So far... Nothing  

AmberCucksJoey 39M/37F
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11/18/2021 10:12 am
So far... Nothing

I just wanted post an update... I been on this site for a while now, and literally received hundreds of messages. While I admit the chatting and messages been fun and ... So far, nothing real.

Seems that most of the guys (and girls) that me, just want endless banter... But when comes meeting and having fun in the real world, nothing.

Are they all secretly married and just here for some cyber fun without their<b> wives </font></b>knowing? Are they just masturbating and use this as a flirting / cyber tool to help them get off?

Lots of guys flirt their asses off with me out in the real world... But they will all want a "relationship", which I don't want... You know, since I am married to the love of my life and all. That being said, I am totally open to a "BF on the side", ongoing relationship.

What's a gotta do her sexual needs filled? lol

lickuall2197555 46M
27 posts
11/19/2021 8:03 am

It truly should be this difficult, especially with how incredible you two look.

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