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3/24/2021 8:43 am

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covid travel

Looking forward getting fully vaccinated so I can start meeting people during my travels again. As an essential worker, I still have travel during the pandemic. I managed avoid the rona, but sure have been lonely. Back in the day before a certain website shut down their personals because of fear of lawsuits, I've connected with some fun people and have had some great sex. I'm hoping those days are not in the past. I'll be on the road later in the week for another 5 lonely days. That's usually the case in eastern Montana and the blackhills, not a lot of opportunities there.

First shot is handled, on the road next week west of . Got a room with a jacuzzi tub, probably going be using that one alone. As I work further west, I'll be stopping for a soak in one the hotsprings west of Lolo. Sometimes I'm able to enjoy them alone, not that I want to, if the timing is right. Too bad the younger folks just view me as a<b> creepy </font></b>man because I love soaking naked.

Got my hot spring soak in, Was the only one there when I arrived so was able to feel free to soak nude. got close to an hour before anyone else showed up. As with everything else I do, hiking, backpacking, skiing, dancing. It seems I'm always the oldest one there. I'm just young at heart and plan to stay that way as long as possible. Anyway, since the young uns showed up. I went on my way.

Second vaccine dose in the arm last week. Almost time to cut loose and do some cuddling. hopefully there's some willing participants out there.

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