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xtc_tn 65M
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8/29/2021 4:23 pm

Chat with me…. You may enjoy it… grins


redrockrascal 63M
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8/29/2021 5:04 pm

FWIW, words from a total stranger are pretty much nothing but an ignorant opinion which is their problem not yours.

When you get those use the tools the site has for that - block the sender, delete the message. Move on

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Brownie202 64F  
2593 posts
8/29/2021 5:06 pm

I get vile messages from loosers. Why? SOME men do read profiles. They see they are to young for me or because I am not meeting. Others because I politely said not interested. My profile is clear that no answer is a answer. Even my auto response says that. A few loosers got angry and said they want a answer. Ummm they should of read my profile. Or else they only read some. Not my fault.

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BiSussi 61F
1189 posts
8/29/2021 5:45 pm

Not CRAZY at all !!!!
It can become overwhelming and if you have already too many men in your life, why not turn off your profile for a month or two
Some men are like animals on here, don't worry about their nasty messages.
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plzthese40ds 46M/43F
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8/30/2021 4:19 am

Ninjawife, you are not alone in that matter. I routinely deal with the very same. It is no fun spending an hour or more daily, just to take on the massive duty of opening dozens of emails, reading them through, sometimes cross-referencing or comparing emails to their profiles or doing research and background checking, then taking the time and effort out of the goodness of my heart to properly respond to each and every one of those 40 emails ( you know, because they are human beings and ignoring others is totally rude and inconsiderate ). Only after that massive daily undertaking, I find myself mentally drained and my patience have run very thin! Exhaustion is the word. I take a deep breath, hit the 'Log Out' button for the night and find myself in a state of strange anxiety the very next day upon signing in, knowing that the entire process starts from scratch all over again. I notice my inbox icon with a number "32" lit up on it, and I begin the jitters, knowing that...
a ) 10 new people have written overnight to deal with from scratch...
b ) 16 people have responded back rudely with retaliation, blaming, arguing, cussing, immaturity, degradation, threats, mockery, demands and so forth...
c ) 5 people have apparently not even bothered to read or comprehend a word I said in my response and continue on conversation and fantasy ideas, as if my message never existed or that I said something that I didn't...
d ) 8 people simply ignored me altogether rudely and won't have the decency to acknowledge. After a waiting period of several days or a week ( plus me researching when they were last online ), I'll eventually reach out again in kindness, almost certain to get ignored more or retaliated on ( part b all over again )...
e ) 1 person out of yesterday's 40 emails I replied to is a decent gentleman who contacts me for the right reasons, who is kind, gentle, respectful and who has manners. In his email, he tells me that today is his last day here and that he is deactivating his account because he is fed up with all of the bullshit between paying bogus fees for a site that has no potential, a site that it's functions don't work half the time, for discouragement that no real women exist / talk / meet, for frustration in dealing routinely with rude and ignorant people, for the impossible odds, competition and male to female ratio imbalance and all else. He gives me his phone number or external email / IM and signs off for good...yet I don't communicate outside of this site with people from here.

I feel your anxiety, Ninjawife. The above summaries merely scratch the surface of it all. When you get down to the nitty gritty, you can spend hours and hours involved in different scenarios, circumstances and emails which just then end up going nowhere, due to arguments that break out, people lying, people playing games, ignorance on top of ignorance, people pulling a 180 on you for no apparent reason. Your one question asked leads to vague one word / one sentence shitty replies received that beg to be asked five more questions just to understand the very first one you've asked. When that gets pressed, people immediately turn on you, blame you, ignore, egos set in, the rudeness, etc. I totally get it! I deal with it every day here.
Oh, and then if you want a break from this site as a mental health day or a week off something, then upon your return back, you find 60-100 emails in your inbox...not to mention that out of the goodness of my heart, I must communicate to those I have engaged with that I will be absent in the coming days / week ( another 40 or so emails that must be generated ).

Here's the problem: This site's male to female ratio is drastically imbalanced. There are tons of reasons for that, but I will not get into all of those details because it'll be a book. Because of that ratio imbalance, females here are overwhelmed by the male competition going on. Men are lucky enough to get a reply from one legit woman in a week, if that. Who knows, but it's next to none, that's a certainty. Women on the other hand are getting bombarded! The problem here is that the men don't seem to comprehend or give it a second thought of just how hard it is to be a woman here, how much time we invest in emails alone ( easily an hour or more daily....enough that I feel cheated from receiving a pay check for it ), how much care, kindness, research and background checking goes into it all ( I'm speaking for myself on this one ). I mean, either end of the spectrum sucks for men and women. Men get literally no emails ( except from maybe gay / bi men, catfish and fake profiles ) and women get bombarded with way too many emails. Men get frustrated and discouraged from the fact that zero emails from real women end up in their inbox. Women get frustrated and discouraged that too many emails get delivered and that we have to sift through dozens and take time to reply back. Between both sides of men and women, it becomes a ticking time bomb. Every email is one word away from a full blown argument, retaliation, ignorance or some other form of rudeness. It's enough for any woman to have these anxious panic attacks each time we jitter to click on that dreaded email icon. Worse yet, when I do click on the icon, a list of emails populate from members and I can see the first sentence of how each member responds back. I can immediately tell what I'm in for most of the time before I even open each email. I make sure I have an enormous cup of coffee at my side and finally build up courage to tackle the daily routine of dreaded emails and the anxiety that comes along with it. You aren't alone in the matter. The sad part of the matter is that things don't have to be like this. People just choose to make it become this willingly. Kindness and respect come free in this life to equally give and receive.
I do hope you find a way to dal with your stress. It isn't easy, I know. From the way it sounds, you are in good shape anyway. You are married and have something on the order of three friends on the side. I wouldn't stress over this site. Sounds to me that you have plenty to keep you busy and entertained and that you could leave here if you wanted to. If that's what you must do, I'd suggest it. It's not worth losing your sanity or stressing your nerves over the losers on this site. 99% of those who exist here are bottom feeders. Generally speaking, those men who are on the site are here because they're the leftovers of what society rejects because they cannot fit in with the rest of the world due to personality and behavioral disorders, anger issues, low IQ, physical or mental incompetence, etc.

Just know you're not alone.

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