Playing again  

Anhygoel69 52M
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11/27/2021 4:30 pm
Playing again

I don't usually get a chance to play.

We've exchanged some sexy texts, porn videos that we like, nude photos and videos of ourselves.

Mine are of me watching porn and stroking my cock.
I switch in between me stroking and what I'm watching on the screen.
I test to see if she's really as uninhibited and she says. Sometimes its cum in mouth videos, other times its anal, light bondage, threesomes or Trans.

She's open to all and tells me she likes the old man, young woman scenarios. I don't ask why and she doesn't tell.

Her videos are of her slowly caressing her smooth pussy, deathly quiet in the background with the exception of her panting and groaning.
Every now and again she softly whispers "fuck me, fuck me Daddy". I can barely hear it but I recognise it.

She says she want me to pull her hair and spank her harder next time.
I tell her I want to taste my cum on her lips.

I want to tell her what a naughty slut she is, she tells me I can do anything I want as long as I make her cum with my<b> tongue </font></b>and fingers before I leave.

She knows she only has to ask and I'll call her Mistress and succumb and do whatever she wants, but tonight, she'll get fucked hard and be sent home sore.

I hope her husband knows how lucky he is.

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