Getting off...  

AnaRossy 49F
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11/20/2021 12:17 pm
Getting off...

I promised this would be a bilingual blog...

My life if filled with fantasies. They drive me, entice me, show me new ways about the world I live in and what I pine for. Some are very real like financial fantasies while others are more context driven like thinking about that last author’s vivid description of Bali. Of course there are the sexual fantasies. My mind creates worlds of fun, enjoyment and exploration with little more then a little porn or video, beautiful smell or taste. As you might have figured out, I also act out many of my fantasies, even the fantasies of my partner. One dream that has been stuck in my head, I haven’t acted on it, is the being a , , , sex worker pro fantasy. This is the one many women drool over. Who would not love to be paid for something they enjoy? How cool would it to have multiple partners daily. Working to satisfy a paying so they come back to make a deposit. It is so sexy that I need to figure out how to live it. Would you be willing to spend money on making that dream real?

sergiosor1 59M
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11/21/2021 6:45 am

Contigo si haría el sueño realidad linda

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