Binary Solution Set  

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8/8/2021 10:41 am
Binary Solution Set

Sharing with friends and others that you are into some kinky shit usually goes one of two ways as most of you know.

This past week went this way with a twist. I went out with several coworkers to a local brewery. While enjoying several beers and good food I noticed two buckle shaped bruises on the inside of her upper arm. I waited until it was just her an I at the table to ask about them. She told me that she was moving boxes and got her arm pinched. I politely told that we both know that is not true as they are oddly buckle shaped. Her eye's widened with surprise and asked me if I was also in to BDSM. I told her yes and that I have been since high school. We didn't have long to talk as our other two coworkers returned to the table with another round of beers.

The four of us talked for a while and eventually my other male coworker who I have known since 2002 asked me about the end of my marriage five years ago. Shared quite a bit about it with all my coworkers. I truest them and feel secure with them. I came to the part where I talked about my cheating, how I took BDSM back out of the box I had placed it in when I go married and started playing again. How "Mommy Porn" of Outlander and Fifty Shades of Grey helped open the conversation that would lead to one or two nigh play times while on the road. About how I had a backpack of assorted ropes, restraints, and toy that would make Dora blush and beg to be played with. My male coworker was wide eyed for a moment and they thought about it. He quickly came to the conclusion he was OK with it all and with me. It was not for him but he could understand. I was happy he adapted to a new reality and shared truth.

The twist came from my fourth coworker, a mid thirties, attractive young woman. The next day at the office she found me alone in the conference room and asked if her and I could go to lunch, just the two of us. I told her sure. As soon as we were in the car and off the dam broke and she asked a million questions about BDSM. I answered them all and more. I told her I normally do not play with coworkers as it can lead to bad outcomes. But I would tie her up with out sex being involved. She jumped at the opportunity.

After work I stopped and got my backpack and headed to her apartment. We emptied my backpack and she explored all of it's contents. The ropes and flogger held her attention the most. I suggested we give them a go. She slipped off to her bedroom and changed in to a long white sleep shirt.. I stayed dressed and took the rope in hand and began to wrap and tie. I was surprised to find she did not have panties on as I slid my hand and rope between her legs. I was not surprised to find out how wet she was. I did not linger or finger as I had made a promise. I finished the tie and stepped back to admire the work of art and beauty before me. I asked her how she felt. She said amazing and almost like she could orgasm at any minute. I assured her we were not done yet and picked up the leather flogger. I positioned her just right and started in at work with the flogger. I focused mostly on her breast and nipples. As she reacted and moved with each strike the knot I had placed over her clit started to do it's wor After about five minutes her nipples were hard erect pushing against the fabric of her sleep shirt, I knew she we close to orgasm and I pressed on harder with the flogger. It was not more then a minute or two that her knees buckled, I caught her and lowered her to the floor. I watched as three or four waves of orgasm washed over her.

As I was un tie her she thanked me and promised not to tell any one at wor She went on to tell me that was the best and most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

I will not see her this coming week as I am once again on the rode traveling for wor But I'm curious to see what comes.

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8/8/2021 11:50 am

"Mommy Porn"


lickuall2197555 46M
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11/29/2021 7:46 am

incredible story, glad you shared

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