After a long night.  

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5/25/2021 8:38 am
After a long night.

I've been on the road for hrs, feeling the wear of the road I pull into a gas station to rest. I notice a beautiful woman in a little black dress fueling up her car. She has legs that seem to go on for days. Her ass is so perfectly round. I feel my dick starting to get hard. I know I'm tired, but damn I can't pass up this opportunity to get my dick wet and bring some pleasure into her life.
I walk up behind her. My dick is now throbbing from the smell of her sweet perfume. I grab her by the throat and pull her backwards to my chest. She doesn’t resist, almost like this is what she was waiting for all night. With my other hand I reach around and squeeze her breast, she lets out a moan, this is what she wanted. I reach down and unzip my pants, releasing my hard dick to the cool night air. I pull up her dress and pull her closer. She can feel my dick now pressed against that perfect ass. Her breathing has begun to intensify. While still holding her by the throat, I wrap my hand around her belly and slowly run my hand down to her wet waiting pussy. As my fingers reach her pussy lips she lets out another moan, I split her lips with my finger. I slide my finger down to her vagina and she is soaking wet. I tease her hole without penetrating her. I can hear her excitement in her breathing now and can feel it from the heat coming from her pussy. She has started to move her hips, grinding her ass against my dick. I cant wait any longer. I spin her around looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes. I'm lost in her eyes, I kiss her deep and passionately. She grabs my dick and starts to stroke it as I'm kissing her. I pick her up and throw her up on the<b> hood </font></b>of her car. My dick is swollen as I look at her pussy, it's time to give her what it is she's been waiting for. I grab her hips and pull her towards the edge of the<b> hood. </font></b>I thrust my dick all the way into her. She lets out a scream of pleasure. She's so tight and wet, I realise I'm not going to last long so I better give her everything I got. I thrust my dick in and out of her giving her the long fast stroke. She just keeps getting even more wet. I can feel her vagina walls squeezing on my hard rod. Her breathing is heavy, shes moaning with every stroke. Her screams of ecstasy grow louder. She looks me in the eyes, those beautiful eyes of hers, and she yells cum in me. I'm close, I feel my dick swelling with the anticipation of cream pieing her. I start to thrust even faster, my balls tighten, I explode in her. She feels my hot seed shooting in her, this excites her even more. She starts to orgasm, her pussy squeezing on my dick milking it for every drop of cum. I grab her by the back of the neck and kiss her deep. Look her deep in the eyes and we both smile. It was a wonderful time. She gets in her car and drives off. I go back to my car and realize I'm going to need to find her again soon.

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5/25/2021 1:18 pm

" I pick her up and throw her up on the hood of her car "

can today's lightweight constructed cars handle that - last time I did that was on the hood of a '67 Mercury without the slightest concern about damage

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