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boobwhisperer69 59M  
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6/29/2021 10:16 am

Never change your values or beliefs for anyone!!! You will regret it later!!

Good1Left 49M  
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6/29/2021 10:35 am

Annie- no truer words were ever spoken. Kids come first, No Matter What. Certainly feel the same as you, especially with 2 daughters very similar in age. Never compromise your convictions, and you'll live without regrets

rock1234567a 46M
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6/29/2021 1:55 pm


Bonem91 31M
95 posts
7/26/2021 8:33 am

Hi. It is difficult enough raising children. Doing that when you work in such a difficult job and run a house is highly commendable. As a male who, if was to have met a woman like you in your scenario, would have really been empathetic to your situation. However, some men are very self centred and immature. If they cannot appreciate your values, work ethic etc then they are certainly not worthy of you. I also agree that when you start to have to keep compromising to keep someone else happy, it becomes a downward spiral and you soon become totally unrecognizable to your true self. I've learned that from experience. Don't dwell, move on.. The right person will understand.

rock1234567a 46M
27 posts
8/22/2021 5:51 am

hi cutie

ExclusivePassion 42M  
3 posts
10/7/2021 4:06 am

I always will wish you and your son the best in Life. Take care.

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