Amber's Naked Night on the Town  

AmberLoves2Write 41F
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10/31/2021 2:15 am
Amber's Naked Night on the Town

I couldn't sleep and ended up leaving my house stark naked and<b> barefoot </font></b>in the middle of the night. I walked around my neighborhood for a bit and observed the quietness of the night. The full moon out and a few clouds were in the sky. All lights were out so it seems everyone sleeping, or maybe fucking in their beds. I love to think about my neighbors fucking.

I walked down to the beach and someone drove by me. In a frantic search to not get caught, I hid behind a tree until they passed. I wasn't yet sure if I had the nerve to go to the convenience store, so I had to walk around the corner a few more times. I kept wondering if someone would catch me being naked in public, but the sexy feeling of the air on my skin empowered me to keep walking.

I finally got the nerve to walk up to the store and go inside. The cashier's eyes got really wide, but he said nothing to me. I glanced at him and smiled, but said nothing to him either. I went to the candy aisle and picked up a box of Hot Tamales. I walked to the cashier and put my candy on the counter. The cashier eyed me and said, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

I looked him straight in the eyes and told him, "I haven't had my fellatio yet today". He looked at me for a few seconds, then walked to the door and locked it. He took my hand and led me quickly into the storeroom.

He unbuckled his belt and unzippered his pants. His hard cock bounced out of his pants and lingered. I looked at him, he looked at me. We nodded and I got on my knees. I took him into my mouth like someone starved for food. My lips parted as I drew his cock into my mouth. His cock was so hard for me and so delicious. I loved this feeling of having a man I did not know inside my mouth. It made me feel on the edge and alive.

We settled into a rhythm of him fucking my mouth with intentional abandon and me sucking him with all the fury I could muster. My mouth was in love with the taste of him, and my pussy started to swell from his cock continually hitting the back of my throat. As he started thrusting his cock back into my throat, I looked up at him to communicate it was o I gagging, but it o His eyes were closed and he moaning. I felt myself cum down my legs.

Suddenly he shouted out, "I'm going to cum!" and his semen spurted out forcefully from his cock onto my face. It on my forehead, my cheeks, my chin, my lips. He came a second time on my breasts. He came a third time all over my hair.

He looked down at me and said, "You are a dream. Where did you come from?" I looked up at him, dumbfounded how good I felt sucking this man's coc He smiled and said, "My jizz looks good on you." I smiled up at him, not able to talk from the pure pleasure of the experience.

I certainly a cum-laden mess and tried to wipe it off. He said, "No, don't. I you to leave my cum on you until you get home". He rubbed his cum into my face and then put his fingers into my mouth and let me suck them. "You're so beautiful with my cum on you. But now I need to get back to work, so I need you to leave." He pulled me from the floor and kissed me on my lips.

"I to offer my jacket to you, because you look a cold". He reached for his jacket on a hanger and placed it over my shoulders. He kissed my forehead. "Please promise to bring it back to me. I'll miss you and to see you again".

I put on his jacket and gave him a long kiss before I left the storeroom. He said, "I love you. Thank you so much for sucking my coc I not expecting that."

We walked out of the storeroom and he unlocked the door for me. He kissed me on the forehead and said, "Thank you". He then went to his post as the cashier. He noticed the candy on the counter and said, "I know you came in to buy the Hot Tamales, but they are on me!" I went to his post and took the candy. I looked at him one last time and smiled.

We had made each other's night.

I walked all the way home<b> barefoot </font></b>with cum all over me. My legs could barely function from all the wild sensations, but I got all the way home. Well worth the journey.

69ereatwetpussy 59M
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10/31/2021 5:41 pm

One truly lucky man
To have a beat woman come in a server herself to him like that.
You have me hard throbbing about to cummmmm
I hope you enjoy making. Me cumm from just reading your words
Thank you Thomas

AmberLoves2Write replies on 11/9/2021 1:41 am:
I love that I made you cum with my words. SO HOT

AlteregoandU4fun 52M
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11/3/2021 12:03 am

Such a hot story, thanks for sharing. I'd love find you wandering the neighborhood...

AmberLoves2Write replies on 11/9/2021 1:42 am:
I'd love to be found.

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