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wjg2009 55M  
7 posts
9/29/2021 6:40 pm

In a sexless marriage. Looking for like minded in a similar situation.

SingleItalianGy2 49M  
1196 posts
9/29/2021 7:35 pm

Well ya see some 23 yrs ago as young and successful mortgage banker the company I worked for was growing rapidly. At the time I was living in Northern Va and had successfully taking my region to the top producer for the company. At an office party I was approached by my boss and introduced to a gentleman from Tulsa, Okla..... he was a top producer for another company based in the Okla. I was asked by my boss to go to Okla and to give this Gentleman any help I could with our systems and in return I would no longer have to write loans and would become part of the executive management team with a guaranteed generous base salary. 2 weeks into my stay in Tulsa I was so damn bored and surfing the net when I came across A.F.F. so I signed up under the premise that with me traveling from East coast to Tulsa perhaps the site would allow me to meet people in the cities I visited frequently instead of going out to bars and meeting people randomly. I spent the next 2 yrs bouncing from Va to Tulsa, SLC, and Vegas and A.F.F. allowed me to meet many people on line and if I chose to meet in person. Yes I am one of the few original members still left using the site today. ( Don't ask me why) When all is said in done.... to this date I have met exactly ONE person from this site in person. And oh how horribly wrong it went.... it was after that meeting that I made conscious decision not to meet. From that point up until recently I have only used the site to remain in contact with the good people and friends I have met along the way via my chat room "Living the Dream". I use the site to explore fantasy, view cams and chat with other like minded people.

G000dbuddy 34M  
1223 posts
9/29/2021 8:35 pm

Just An old member..


boobwhisperer69 58M  
7845 posts
9/29/2021 9:48 pm

What he said!!!!!! above

spunkycumfun 61M/66F
39363 posts
9/30/2021 1:18 am

I joined the site to find copules to have friendly sex with. Now I'm here for blogland.

nicebuttocks1950 71M  
301 posts
9/30/2021 2:01 am

I am in a sexless marriage, and looking to find a compatible friend who may also be in the same situation. We can help each other!!!!!

magicstick8555 36M  
8 posts
9/30/2021 9:50 am

Well, Let me think Pretty sure i have been on FriendFinder-x since about 2004 maybe even before. Idk. LONG LONG time ago in the begin of time! lol. I was young and full of cum. I loved Meeting with sexy couples, and women, then men came along too! naughty me! I love the hunt of meeting a new person. The first rush of touch. Exploring new things and ways to feel amazing! Pleasing a person is probably what i am always after, i want them to be happy, and pleased! SO much of a giver.
Along the way i meet some amazing people! Ad i lot of FLAKES and Catfishers! ugh Enough said. the Good apples are out there!

giddyupgo19652 54M  
1 post
9/30/2021 2:37 pm

honestly to meet someone that would enjoy encounters

pantyboy4xxxfun 41M  
1 post
9/30/2021 7:31 pm

To find someone I can be honest with and have sexual adventures with.

Prof10001 61M  
3994 posts
10/1/2021 6:55 am

Been looking and straying many years. Dead bedroom at home. I've met a handful of smart, funny, sexy women and couples here. It takes effort to separate the wheat from the chaff, but when you do it can be amazing.

Swing by my blog!

aff54650 53M  
1 post
10/20/2021 8:48 am

I've been in a low-sex marriage for a while now. Like maybe 3-4 times per year. I am definitely wanting to make friends here, but let's face it, I am here to increase my sex opportunities. Sex is always better if you are at least friends, too. Porn can only help so much, but it can be lacking when I am not part of the scene, if you know what I mean. And let's face it, porn is generally unrealistic. It is a LOT harder to find someone to consent to playing than they show on porn.

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