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Welcome to my blog!
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My 21st Birthday
Posted:Jul 12, 2021 8:13 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2022 3:09 am

On my 21st birthday, I had a three-some with two guys.
They took turns, fucking my little hole all night long. I wanted
to be double penetrated but, I was too nervous for my ass
to open up enough. I absolutely loved how all of their attention
was on me. I can tell you how it happened: I had been drinking
because well, it was my birthday. I went to get a tattoo. I was
kind of nervous but, my boyfriend at the time, picked me up in
his strong arms and placed me in the tattoo chair. He told me
I should get it if I wanted it and not to be chicken that he
would be right beside me the whole time. He was so sweet as he
held my hand through the whole thing. I had often told him that
I wanted to try a threesome and that I have wanted to for a very
long time. He then told me he had a surprise for me back at his
place. He had called his best friend. When we got there, his
friend was already there. My boyfriend tells me to act out my
fantasy, So......... I did! I told them both to take off their
shirts and to get down on their knees and to take off my pants.
They did as they were told. Soon after, I told the other to come
over and start kissing me. I love to kiss. I was getting very
hot all over. I told them to switch places because the guy laying
underneath me was teasing my pussy thru my panties and I was
squirming so much. He was making me want to fuck so bad. When they switched, I told my boyfriend to take off my panties with his teeth!
Once he did; whew, it got intense. The way that he flicked his tongue on
my nipples made me moan and my pussy got so creamy. He asked me
what to do next and I said, spread me open and fuck me with your
tongue! The other guy started kissing me as my boyfriend was licking,
kissing and eating my pink pussy. As I was kissing his friend, he kept
begging me to let him taste. I wanted him to taste my sweet and creamy
love hole. I asked him if he wanted me to sit on his face! He replied with,
You can do with me whatever you want it's your birthday baby
girl. So,we laid on the bed and I sat on his friend face. As I was
moving my hips and humping his friend face, I told my boyfriend
to take off his boxers. Then, I opened my mouth to let him know that
I wanted his big cock in my mouth. I creamed in his best friend
mouth and he started moaning and drinking my sweet cream from my
pussy! It made me so hot, it felt so amazing sucking his nice
hard cock as I sat on the other guys tongue. I cummed all over
his mouth and face. He made my cunt soaking wet with his
incredible tongue. Swallowing all my hot, creamy juices that
were flowing from my hungry little pussy! When my boyfriend's
cock became super hard, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and
told him that my pussy was hungry for him first! He laid me down
and the other guy was touching and caressing my tits as he was
kissing me. My boyfriend got on top of me, and started to rub
his big cock head on my tiny clit. He grabbed my hips and slowly
thrusted his manhood deep inside my wet LOVE hole. I moaned out
as his friend started sliding his tongue in and out of my mouth.
It made me cream so hard being kissed and fucked at the same time.
I have never creamed like that before! I told the other guy that
I wanted to lick the pre cum off of his cock. I love it when the
pre cum leaks out of a guys head like that. It is so hot, I love
licking and sucking that off of a guys cock head! My boyfriend
humped my sweet pussy for about an hour. Then, he asked me if
I wanted to taste my sweet cream from his cock. Of course, I said yes.
So, he came up to put his cock in my mouth.
Then the other guy asked, if it was ok if he ate my pussy
clean while I sucked my boyfriend's big dick? I smiled as I told him to eat,
suck, lick and tongue fuck me until I was done creaming! As a
result, he laid between my legs and licked all over my pussy for
it seemed like hours; I was in heaven. Up and down my horny wet
slit, he put his middle finger inside of me and started finger
fucking me slowly. He sucked on my swollen clit as I squirmed
on the bed. I could feel my clit throb, inside of his mouth as
he flicked it with his tongue. I climaxed all over the place he
showed me on the bed. It was white, thick, and so very creamy!
He told me that I tasted like a goddess. I have never had such
pleasure before. I then said, time to shower. I got in the shower first
then, my boyfriend joined me. He soaped up my breasts and washed
my body all over! Kissing my neck as he washed my back, he turned me around and I rubbed my big soapy tits on his tummy. He was taller than me so I could not reach his chest. After he got out of the shower, his
best friend got in the shower with me. We took even a long shower together. He fingered me as we got wet in the water. I could feel the water cascade
off of his chest and shoulders. I squeezed his sexy arms as he caressed my body. It was the most erotic moment of my life. Then, I told him he was next! When we got out of the shower, my boyfriend was jacking off. My boyfriend
told me that he wanted to watch his best friend fuck his beautiful
girlfriend! So,...... I made his best friend sit down on the bed
as I sat backwards on him so that my clit was facing away from
him. My a$$ was facing him so that my boyfriend could see my
juicy, wet, cunt swallow every inch of his best friends cock.
My boyfriend watched as I was pounded and fucked. My juicy,
creamy pussy drooling all over his best friends dick. My boyfriend
got on his knees and started flicking his tongue on my pussy and clit!
At this point, I was about to lose my mind. Let me tell you something,
I have never got off like that before. I moaned and screamed very
loud with pleasure. It felt so incredible! He was teasing my swollen
clit as I was riding his best friend! My cream was dripping all over his cock!
My boyfriend kissing my pussy as he held my thighs. His best friend who
was deep inside of my cunt, started rubbing my breasts gently. I was soaking wet for the both of them. And YES, there was a point at which they
were taking turns, just fucking me. One would almost cum then
stop right before he blew his load. Edging back so that I had as
many orgasms as I possibly could before either of them got off.
It felt so amazing, one would come kiss me as the other would
fuck me. That was the best night of my life! They would both kiss
me at the same time, we did three way kisses all night long.
I loved every second of the pleasures that they gave me! I would
do it again and again and again, over and over because, it felt
so very incredible and amazing! We kissed, humped and fucked all
night long. As the sun was coming up, we all passed out in each
other's arms! I woke up in the middle, my boyfriend on my right,
his best friend on my left. It was the Best birthday I have ever
had. No Birthday will ever even come close to my 21st. It's a
night that I will remember and think about for the rest of my
life. And on my lonely nights, as I lay in bed craving affection,
I can think about that birthday and the biggest smile comes
across my face. I would love to have my way with two men again
just like that.

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