Input is much appreciated  

BullBunny1017 34M/30F
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11/19/2021 8:22 am
Input is much appreciated

So we do have a question for the community. How do people feel about a restaurant/ inn hosting bdsm, poly, swinger, lifestyle events? Is it something everyone would be interested in? Would people travel to the restaurant? We would host events, activities,<b> parties. </font></b>You can either come to dine at the restaurant/ bar or wait until after pm and the upstairs would turn into a lounge with private rooms to host sessions.

Dogalways 52M
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11/19/2021 3:46 pm

My ex-wife was a great hostess, and she found small hotels with attached restaurants or bars with food worked the best. She was likely too honest letting them know it was a lifestyle event right up front. Nothing is more a buzz kill than having to stop everything mid party to explain/prove to the local LEO there isn't anything illegal going on.

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