A Quick Cam  

Bottlecap2021 23M  
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12/1/2021 6:40 pm
A Quick Cam

To Whom It May Concern,

I apologize for my quick cam session today. I understand normally I can go an hour, hour and a half before I cum but today...today I just SO HORNY. I didn't even get to my third toy. My first, a prostate massager. I lubed that up and it went in just as magically as it did the first time, penetrating my tight ass as the tip gently caressed my insides, vibrating away. Once I relaxed around toy #1, I moved on to toy #2 which likewise, glided on in with the grace of a fresh water mountain stream. I began tugging on my penis as I thrusted the dildo into me, and before I knew it I tugging and thrusting quicker and quicker until only minutes in....I busted.

I'd like to offer anyone inconvenienced by this dramatic episode an opportunity to play with me. Appointments and condoms necessary.



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