doesn’t hurt to be open minded, kinky & as well Bisexual, as well as living in Florida, traveling to GA, SC, TN, NC, & Texas... all State’s very open & not locked down, as well as being open in so many ways, especially Florida & Texas, followed by Georgia..

I live life as if I wake up, It’s a Great Day, but still a Good day to Die... We all have an expiration date on our Ass & any day could be It, & We don’t or can’t Take anything with us...

Somewhatshy0907 47M
26 posts
5/18/2021 7:53 pm

Yes! Made it better. Experienced it all with 2 others as we were all regularly tested.

Tomgruber44aYHc 51M
19 posts
5/18/2021 9:16 pm

Hey there MsSwitch, I have noticed that you post many different Questions, on different topics, which is Great, & I believe there are no dumb Questions & everyone should be gaining Knowledge, (Knowledge is Power & Power is Everything...)

I have two Questions that I find people’s response is different, but very interesting in many ways.. To Wit, As it concern’s Men, as is Strait Men, (a high % have at least one, male on male experience during their life, but afraid to admit, to anyone, even theirselves, Then as in Bisexual Men, when was their first male on male experience & when they become confidant to “Say Yes, or come out & say they love pussy, but enjoy cock as well.. & why & what gave them the confidence to be open (at least on websites, or still hide it from their other Half & why & for so long. Yes, in this day & age it is getting a little bit more accepted, but not by all, similar to Bisexual Women (2 women together is cool, or easier accepted, by all..

Also, the same Questions to Bisexual Women...., But my Question’s are Related to Strait Men & Women, Bisexual Men & Women, Gay & Lesbians, as well to Transgender’s on both side of the change, thought, & desires..

Everyone has a Story, (a History & a Past, all lived in many different ways)

Another, Question is Why a Open Minded Bisexual Women, Where they act or believe that, It’s Ok for them to enjoy being Bisexual & Cool or Ok with this, But many are not OK, where it come’s to Male Sexual, Some Don’t believe it’s ok, or consider it Gay, then some are OK, but don’t want to watch or Join, then other’s are cool & OK & will allow but don’t want, or (just put up with it, & other’s Get Off on watching, Joining, & some even enjoy having power & get off on watching, joining, & enjoying watching their Man with another as well as get into Pegging, with & without another man to Share...

I am very Laidback, go with the Flow type & believe there is no Room for any Control Issues, no matter what & including where it come’s to Sex.. (a Couple that play’s together, Stay’s Together), & Sharing another is Not Cheating, Men have to get past their Male Ego’s

Well, there are some Questions, & if I wasn’t so damm busy, I would become a Member, but feel it’s not fair to Other’s at this time, (working on saving my ass from what I have lost from Lockdown’s as well as Razing a five (5) year old boy).. it seems like I only have 5 or 15 minutes on a last minute notice, here & there, Hopefully it won’t be much longer & be able to schedule some thing’s ahead of time, which the Lifestyle & my Lifestyle Demands..

Thank’s for your time in advance
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rel480 38M
3 posts
5/18/2021 10:11 pm

at first nothing and then 5 months of a girl that knew how to dom, I didn't get much sleep at night

trisexual1369 112F
20 posts
5/19/2021 10:24 am

Seemed more time for sex if you were with your partner 💋💋💋

hotnsafun2017 60M  
2 posts
5/20/2021 7:12 am

Mine got better. Between the gf working out of my home office several days a week and others being off work, I had plenty of fun in 2020, much more sex than the 2 years prior to covid.

Funbicouple772 44M/44F
2 posts
5/20/2021 2:34 pm

Did not stop our sex life, just chilled us hanging with others! So cannot wait to get back out there.

woody4551 34M
13 posts
5/20/2021 11:08 pm

i don't have a sex life wish i did

TB5758 63M/64F  
572 posts
5/21/2021 4:31 am

Not with each other but we have not played

Ray94134 65M
28 posts
5/21/2021 1:37 pm

Covid-19 sucks, even more than, Oh well you know what I mean.

Erinbraugh1 66M
16 posts
5/21/2021 2:04 pm

Yes, have a guy on here and we both want to hook up but we’re waiting out the covid…

amaranta19673 55F  
97 posts
5/21/2021 2:30 pm me afecta y mucho poder salir ..hay que ser responsable...mas encima aunque sepas que no estas contagiado no tener donde ir..ningun motel abierto...un desastre se puede viajar etc...ya llevo seis meses sin ver a mi patner porque vive a varios kms mas lejos de donde resido...pero bueno..PACIENCIA SEÑOR..ya vendra el desquite...
besos de lejitos...por haora


darkkamida0 22M
56 posts
5/21/2021 5:54 pm

Don’t have a sex life to begin with, and all chances have decreased with COVID running wild.

At least I can keep my virginity for slightly longer, despite I don’t think it’s a great thing to say, lol.

Wat2dowithme 102F
42 posts
5/21/2021 11:36 pm

Never know what you have until it's gone....In my case it NEVER left!! My fingers are crossed for everyone and I hope you all get IT soon. Be safe and have fun

idblueswoman 63F  
830 posts
5/22/2021 6:37 pm

As a married person, no change.. As for FriendFinder-x experiences. I haven't met anyone since my last FWB and I parted ways.. Sure did hear from a lot of travelers last year.. WTF?

howdydoodyXLII 50M
42 posts
5/22/2021 9:47 pm

I wasn't getting any before or since it started

flannel_light 59F  
4490 posts
5/23/2021 8:13 am

It did for me then after I got my shots I started really looking but no luck until a month ago. Now I am making up for it

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BiSussi 61F
1351 posts
5/23/2021 2:18 pm

    Quoting woody4551:
    i don't have a sex life wish i did
How could this be, with the way you look????????????
You are just kidding, correct?

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kmcouple88 41M/39F
117 posts
5/24/2021 1:03 am


Art4urPleasure 55M  
604 posts
5/25/2021 11:04 am

Yes, for me it has kept me from traveling. I only play when I am a way from my own back yard. It has been frustrating.

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Funguy67322 35M
27 posts
5/27/2021 3:47 am

Way more with more time.

RunItBack80 41M  
34 posts
7/9/2021 12:32 pm

I didn't have a sex life before or during Covid, and presently. 🤷‍♂️

SyxTee9 59M
22 posts
8/5/2021 1:15 pm

NO!...For the last year 1/2 was just continuation of the last 10 1/2 before that. Hey as it says in my profile my Wife is not in good health, But She also does not even know how to use her Mouth nor give a Tug Job. But she thinks people are should not be having SEX, I know that's Fucked up. Anyhow thanks for allowing me to vent.

Punkerelli2 41M  
20 posts
8/6/2021 2:02 am

It did not ruin my sex life with one married woman that we have a LTR, but it has effected me in the ability to meet couples for MFM's.

bert1330 67M  
79 posts
8/6/2021 6:34 am

I voted no BUT I have been more horny then ever before. I am always looking to hook up for some nice oral and I am still waiting to give some!!!!...\8

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