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Posted:Sep 26, 2020 10:24 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 10:40 am

Haven't renewed my membership because I am still not sure if it is worth while. There are a lot more scam accounts than there was and the real ladies are few and far between. Looking for a playmate that enjoys life and having fun in and out of the bedroom. My k I k is active but is now bigdog071863. Stop by to say hi
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Revenge?? or what she really wanted??
Posted:Dec 30, 2021 6:28 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2022 5:2 am

It had been over a year since she broke up with by , for my birthday on top of it all. I hoped I would never see her again, even though I really loved her. Nobody can hurt you like someone you love.

The doorbell rang and there she was. Soaking wet from the rain. She looked like a drowned rat. I thought about not opening the door but that wasn't me.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked opening it.

"Sorry, she sobbed, I didn't know where else to go. "

"You might as well come on in before you freeze." I sighed.

She came in and dripped on my floor. One of those nights when it didn't know weather it was raining or snowing. I felt for her but wasn't going to do anything I might regret. She took off her coat and her shirt and jeans were even wetter than her coat.

"What happened?" I laughed, "you look half drowned and smell like a winery."

"If you only knew" she began, " I had a date that lives near you. He came and picked me up, we went to dinner and then he took me back to his place."

I wanted to stop her but I just couldn't. "OK, let's get you out of those wet clothes and into something warm." I interrupted.

"That's what he said," she began to cry again.

"Before we do anything, do we need to the cops?"

"No, I ran out before he could do anything, even though he said he was going to like I was asking for. I wasn't asking for anything! I thought he was different." She yelled.

"OK, go up to my room and get undressed and dry off. I will find some of my smaller sweats."

She came back down to the living room in a while. Dryer and swallowed up by the baggy clothes. I took her stuff and put it in the dryer.

"After it dries, I will give you a ride home." I told her.

"It's OK, I can my and he can come. No need for you to drive me an hour home."

"I know but I will take you anyway. You came to me for help so I will help. " I responded

She went to the porch and had a smoke. Then she came back in and asked for a glass of wine.

"Are you sure? You appear to have had plenty tonight. "

"I trust you, so I am having 1 more."

"You shouldn't trust me. I might spank you for how you ended things. You really hurt me." I joked

"Ooh, I might like that," she smiled back.

I got her wine and she sipped it. Then she lied down across my lap and looked over her shoulder and said that I should punish her for what she did and for taking advantage of her. I said that she was drunk and I wasn't going to take advantage of her.

"Fuck you then!" She exclaimed. " I gave you a chance. "

Before she finished, I grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back, yanked down her pants to her knees, and smaked.her ass hard enough to leave a handprint.

"That's for breaking up with me!" SMACK "That is for doing it by !" SMACK "That is for being stupid and going out with some jerk!" SMACK (She began to moan in pleasure. ) "That is because you are enjoying this!" SMACK "That is because you made my cock hard!" SMACK I then reached down and spread he legs to find her pussy was so wet it dripped down her legs and made a wet spot on my jeans. She looked over her shoulder at me with a smoldering hot look, eyes screaming her need. I knew I wasn't going to be able to control myself.

I shoved her to the floor and roughly stripped the rest of her clothes off.

"Your ass, your pussy, and your mouth are going to make up for what you did, aren't they?" I whispered

She lifted her ass in the air and reached back to spread herself open. I smacked her tight little twat and got the first reaction.

"Ow, that hurt!" She exclaimed

"Good, it was supposed to. You are going to feel it for weeks when I am done with you. "

She glanced over her shoulder again with a little grin.

I slowly removed my clothes and grabbed her hair pulling her mouth to my hard throbbing shaft. She opened and I thrusted deep inside her throat. She didn't like giving head but loved getting it. Tonight, she was going to learn all about giving. I fucked her throat hard and fast, occasionally stopping so she could breathe. As I did, I rained down hard smack after smack on her tiny tight little ass. It turned from pink to red. I finally had enough and shoved her face to the carpet. Yabkinh her ass high, I slammed my cock balls deep in her tight wet little twitching slit. She almost came from that thrust. So, I pulled out and stopped. I pulled out my phone and started recording her as I again entered her wetness. She moaned with every thrust. I pulled her head up to get a good shot of her face as I pounded her. Over and over I thrust. As she was right on the edge, I pulled out and told her she needed to beg me for what she wanted.

"Fuck me!" She pleaded

"Describe what you want." I commanded

"Shove your cock in my cunt!" She begged "PLEASE!!!!"

I put my cock at her opening and rubbed it up and down the lined it up on her ass.

"No, it is too big for my ass! My cunt please!" Again she begged

"I told you that your mouth, pussy, and ass were going to for how you treated . This is because you didn't have the guts to break up in person and because I know you really want to fuck you in the ass." I quietly explained

I reached down and rubbed her clit bringing her to the edge again.

"Please, fuck , my ass, my cunt, I don't care, just please make cum!" She panted

I again lined up on her ass and began to push. She shoved back violently burying my cock deep inside her and that was it. She exploded all over, spraying her cum on my balls and legs as she rode my shaft hard. I held still and made her do all the work. I could feel my balls begin to tingle and my cum to build. I pulled out grabbed her head and thrust my cock down her throat again. Fucking her like the slut she wanted to be. My cum built up from two months without an orgasm was going to be a big surprise for her. It finally hit the point of no return and I grabbed her hair as I slammed her mouth and throat. As the first spurts began to explode from my cock, I made sure to stay deep in her mouth to force her to swallow. As the ropes kept coming, I pulled out and sprayed her face, hair, neck, and hands as she tried to keep it from covering her. I finally stopped cumming and rolled her to her back. Picked up the phone and took the last views of her cum covered body. I rubbed my cock in the cum and fed her one last blast.

She looked up at me and said, "You are the only one I trust enough to let do me like that. "
Stress Break
Posted:Oct 21, 2021 7:15 am
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2022 5:2 am

I am out for a ride in my bike and in the neighborhood so I pull into your lot. I knock on the door and you answer still dressed for work in your skirt, button front shirt and heels. You invite me in. I ask to use the restroom and you say to meet you on the balcony. I do and you are sitting and relaxing incredibly sexy with your head thrown back and eyes closed. Your legs stretched out in front of you. I just look for a moment and then sit beside you. We talk of nothing and plan how to save the world.

You unconsciously caress your breasts as we talk and your nipples begin to poke through. I just watch and enjoy. You tell me you miss my magic fingers and I laugh. You close your eyes and begin to caress your legs. I continue to just watch. You turn your chair toward me and put your feet in my lap. I remove your shoes and your feet. You moan about how good it feels and your legs flop to the side spreading wide. I move my hands up your legs gently caressing and massaging the stress away. You begin to get visibly excited as your nipples poke out even more and you begin to pant. I move behind you and pull your hands around the chair. Before you realize what I am doing you are handcuffed to the chair.

You moan out asking me what I am going to do to you. I smile and ask what you me to do.

You just pant, "anything ", as I gently kiss your forehead, eye lids, cheeks, and finally your lips. I ask you where you store your vibrator and you tell me. I unbutton your blouse and slide your skirt up to your waist. Anyone can see how wet you are and how hard your nipples have become. I put a blindfold on you and tell you to think about all of your neighbors being able to see you.

Then I go inside for your vibrator. I slip it between your panties and your dripping wet pussy. You have become so wet I can see through your panties and align the vibrator on your clit. You begin to squirm and thrust right away. I ask if you to suck my hard throbbing shaft and you moan you it inside your pussy and then in your ass. I smile and step back and take a few photos of you. You are so very close and if I touch you it will cause you to explode. I turn the vibrator off and take it out of your panties. Then I slide them off your legs. I slowly slip my cock into your pussy, just the very tip and you try desperately to get more. You are right on the edge. I finally hit your clit with my public bone and as I bury myself all the way inside you. You begin to cum and scream out how good it feels. I begin to ride you hard and fast. You cum over and over as I pound into you. I feel my orgasm build and ask you where you it.

You pant out , "mouth face and tits", in rhythm to the thrusts.

I laugh and look to the side to see your neighbor watching and fingering herself. I finally begin to feel my explosion cumming and pull out doing as you asked and spray my cum on your face, in your mouth, and on your tits. I place my spent cock in your mouth as the last spurts cum. You smile and swallow it.

I unlock the handcuffs and take off the blindfold. You wipe the cum from your face and lick your fingers clean. Take a look at your watch and begin buttoning your shirt. You look at me and thank me for a wonderful stress break and explain you need to leave to show a house. With cum dotted on your tits, no panties, and dripping pussy juices down your legs, we walk to your car where I kiss you and tell you good luc Of course, the couple the house and can't keep their hands off each other. You get to watch as they play and tease. You decide to let them play and call me so we can put on a show for them. That is another story though.
Surprised at the pool
Posted:Sep 3, 2021 7:41 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:50 am

He waited for her to make the but she didn't respond so he called a friend instead. She decided to surprise him his house not knowing she was there. He had given her his garage code and she typed it in and came in. She was excited and so turned on knowing she was sneaking up on him. She checked the house but couldn't find him but she heard quiet sounds from the backyard. She opened the door to she her sitting on the edge of the pool with his buried between her legs. Knowing how good that felt her pussy instantly gushed. She watched from the door as she got closer to cumming. It turned her on so much to watch him and remember how good it felt when he sucked on her clit and fingered her that she unbuttoned her shorts and slid her hand between her legs. She could hear her panting and quiet moans as she got closer. Her own breath and moans she controlled by biting her lip. Soon the woman threw her head back and bucked hard into his mouth. Her orgasm hitting her hard. As she came down, she smiled up at you and waved you over. You were too far gone to stop and stared into her eyes as he turned to watch. That was when you exploded all over your hand. You fell to your knees in pleasure as you climaxed again and again. He got out of the pool and walked to you. You could see his excitement in his hard throbbing shaft as it lead the way. He kissed you and you tasted her on his lips. She tasted so good but you were worried because you interrupted. He smiled and took your hand and led you to the pool where she waited. She began removing your clothes and both of them kissed, sucked, and nibbled at each part of you as it was exposed. She buried her between your legs and began to lick your clit. In a few seconds you experienced your second orgasm of the night. He held you, kissed you, and sucked your nipples to keep you going. She bent over in front of him and backed up on his cock. You pulled her up and kissed her then made your way down to her clit. In no time, you made her all over his cock. She moved of the way and bent you the waist. She whispered that she heard you like to be fucked in the ass and guided his cock into your pussy to get it wet and then aligned it with your ass and shoved him into you until you felt his balls slap your clit. It hurt but felt amazing. He began to pound deep inside your ass and she began rubbing your clit and kissing you deeply. Moments later you felt his cock expand and you knew he was going to . You quickly dropped to your knees and pulled her beside you and stroked his cock until he sprayed his huge load all over both of your faces. You then began kissing and licking it off of each other. Fully satisfied, we all got in the pool for a swim and then headed to the bed for round two.
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The club
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 4:46 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:50 am

We are at the swingers club but not together. You see my sitting by the dance floor with my fingers buried deep inside someone else's pussy and you instantly get soaked thinking about my doing that to you. You watch for a while and then make your way over. You sit beside her and slide your dress up showing off your amazing legs. You spread them wide and begin to match my pace. Thrusting your fingers deep inside yourself with every thrust of my fingers into her. She leans over and kisses you deeply. I move to the floor in front of you and replace your fingers with mine. You are both very close to cumming and are panting and moaning like crazy. You stare at each other as your orgasms begin and you both scream out your pleasure. You both take my hands and run my fingers into the other's mouth. It turns you both on again and you pull me to my feet and say it's your turn. We make our way upstairs and into a room. You strip her down and she strips you. Kissing each newly exposed part of skin as you go. You are both in a frenzy wanting more. You turn to me and practically rip my clothes off. You push me on my back and take my cock into your mouth. She joins you, licking and sucking me kissing you as you both reach the head together. I grab you both by the hair and pull you off and say that one of you needs to be on my cock and one on my face. NOW! You quickly take your place on my face and guide my cock into her. I begin licking, sucking, and nibbling on your sweet wet pussy as you rub her clit hard trying to make her cum quickly. In no time you both explode and fall beside me. I pull you up on your knees and face you at the door so you can see the huge crowd watching. As soon as I enter you, you cum again. She slides under you and begins licking your clit. Over and over you cum as I pound into you hard. You are screaming in pleasure but reach back to stop me. You take my cock and stick it by your ass and look over your shoulder and beg me to fuck your ass hard. I begin to slam deep inside your ass and she licks harder and faster. I can feel you getting ready to explode and it is going to be hard. Finally, you cum spraying your juices all over her face and my balls. I can feel my orgasm starting and ask you where you want my cum. You quickly turn around and suck my cock deep down your throat and I begin to spurt my cum into your mouth. You take the first spurt then direct me to her mouth. The second ends up in her mouth and the rest sprays her face. You kiss each other and clean the cum off with your tongues. We collapse onto the bed well satisfied.
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Out of the blue
Posted:Jun 9, 2021 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2022 5:2 am

She texted me to ask if I wanted to get together. It had been so long, I wasn't sure she knew my name or anything else about me. I did enjoy spending time with her though. She loved being watched and hanging out at the swingers club. She was single and ready to take on anyone. Since she arrived with me she asked if I minded if she played with other too. Of course, I wanted her to have fun so I didn't mind. I really enjoyed watching her too.

Her texting again brought all of that back in a rush. She wanted to know if I was interested in coming to see her the next night.. I thought about it for a nano-second and responded yes. After a couple of more seconds, I asked if she was busy that night. She wasn't so we made plans for me to visit her.

When I arrived, she asked how I had been and I filled her in on everything that had happened since we last saw each other. She filled me in on her situation and we had a glass of wine and had just got comfortable, when she asked me if I knew why she texted me. I replied that I didn't but I was glad she did. She told me that she had to be bunt and said that I finger fucked her better than anyone ever had and she wanted more of my magic fingers. I laughed and give her a kiss. I told her I was more than willing to help her out. So, we moved to her bedroom and her shorts, bra, and shirt flew off faster than I had ever seen anyone get naked. Mine quickly followed. I kissed her and began to caress her body. She grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs. I played with her clit to begin warming her up and she grabbed my hand again and directed my fingers insider her. In just moments, she was cumming and bucking onto my hand. I slowed her down and started again. She told me she was so incredibly horny and needed to cum again. I quickly obliged and as she came back from the second one, she told me she really enjoyed my fingers but wanted my cock inside her. So, I got between her legs and entered her. Slowly thrusting in and out bringing her closer and closer. She told me she wanted my cock in her ass and pushed me off, walked around the bed and bent over. I moved behind her and began to thrust into her pussy while I fingered her ass. In just a few thrusts of my fingers in her ass, she came again. I then replaced my fingers with my cock and began to thrust quickly into her ass. She loved it and I couldn't hold back and began to slam deep into her ass as I felt my orgasm building. She pushed back and with one last hard thrust I exploded deep insider her.

She looked over her shoulder and asked me if I would finger her on her balcony. It was dark out and I could tell she really wanted that extra rush of the possibility of someone watching so I agreed. We went to the balcony and she smoked a cigarette. I thin began to slide my fingers in and out of her as she thrust down on them hard. She stood in front of me and rode my hand as I played with her clit and thrust my fingers deep inside. After cumming two more times. She collapsed onto the chair and smiled and asked if I enjoyed eating her pussy the last time we were together. I told her I did and she asked me to come with her. She climbed up on the wall that divides the kitchen from the living room and it was just the right height. I began to lick, suck, and nibble on her. She begged me to finger her too. As soon as slid my fingers into her, I sucked on her clit hard and she exploded all over my face, tongue, and hands. She got down from the wall and kissed me. She tanked me and told me she was very satisfied and happy. She also told me that she was very happy that she decided to contact me out off the blue like she did.
The Nibble
Posted:Apr 15, 2021 1:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:52 am

We chatted for quite a wile after meeting online. She said she wanted a long term relationship and I explained that I am open to that but more inclined to just have some fun.

We met at a pub halfway between our houses. We talked for a while, sitting along the sides of a table. Not close but not across from each other. We talked about who we are, our history, and what we were hoping to get out of our date. As we talked, our chairs somehow got closer to one another. We began touching hands, caressing arms, and touching legs. I got up to use the restroom and when I returned, I gave her a little nibble along her neck. She leaned to the side to give me better access and I kissed, licked and nibbled a little more. Since we were in the middle of the patio portion of the pub, I didn't want to put on a show so I backed off and had a seat.

She sighed, "that is what I have been waiting for. You promised a nibble and you finally delivered." I joined her in laughing about it and we continued to talk.

Meanwhile, our hands became more adventurous, sliding higher on the legs and touching harder. We occasionally kissed, at first soft and gentle light touches of the lips. Then becoming more passionate and longer. There was one other couple on the patio and they were similarly engaged, so I continued to press forward. Deeper and longer kisses with a little nibble on the tongue and lips. Her breathing became shallow and her nipples became visibly hard.

I invited her to continue this at my place and she asked for time to think about it. She went to the restroom and I took care of the tab.

When she cam back, we talked a little longer and I asked her about the trail nearby that she told me she had walked. She said it was a nice trail but it got very dark a short way from the pub. I asked her if she was really adventurous and wanted to walk in the dark with me.

She agreed and we headed out. Within a few minutes we were pretty secluded and I turned to her and gave her a very hard passionate kiss. She moaned into my mouth. I began to nibble on her neck and play with her ass through her pants. She began to pant and grabbed me by the crotch. I slipped my hand down the back of her pants and began to caress, grab, and feel her. She began nibble on my neck and caused my hand to change position. So, I moved from the back to the front and begin to caress her and whisper in her ear that I wanted to nibble where my fingers were touching. She moaned and began to stroke me through my jeans. I slipped a finger inside and she was soaked. The chance of being caught, the openness of where we were, my fingers, and my reminders that I wanted to nibble her like I was touching her really got her going.

I again offered my place and she said, "if we go , you know what will happen."
I replied, "yes, I will nibble you until you cum all over my face."

She panted out her reply, "don't stop what you are doing!";

I started nibbling down her neck, biting a little harder and she began to thrust down on my fingers. I slid them out and concentrated on her clit. She began to move faster and faster, her breathing hitching, she was almost there. I stroked my fingers faster, over her clit and into her wetness. She began to vibrate in my arms and grabbed my shoulders as the first waves of her orgasm hit. I held her up with my other hand under her ass as she exploded on my fingers.

She smiled as I pulled my hand out of her pants and tasted her juices and told her how wonderful she tasted and how much I wanted to nibble it straight from the source.

She pulled herself together and we walked back to the parking lot. I texted her my address and again offered. I could tell she wanted to join me but I also knew she was leaving early in the morning for a short trip. We stood in the parking lot making out for a while until she finally stopped me.

We got into our vehicles and parted ways. I texted her to tell her how much I enjoyed our little nibble. She responded that she enjoyed our nibble too and the next time she would do the nibbling.

I cannot wait...
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The Parking Lot
Posted:Feb 12, 2021 8:23 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:52 am

After a few dates, we had been texting and messaging all day. I wanted see her but was her week with her . She kept sending me photos and telling me how much she wanted me.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and had to see her. I texted her and told her to take her for a walk. Pulled into her parking lot as she came dow the stairs of her apartment. She had her pjs on and brought her out. We talked for a while and then began to kiss. Her nipples poked through her shirt and I could see a growing wet spot on her crotch. I wanted her almost as much as she wanted me. I opened the door to the van and her jumped in the back. We continued to kiss and touch each other. I slipped my hand inside her pants and began to caress her swollen mound. She moaned and grabbed my throbbing hard shaft through my jeans. I slid a finger inside and she started riding it. She stopped kissing me and asked me to pull down my jeans. I did and she played with me as I continued to slid my fingers into her. I added my thumb to her clit as I thrust my fingers deep and she screamed as she exploded. I couldn't wait any longer and asked her to pull her pants down. She just smiled and engulfed my cock. I practically came just from the first suck but was able to hold on. I reached down and inserted my fingers back into her and she thrusted herself down on them hard. Down onto my fingers and then down on my shaft. I asked her to stop so I could be inside her but she went faster. I warned her that I would explode if she didn't stop and she swallowed me to the hilt. I could feel her begin to contract around my fingers and I couldn't hold back anymore. Just as we both started to cum, someone pulled into the space next to us. If they looked over they would have seen her gobbling down my explosion as she squirted all over my hand. I kept her down so she didn't draw attention until the person got out and went inside. We put ourselves back together and she grabbed her dog's leash. She kissed me and I thanked her for an amazing adventure. She smiled and headed back up the stairs toward her apartment. I pulled away and headed home wondering where our next adventure might take us.
Do you enjoy it?
Posted:Jan 13, 2021 11:37 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:52 am

If you enjoy the stories I post, please let me know.
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First meeting.
Posted:Jan 11, 2021 2:56 pm
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2021 4:10 pm

I got to the restaurant early and got a table. You finally arrived and we started to chat and get to know each other. You sat beside me and we talked and drank our drinks. You began to caress my legs and held my hand. Since we were in a corner booth, nobody could see you from inside the place. If they looked in the window they could see everything you were doing though and that excited you. You placed my hand on your leg and leaned closer which slid my hand between your legs. You whispered that you were not wearing panties under your dress and asked if I wanted to feel. I slid my hand between your legs and you spread them wide. Anyone could look in the window and see your soaked pussy if they looked toward us. I slid a finger inside you and then rubbed your clit. You had another sip of your drink and shoved your hand down the back of my jeans. You sat back and squeezed your legs together and whispered that you were too close. I suggested we find someplace else to continue. I paid for the drinks. As you slid out of the booth, you left a big wet spot on the seat. You grabbed my hand and we walked out. You asked if we could chat for a while in my truck and we walked there. You got in the back, sat down facing me, pulled your dress up, and said that you were so wet it was dripping down your legs. In the dim light of the parking lot, I could see your glistening juices covering your legs. I got in and we started to kiss. You unzipped my jeans and started to stroke my hard throbbing shaft and I pumped you with my fingers until you squirted all over the seat and floor. You pulled my jeans down and started to suck my cock. Within minutes, you climbed top of me and plunged my cock deep inside your pussy. As soon as you hit bottom you again squirted all over. You rode me for a while and then I turned you around and laid you over the console. I slid myself deep inside you from behind and for the third time you sprayed your cum all over. Soon I got very close so you pushed me down and swallowed my shaft. I could feel it hit the back of your throat and I couldn't hold back anymore. I exploded into your mouth and you swallowed every drop. Gently sucking to make sure you got it all. You collapsed on the seat beside me and we caught our breath. I kissed you one last time and walked you to your car. As you drove away you stopped and told me your dress and seat were completely soaked and you hoped we could meet up again soon.
Mystery Lady
Posted:Nov 5, 2020 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:52 am

We connected on a website and chatted for quite a while before deciding meet. She was very nervous so we agreed meet in public. We walked around the lake at a local park talking and getting know each other. When we were half way around, she looked at me and asked if I could host. I explained that I am an empty nester and other than my dog, it is just me at home. She took out her phone and requested my address. Back at the parking lot, she looked at me and said she would see me in a while. I headed home.

After a short wait, the doorbell rang. There she was, still in the little tennis skirt and tight t-shirt she was wearing earlier. She stepped in and I closed the door. She pushed me against the door and kissed me hard.

"Where is your bedroom", she panted.
"Top of the stairs and left", I replied.

No more words were needed and she began taking off her shirt as she went up the stairs. Right behind her I squeezed her tight little ass. She let out a little squeal of excitement and surprise and started to laugh. We reached the top of the stairs and she tore off her close and jumped on the bed.

"Come on", she ordered.

I just smiled and reached into my toy drawer and pulled out a vibrator. I came close and touched it to her nipples and turned it on. She let out a soft moan and exclaimed that no one had ever done that to her before. I licked the end and began to trail it down her body. She was on her knees and just the right height for me to kiss. I began kissing, licking, and nibbling my way down her neck as the vibrator reached her center. She began to thrust against it and I started gently licking and sucking her nipples. She moaned loud as I inserted the vibrator into her core. I let it go and pushed her down just enough to keep it inserted. My hands then began to explore her body. The tingles must have been driving her wild because she was writhing in pleasure and I was only caressing her arms, back, and sides. I could tell she was getting close so I pushed her down on the bed and began thrusting the vibrator deep inside her. I moved my head down and began licking, tasting her juices as they poured from her. I concentrated on her little nub and slipped a finger against her rosebud. She pushed down hard on the finger and up into my mouth. Her thrusts getting faster and faster. I matched her pace with my finger and tongue knowing she was right on the edge. She began to pant and moan faster and louder. Her voice beginning to crack. I sucked hard on her little nub and nibbled gently on the end. That was all it took and she exploded, spraying her juices all over my face. I moved up and kissed her deeply as she began to recover.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Don", I quietly said with a smile.

"Thank you and it is nice to meet you." she replied. Quickly followed by, " Can we do that again?"

Laughing, I told her, "It would be my pleasure!"
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The breakup
Posted:Oct 14, 2020 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:53 am

Is there anything worse than being unexpectedly broken up with after a year and a half and they told you they wanted to get married? Yep, for them to do it via a day after texting you they love you and can't wait see you the next day. Worse than the is the lack of courtesy even explain why.

Life goes on but it sucks when you get your heart broken. I could use a friend help get through this storm.
The visit
Posted:Sep 28, 2020 4:43 am
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You meet me at the door in a sheer nighty, stockings, and high heels with a vibrator in your hand. You kiss me and push me against the door and say watch. You turn on the vibrator and begin touching your nipples getting them hard. Then you slide it down your body and plunge it deep into your pussy. You are almost cumming from the show you are putting on. Finally, you pull the vibrator out and turn toward your bedroom. You look over your shoulder and jam it deep inside your ass. As you try to walk to the bedroom, your first orgasm hits. You almost fall to the floor because it feels so good. You finally make it to the bed and beg fuck you hard while the vibrator buzzes in your ass. I don't last long with that kind of show and just before I cum, I pull out of your pussy and take my cream covered cock and slip it into your mouth. Within seconds I feel my balls begin to surge and the first spurts hit the back of your throat followed by the rest spraying over your face and nec

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