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10/31/2021 11:20 pm

Monday November 1, 2021 @ 1:50 am

Dear diary it’s the first of November and I really… oops (giggles)
Wrong journal…

Please forgive me for the mishap,

So you all who can read, have read the title?
Show of hands 🙌🏾 Lol

Am I the only vampire 🧛‍♀️ (in a British accent) that’s awake if so this is extremely awkward..
If not hello 👋🏽 my fellow blood suckers you all are welcomed..
“Mikasa Tsukasa” “A Kuna Matata” you do know it means no worries … for the rest of your days (she sings lol )

Okay ENOUGH of the pleasantries…
What’s up with psychopaths that leave “testimonials”? Does Anybody know?
Seriously 😳 so I just happened to log into my account (which is extremely rare) go to my profile and I scroll down for some reason I never scroll down but today I scroll down! Lol
I guess what I see
“ a psychopath has written a psychopathic testimonial “
And yes that is INDEED A THING Lol… (insert British accent) ON MY BLOODY PROFILE.. 😂
Seriously the only good perk that I partake in .. is you guessed it BANNING/BLOCKING & DELETING. Quite frequently.. shocking I know.
So remember when I said I’m rarely on here right! That is the legit the truth!
For some reason the psychopaths that roam lol the FriendFinder-x streets assume I’m on here as much as they’re… sigh
It was really unwarranted Unnecessary and ugly and of course it comes from a “man”
the testimonial if we can call it that I wouldn’t call it that but sure whatever lol
And because I have a amazingly phenomenal photogenic memory I remember the person that wrote the “testimonial” which only makes it worse… lol psychopath stocker-ish among other things and adjectives…
However I digress ..
A little word of advice
boys and girls ladies and gents men and women please get a grip this is online you do know you have to have a personality respect courtesy proper communication<b> skills </font></b>honesty etc
But to be FRANK the basic essentials… to even get someone that wants to meet you, no one needs super rough and aggressive right off the bat ladies & gents

As always, Xoxo 💋

Ps. You catch more bees with honey instead of vinegar

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