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Watching my neighbor fuck her boyfriend
Posted:Nov 28, 2021 10:15 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 2:27 pm

I know that a lot of the stories here are made , especially the more descriptive ones. This is an absolutely true story. I did not have sex in it, but it remains one of my hottest memories, beating out even the two threesomes I somehow lucked into in my 20s.

When I was 34, I used to spend all of my time off work at a 24 hr coffee shop in Austin. I’d spend most of the evening smoking and applying for jobs before driving home at 2 or 3 in the morning to pass out. I would park my car on the street and smoke a cigarette, listening to music on the stereo before heading in.

One night, I did this and got out of the car, grabbed my things, and locked . As I did this, I heard a girlish giggle. I looked around in confusion and saw that there was a tall, lanky guy in his 20s standing near the passenger seat of his car about 20 feet away. He was just standing there under the lamp light. He nodded when he saw looking at him, and I nodded back before heading inside.

When I got in, I killed the lights and went straight my room. That giggle stuck with . That was definitely a girl’s voice, but I hadn’t seen a girl. a hunch, I went my window in the darkness and lifted one of the blinds with my fingers.

The guy was still standing there by the door of his car. I watched for a moment before realizing that I could see the dim outline of someone’s head through the tinted windows. It was near the guy’s crotch, and it was bobbing. The guy was getting a blow job, right there on the street.

I couldn’t look away. It was one thing see a blow job in porn, another see it in person and as a voyeur.

After a few moments, the door opened, and the girl inside stepped out. My jaw dropped. It was one of the girls across the street. I’d never met her, but I had definitely noticed her. She was a short blonde with nice curves, and she usually wore glasses, though she wasn’t that night. I’d only seen her from a distance and hadn’t given her a second thought, but she was often going somewhere with her roommates.

As I watched, she kissed the guy and went back lay across the trunk of the car. He slipped his hands under her shirt skirt and pulled something down her legs. For a moment it looked like he was going reciprocate her oral favors, but he seemed change his mind because suddenly she was bent over and he was entering her from behind with her facing .

As he thrust inside her, I could see her breasts, barely contained inside her top, pressed against the trunk. I could see her face only vaguely, but her mouth was open. I couldn’t hear her sounds through my window, but she was clearly enjoying himself.

By this point, my pants were around my ankles, and my cock was in my hand. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was harder than I ever had been, stroking myself with each of his thrusts, imagining how warm and wet she must feel. I came hard when he moved her around again and I was treated to a profile view of her bent over the back of the car.

I cleaned and returned the window. While I was gone, he had moved her around the driver’s side. The door was open, and I was treated the less appealing sight of his bony ass while he pounded away at her in the seat. Suddenly, he pulled out, turned sideways, and pumped his dick. I watched little drops of cum dribble from his hand the street.

And that’s when I set off the panic button on my car alarm. 😈

You never saw anyone pull themselves together and rush inside the house as fast as I did that night. I’ll always be thankful for them allowing see such a hot experience..before providing with a fantastic belly laugh afterward.
Memories of women in my past
Posted:Jun 23, 2010 2:06 am
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2015 1:10 am

Wendy, I am thinking.

Wendy, the dancer, with the long blonde hair and the acne scarred face. Wendy lying on her bed in the dark, the dancer's body. Wendy, small breasts moving under my fingers, nipples against the palm of my hands. My second. My mouth on her mons, the thick bush of tan pubic hair, tickling my nose. It is the first time I feel a woman's thighs straining against my shoulders. It is good and dark, and when I slide into her, I am stunned by the warmth and depth, and the soft "oh" I hear her make. We move, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. There is a hardness between us which I recognize as the knuckles of her right hand as she rubs herself. I replace her fingers with my own, and

Myriah is turned away from me as I curl my fingers through her blue hair. I clench my fingers and pull her head back, looking at the curve of her neck. I bite lightly, then harder when she asks, then harder. I slide her top off her shoulders and look at the indentations of my teeth in her skin. It will bruise, I think, and then my hands are moving over her breasts, which are so white, that I can see just the faintest blue of the veins under her skin as they lead away from her areola. When I take her to bed, I look down into her eyes, which are blue like ice, and I say, "Nothing will ever change between us. This changes nothing. You and me are

moving hard and fast. My fingers are around Nicole's neck. She has told me that she likes to be choked, and I do it because I want her to have something she can enjoy, even if it throws me off a bit. Her eyes look glazed, and her open mouth makes sounds loud and sharp. I look between the V of her thighs at the small patch of light brown hair and watch myself move in and out, fast. We move so fast that it sounds like we're slapping each other. My hands move all over her face. This woman I think I could love forever. Then she calls out again, and we move and move, but I am nowhere close, I am

leaning over the balcony in a Dallas motel. It's so cold out here. So cold and windy - it's below freezing, but the sun is out. I am melancholy, comfortable. Inside, fat Michelle and her girlfriend Tammy lounge naked. The heat is turned up so high that the room is sweltering, but it is so chilly, we are afraid to turn it down. When we fuck, the room becomes steamy, and I feel like I am in a giant womb with my whole entire body, and not just part of it. Later, we'll smear chocolate cake on each other, and when I fuck Tammy for the first time, Michelle will look at me with jealous eyes. But she knows that

the moment she knocks at my door, she's in for a treat. I step out into the hallway and unbutton Shelley's dress. She lets it slide off her, and she's naked, gloriously naked, outside and in my arms. My hands move over her hips, rest gently between her thighs. I'm kissing her, and I can think of nothing else but that this is just what I wanted and needed for just now. When we go inside, she ties me to my bed and blindfolds me. She lights candles and drips them on my chest. She uses a rose, she uses ice. She makes me beg for almost four hours. And then, when all is done...she leaves.

There's more. And more. And women I will always remember and some I will always try to forget. But in the end, it's just sex.

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