Getting the ball rolling  

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11/7/2021 12:49 pm
Getting the ball rolling

Last night was great. We went Oasis Aqualounge for the secd ti. This ti it was "Unicorn night". We watched the presentati, and the live sex show, then we headed the pool.
The goal was maybe et a unicorn and ease in eting others with the goal of cnecting. Instead we were chatting with this cole who were dating, and we it off.
We chatted, while enjoying the sights of naked people having fun.
I left get drinks for my wife, and when I returned she was making out with the girl. Im rey not at surprised. You could tell they liked each other. The guy was rubbing his girl's body and I was the outside just looking. I wanted the ladies enjoy themselves.
Things started heating as my wife and the guy were uching and kissing, and the of them were gether.
Eventuy he made his way his girl and they fucked in the pool next us as my wife and I fooled around.
They finished, we chatted, had more drinks, and then the girl was leaning , and hugging . Im a bit nervous at this point because even though I didn't mind my wife and the guy, and she clearly didn't care, I am still more cservative when it es uching other won without their explicit csent.
So I ok it slow. My hand was her back, which moved her ass. Eventuy she ended straddling like Im a chair in the pool, so my hands were around her waste. Im caressing her skin, but ly slightly moving my hands her underboob.

Eventuy my wife and her were making out and uching again while he was playing with my wife's breasts. My wife ok my hands and put it the girl's tits, and I she didn't resist at . Intellectuy I knew she was ga, but I just didn't want make a mistake. I was hesitant, and I knew it.
Eventuy we got gether again and he started fucking her again and she was leaning , holding my neck, and my wife playing with her tits.
He finished again, then she moved over again. She was saying she was weak in the knees, so I offered hold her . She said she was shaking, and I just went in uch her pussy. She seed excited and opened her legs owing put my fingers in.

I went in for her g spot, and she gripped my shoulders and gasped. I massaged her spot hard, and she was quivering, and I whispered "Do you like it?" and she mumbled while biting her lip "Mhmm" and I said, well that's my weaker hand. She imdiately sod and said she has switch sides then.
I went in with the right hand now, and the intensity and speed was better. I could feel ner nails digging in my back (I haven't assessed the damage yet). Under<b> water </font></b>I started feeling so gushing my palm. Happened again, and again, and again. I asked her if she's squirting. She quivered a respse "Ya, I can't sp it, it just keeps going".
I fingered her for 10 minutes, and she ca over a dozen tis. I lifted her like she's floating in the water, Her tits were floating in my face, so I went in suck them. Her nipples feel great in my mouth.

Her pussy litery pushed out, and she gasped for air. She gave a tight hug, and we looked over and clearly our partners were enjoying themselves.
It's l so we got out the pool, got drinks, chatted, then left. My wife was sure get her number.

Over, great night. My wife and I talked a lot about what we wanted out of our new lifestyle, and I felt this was a great first taste. I thought I'd be more awkward seeing her with another guy, but this was a soft swap, so it felt easier. I would've liked have been more cfident, but I'm sure I will be better next ti. I'm a nice guy first, respectful, and not creepy.
My hangs about my size was eviated when the I ntied the girl that my wife is the hot e, and she said I was rey cute, and big guys are attractive because we look approachable. I work out, and you can tell I'm strg, but I just get nervous about my weight. It was nice have a fit, hot woman not seem care. We never kissed, or had sex, but she didn't feel about my body the way I do. That was nice, and cfidence boosting.

Next ti we go, I hope find a unicorn. My wife wants go have fun with a girl without her there help. I can do that when ale, but in a gro I'm always worried about stepping over the line.

She wants go a or et soe separate and d or hook .
Chenge accepted lol

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