Bulet4myvalentin 48F
16 posts
11/21/2021 7:35 pm

trust is earned not given most of us know that.
No Couples Married.
I am selective in to who I bring into my world! A Man gentleman .. who is<b> straight </font></b>likes a woman only .................
who wants to hang in an out of the bed room.
-- Fit/decent athletic healthy physically emotionally mentally local single OVER 30 good looking to me ***
Who can have mental stimulation who can have a normal conversation not just cotise, but we all know this.
who actually WANTS TO TALK ON THE PHONE NOT WANT TO TEXT you dont get to know a person by texting have common sense I dont do well with stupid humans.
(who will to meet in a public place) food drinks ice cream with a job car your own place, SO BE READY TO TALK AN MEET!

Luckydog3201978 43M

11/26/2021 12:38 am

this is the first blog from a potential connection that I've read on here that makes sense, I am straight , single, polite , respectful , and trustworthy but you're correct trust must be earned . I am a handsome fellow I am healthy decent-looking mentally stable financially stable I can carry on a conversation . I do struggle with eating and I have a very expensive Potbelly ... LOL meaning I love to eat and I enjoy having drinks on the weekend. you're right some people are so stupid and have absolutely no common sense

Bulet4myvalentin 48F
9 posts
12/4/2021 1:38 pm

As of December 2021 I do not want to meet you off of the site. Happy Holidays an Merry Christmas ..

Bulet4myvalentin 48F
9 posts
1/14/2022 1:15 pm

Jan 2022 I go back and forth here been on for a long time on the web site.
Depends on whats going on in my life. Sometimes I meet off of the site.

It has been very boring lately the same people still on here, depending on ones location it all matters.

I have met off of the site sometimes things work out sometimes they dont.

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