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Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
887 posts
9/19/2021 10:11 am

I like big tits, but I adore a cute butt! Tight butts, drive cowboy nutz!!! Cute lil butt, large tits, and redheads!!! Saddle up, Cowgirl...lets ride!!

BiSussi 61F
1169 posts
9/19/2021 10:57 am

    Quoting  :

Total agree, 100%, it is all about the eyes, sole & love.
Just wish more men would feel that way and we would have more happy women on this planet

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

Fungi4unms 45M
18 posts
9/19/2021 12:35 pm

while a love a juicy round ass. the titties get me everytime.

dell9600 64M  
1332 posts
9/19/2021 1:26 pm

Voted, but all of the above fits what I like...

mark1002021 62M
22 posts
9/19/2021 1:58 pm

I prefer the pussy

staci_19702 50T
1741 posts
9/19/2021 3:14 pm

Legs are sexy. Dressed or undressed.

Have a great day! 💋

basehorbicpl4fun 50M/40F
15 posts
9/19/2021 4:33 pm

the smile is what always gets me

Luvshavedpussy23 49M  
3 posts
9/19/2021 5:30 pm

I'm a boob and ass man

Bourre2020 58M  
49 posts
9/19/2021 10:16 pm

I wish that the polling system would let you choose more than one option I look at a woman's face first. If she's cute/pretty then the rest gets a look I'm not an exclusively boob/arse/ legs man, though I do like a nice handful and shapely legs, not twigs. A woman that looks like Jenna Coleman and can cook like Nigella

Luke200043 21M  
4 posts
9/19/2021 11:03 pm

I love a sexy look in a ladies eyes, a certain look can easily turn me on

also love a nice pair of boobs

slowrider8649 57M  
184 posts
9/20/2021 4:23 am

I notice and pay attention to all of the above. A warm smile from a passing glance is an invitation. Her eyes show her passion and what excites her. And I just love firm perky titties. But with that said a sexy ass is my weakness. I usually just imagine cupping those cheeks in my hands and going down on her

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2245 posts
9/20/2021 6:10 am

Nipple Suckin & Clit Lickin for me but that is only a small part of overall foreplay 😉😉🤠

Expertfun4all 62M  
4 posts
9/20/2021 6:19 am

Tit man all my life and adore all sizes!

BiJack55 72M  
316 posts
9/20/2021 7:00 am

I voted boobs but I am actually a whole package man. But without the proper personality nothing will happen. I love nice sexy legs any way.

iwant2lickuthere 54M  
3490 posts
9/20/2021 7:41 am

For me it is the whole package.

luvstockings61 60M  
23 posts
9/20/2021 8:27 am

I like all of a woman, but if anything is really going to catch my attention, it is the legs!

NewLustyFool 51M
45 posts
9/20/2021 8:53 am

Her eyes always get my attention first, but a nice butt keeps me looking!

Erinbraugh1 65M
15 posts
9/20/2021 11:34 am

I voted but I love sexy feet and have a fetish for them!

BIigDJ71863 58M
96 posts
9/20/2021 4:04 pm

Eyes attract and hold my attention even though a cute tight bum on a beautiful woman cums a close second. If she has a great smile too. I am lost.

Kanking15 52M
15 posts
9/20/2021 7:52 pm

4 all those assets that you provided are great but you forgot the most important one. Intelligence, that's my vote.

tastemeY 55M  
126 posts
9/21/2021 2:55 am

Definately the eyes!

Want2aplay2 42M
21 posts
9/21/2021 9:33 am

So much to choose from! I like an ass boobs of all kinds [post 4415142]

Deepnwide76 45M  
55 posts
9/21/2021 1:52 pm

I love the ass has to b cute firm ass shaved I will lick that hole for hrs if it is nice enough

MacMac930 64M
52 posts
9/21/2021 4:01 pm

I like big butts, and I cannot lie! haha

69ereatwetpussy 59M
6033 posts
9/21/2021 5:56 pm

start with a smile
then we work on the rest
breast depends on age and size
nipples are more fun for me and i hope for you
ass as long as my big hands can grab them hold on
legs i do like shapely longer the better
eyes tells it all you look it to mine then look me over
shoulder i do like to massage get comfortable with each other

Uncutejosi 66M  
206 posts
9/21/2021 11:42 pm

I like first nice smilie then after full Body..prefer naked

Dacaterangler26 52M  
16 posts
9/22/2021 7:43 am

Defiintly a ass man

pjj1963 58M  
1 post
9/22/2021 9:54 am

I say the eyes. When you talk to someone look at their eyes, you can tell alot from the way they look

Mr2please2 59M  
61 posts
9/22/2021 9:44 pm

I always look at a woman's face first! Eyes,smile, whatever gets me first! Then I look elsewhere..hehe

talltimber38 74M
12 posts
9/23/2021 6:38 am

I always look at a womens face first and always get caught looking. Eyes tell the story!

azgolfer1234 63M  
2 posts
9/23/2021 6:51 am

A lovely smile will get my attention first, then the eyes

Don_Nuevo 27M
31 posts
9/23/2021 12:32 pm

Definitely an ass man

Tmptrzz 58F
102661 posts
9/23/2021 1:06 pm

Great question hun thanks so much and I did vote..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

noonerfy 61M
26 posts
9/23/2021 2:30 pm

my eyes always wander to the breasts first, then up to the eyes,,,

Asi120212 41M
2 posts
9/24/2021 1:42 am

    Quoting staci_19702:
    Legs are sexy. Dressed or undressed.

Asi120212 41M
2 posts
9/24/2021 1:44 am

    Quoting Tmptrzz:
    Great question hun thanks so much and I did vote..

apb5150 45M  
2 posts
9/24/2021 6:56 am

Big Bodacious Boobage! (and bonus if have huge areolas/nipples....something about large areolas)

adults4play1970 51M/51F
2 posts
9/24/2021 9:26 am

Boobs of course just look at my wife.

TnTvariety 59M
19 posts
9/24/2021 10:41 am

I am a guy who does not like huge breasts and big bubble butts....

I prefer small perky breasts and a small but that i can hold in my two hands and ride her up and down on me........

Jslite6 63M
21 posts
9/24/2021 11:47 am

There should be more than one choice… it all depends on the situation, but eyes tell it all

HmmmLQQking 57M  
22 posts
9/24/2021 12:54 pm

The Eyes! When you catch someone’s eyes a thrill runs through the body.

Cpllooking6671 54M/50F  
3059 posts
9/24/2021 5:56 pm

All please...

fffinder2000 57M
125 posts
9/24/2021 9:29 pm

Butts and legs are the first attraction, followed by the eyes when close enough.

day29569loris 57M
7 posts
9/25/2021 4:35 am

Personally i am the whole package kind of guy, if my eyes find you extremely sexy, lets do it several times a day, if they don’t sometimes I couldn’t get hard if you walked naked around me for a week, I truly feel once i am attracted to you a woman tasty is the sexiest part about her.

terxntravler 51M
21 posts
9/25/2021 12:39 pm

the eyes are the window to the mind and tell the depth of ones thoughts. At the same time I am very much a boobs man! All shapes and sizes, but I do love the BIG!

kismet_thrall 42T
1 post
9/25/2021 4:57 pm

Thicc THIGHS, like a BaseBaller🐔🍗

Thickstick2siton 39M
14 posts
9/25/2021 11:00 pm

I like a nice firm tight butt

Burybone72 48M
16 posts
9/27/2021 10:28 am

Big boos and yours are PHENOMENAL!!!

xNewsPhotog 59M  
241 posts
9/28/2021 3:13 am

I love breast and butts, don't get me wrong, but a nice smile / face tops it all.

bibuck71 50F  
22 posts
9/28/2021 5:23 am

Im a sucker for pretty titties

CannaSuckurCock 54M
5 posts
9/28/2021 7:58 am

Intrigue me with a beautiful set of lips

62Mature4young 62M
118 posts
9/28/2021 1:56 pm

I love breasts, but most of all, I love nipples!

....you see, I was breast fed, but NEVER weened!

Besides, if I ever do go blind, I can still lip-read nipple-braille!

Tasty596 61M
1 post
9/29/2021 12:26 pm

I'm a T and A man!

wvandjmu1 58M
13 posts
9/29/2021 1:04 pm

i am an ass man i love a nice ass

Wat2dowithme 102F
42 posts
9/29/2021 7:28 pm

It's not easy being CHEESEY 😏

BiWSubForU2use 49M  
6 posts
9/29/2021 10:45 pm

boob and hips. like a curvy body.

flannel_light 59F  
4030 posts
9/30/2021 5:21 am

I,like a man with no bum. I can get a pinch in

The Light is shinning and she is lonely and waiting in the darkness.

Chuckidol57 64M
2 posts
9/30/2021 3:34 pm

Pussy and ass for me 👍❤️

SensuousSoul62 59M
4 posts
9/30/2021 6:17 pm

I voted, but I'm more of a "total package" kind of guy.

SomethingSoft70 52F
11 posts
9/30/2021 6:23 pm

I’m all the above.

old_stick 59M
78 posts
10/1/2021 7:38 am

Nice smile and nice eyes are always an attraction for me but if we go further a tight bum is great but then so are all the other choices!

Mainer044013880 41M
10 posts
10/1/2021 5:38 pm


W3shoodhookup1da 50M/49F
27 posts
10/2/2021 7:38 am

I love Boobs.. I love booties! Smiles and personalities.

rubberbunsNlickr 49M
294 posts
10/2/2021 1:22 pm


Whalehello 39M
19 posts
10/2/2021 6:03 pm

Love tits and ass, but the eyes get me everytime

Darkredwalls 46M
22 posts
10/2/2021 8:57 pm

Smile and personality always win in the end, so I look for that in the beginning too

But on a more physical and simplistic level, I actually go wild for a nice wide set of hips!

Itsamemario92 28M  
13 posts
10/3/2021 1:36 pm

Boob and ass and pussy. Eyes thou are the key to the soul

midhard1 64M
157 posts
10/3/2021 5:13 pm

I voted for boobs, but a great smile can really turn me on.

my2blueyesbbw 53F
3 posts
10/3/2021 6:04 pm

so true

DocManther 50M  
12 posts
10/3/2021 8:13 pm

LEGS. The kind with feet on one end and pussy on the other!

PleasureUdeeper 45M
14 posts
10/4/2021 6:07 am

Ass and titties lol a nice smile is great also

scarletX69 29F  
1 post
10/4/2021 2:59 pm

There should be a ''All of the Above'' option haha

Multiplecummmmer 46M  
1 post
10/4/2021 3:43 pm

All of the above but...I'm greedy.

Legs. They are the gateway to ecstasy

ZackAllen 45M
18 posts
10/4/2021 8:35 pm

For me I had to vote smile, boobs are a strong second. My primary weakness is redheads while blondes in general really don't do much for me, but if they have a sweet smile they do get my attention.

BurningDesires0 66M/38F
5 posts
10/5/2021 9:27 am

Your eyes speak volumes!

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