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Surprised by BBC part 1
Posted:Dec 26, 2021 1:25 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2022 11:33 pm

Back in the day when I younger I drove tractor trailer cross country. I would dress everyday back then. I passed so well back then. I 6ft, 5lbs, all legs. I had a nice ass. The guys loved me.
Anyway I drove for a company that when you were at a main hub and you were going to be there a day or 2 the company put us up in a hotel. So here I in Dallas TX and it a Friday morning and I going to be there all weekend. So of course they put me up in a hotel room. As soon as I got in the room I shaved my whole body. I got dressed in black thigh highs and black panties. I didn't dress all the way because I really didn't the drivers from my own company to know about me. So I went down to the hotel bar and ran into other drivers. We started drinking around 530, 6. The more I drink the more horny I would get. So by pm I start for hard coc I'm fucked up, I can barely stand up I so drun I finally made by way to my room. Once in my room I decided I going to get dressed and go to an adult bookstore. So I put on a black bra with my false tits. I put my makeup on, I started to fall asleep, so I put on a short red babydoll nightie, thinking that I would take a nap. It early. I dont know what time it but I woke up to someone coming into my room. I on top of the covers on my stomach. I to scared to move, I exposed. I heard the per
go in the bathroom and take a shower. I covered up and went back to sleep. I woke up again to the guy sitting on my bed. He started to pull my covers down. I tried to stop him. He grabbed my hands and held them down. He pulled my covers completely off. He started rubbing my ass.
I started to moan. I still had no idea who this man or looked like. I did know he had huge hands. ( just keep in mind I'm 5lbs). He said in a very deep voice, open your eyes. I didn't listen. He slapped my ass so hard I almost cried. He said he not going to tell me again. I opened my eyes .to see a huge muscular black man. I got really scared and started to scream. He covered my mouth and told me to shut the fuck up. Part 2 coming.
Slut Donna
Posted:Nov 24, 2021 9:17 pm
Last Updated:May 26, 2022 11:33 pm

When I was younger I lost my job. So out of the blue I decided to move to St Louis MO. I thought I would find a job and start a new life.
6 months and still no job. Money was running real low. I saw a commercial for a truck driving school. I went to the school to check it out. Make a long story short? I got my CDL in no time. From school I got my first driving job
Since I had no experience I had to go on the road with a trainer. My first trainer was on the heavy side but super nice. A good oldboy. We were on the road at least a week and he hadn't taken a shower. He stunk bad. So one day I made a deal with him. I told him if he took a shower that I would dress up for him. That when I dressed he want to fuck me. The next day he stopped a the first trucksto he saw. I got a some clothes and makeup together. I told him it may take me awhile for him to just wait in the restaurant. It seemed like forever for me to get ready. I wore a black thong, black thigh highs, a short black skirt, black bra, red sweater. I did my makeup to perfection. Bright red lipstick. I did my nails and put on 4inch black heels. I was ready to go. Sorry my own hair was down my back. No wig needed. I was so nervous, I didn't think this was something I would ever do. I was walking out of the shower room into a truck stop full of horny men. I sucked it up and out I went. I could feel all the eyes on me. I went into the restaurant and found my partner and sat down. He just stared at me. Then he said can I help you. I said no but I can help you. His mouth dropped open. Is that you??? I said yes it is. No fucking way he said.
Then he said your right I do want to fuck you. I told him that can happen if he agreed to shower at least every other day. He agreed. From that day on I dressed every morning and began my life as his girlfriend. We stayed together for 2 years. For unforeseen reasons I had to leave the job and my baby.
Truck Stop adventures
Posted:Aug 10, 2021 8:40 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2021 5:48 pm

When I was in my late two early thirties I took a job as a OTR truckers.i drove all over the country and Canada. I passed easily back then At night I would pull into a truck stop and take a shower. After I showerd I would get dressed makeup and all other things including heels. Normally I would get coffee and leave. This one night the restaurant in the truck stop was pretty empty so I decided to sit down and eat. The
waitress took my order. I was looking around I saw that the waitress was talking to a few guys, a few truckers I found out later. She brought me the food, as I was eating l
the 2 guys came over and sat next to me, one on each side of me. They said how youdoing girly, you dont mind if we sit here and keep you company do you. Of course I said not at all. With that the both of them started rubbing my legs. You like this dont you, I bet your loving the attention aren't you. Then they tried to put their hands up my skirt. No No you cant do that I said. At this point
it seemed like I had no control. They weren't hearing me, I tried to push there hands away but they held my hands down.
Then they found my clit a d pulled there hands away like they got burned. One of the guys looked at me and said amazing. Then they both unzipped their pants and pulled there cocks out, grabbed my hands and placed them on there cocks.i played with them for awhile. Then they were trying to get me to go under the table. I ask what they were trying to do. We are trying to get you under the table so you can suck our cocks. I told them I'm not doing of t guys said you dont suck cock, I suck cock but not on a dirty floor. The guys asked if I would go back to there truck with them. I said sure I would love to. They paid for my dinner and off we went to their truck. As I was getting in the one grabbed my ass. I didn't even get in the truck and he was pulling my panties off. As soon as I got in the truck he bent me over the seat and started licking my pussy. If you all want to hear the test of this experience please let me know.
Slut Donna
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My first time being fucked
Posted:Jun 2, 2021 11:04 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2021 5:48 pm

Well I told everyone about my first time sucking cock. Now I will tell you about my first time I got fucked. Like I said I'm a crossdressers, when I went to the first theater I didn't know how to apply makeup correctly. So after my first venture out, I decided that I would learn to apply makeup and pass in public. So everyday after work I would practice applying makeup. When I thought I could pass I would go to the grocery store by the house. One day the manager asked me what was going on? So I told him my plan. He was ok with me coming in the store. One Saturday I was in the store and the manager came up to me and started talking and said I looked so hot
He said you pass easily.
That's all I needed. I left the store and went to another adult theather that was sleazy. I didn't really care. I went the ticket window. Got my ticket and went inside. This place was full of BBC'S, I was very nervous. The movie screens were stairs. This place had 3 sections. A section for straight films, another for gay films and one for CD, and transgender.
I started in the strght section. Talk about boring. then I went the gay section, a little more actively. I sucked a few cocks in there. Then I went the trans screen. I took my coat off and sat down. I was watching 2 sissys sucking each other. Somewhere watching the movie I feel asleep. When I woke I was the only one in there expect the guy behind me .
I was wearing a very short skirt and when I woke my legs were spread wide open and my panties were soked. Anyway as I was sitting there another guy came in and another person came in
So there was 3 BBC'S in there. This is were it gets scary for me. I went to get up and the guy behind pushed me down back in my seat and asked where did I think I was going. I told him I have to use the bathroom. So he escorted me to the bathroom, grabbing my ass all the way. The bathroom was full of guys sucking and fucking. we back my seat. When we got back to the little theater the other 2 BBC'S were naked, I was made sit on my my knees in the chair. The bigger BBC came over and put his cock on my lips. Open your mouth bitch, so I did as told. His cock started to get harder and harder and was going down my throat more and more. Another guy is licking my pussy now, holly shit I loved it. He was going to town licking and eating my pussy. The guy that I was sucking, said he is ready. I asked ready for what?? He didn't answer. He got behind me. One of the guys put his hard cock in my mouth. The other guy helped hold me down. Now the guy behind was about to shove his cock in my pussy ass. I was trying to pull away, but they weren't having it. The guy spit in his hand and fingers. He was using his spit lub my pussy ass. I kept trying pull away so he slapped my ass hard. I could feel his cock head at the opening of my pussy ass. The guy I was sucking had his cock down my throat. I could feel the pressure of his cock trying to enter my pussy. His cock wasn't even in yet and it hurt, he told his friend it was time and to hold me good. The next thing I know he is pushing his cock into my pussy ass. It hurt so bad, I wanted to scream but I couldn't because a cock was in my mouth. He kept pushing his cock in me, it was hurting so much I started to cry. The guy told me to stop crying and to just take it, I didn't have a choice. He kept pushing till his whole cock was balls deep in my pussy. So started a slow motion in and out and the pain went away and I was enjoying every bit of it. I was in that theater for hours when the guy was done. He made bend over the back of the seat and tied my hands to the bottom of the seat. I couldn't move. The train was on the tracks, for the next hour or so I eather had cock in my mouth and a cock in my pussy ass. One after the other. When it was all said and done I felt empty and really sore. I have always wanted reenact this experience. I hope you like my story.
Slut Donna
My first time sucking cock
Posted:May 31, 2021 10:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 10:24 pm

Everyone calls CDDONNA48. I have been crossdressing about 40 now. When I started out I just wore lingerie. Shoes that were the wrong size. At that same time I had no idea I liked cock. One day I wore garter belt, black sheer stockings, a black lace bra and tshirt. I went to an adult theather in Newark NJ. I went inside and it was so dark, i pulled my sweat pants off and sat down. Instead of sitting in a seat I almost sat on a man. He kinda pushed me to a seat next to him. Now I just sat in that seat to scared to move away from him. All of a sudden he grabbed my hand and tried to get me to touch his cock, but I pulled away. He wasn't having it.he grabbed my had again with more force, I tried to pull away again, he got in my face and told me if I didn't play with his cock he would have his friends come sit all around me. I let him put my hand on his hard cock and I started rubbing it. He then had me jerking him up and down. I was surprised I was enjoying it. He started rub his hands all over me. He really really liked what I was wearing. The next thing I know he is pushing down in my seat. By then I was in a different world.. I had no idea what was going on around me. He is telling me to get on my knees and I did. Next thing I know his hard cock is in my mouth and I loved it. He had a big cock that I gagged on. it didn't take long for him explode in my mouth. His load was all over my face.
I got up to leave and there were men all around me watching me. I got real scared . I tried find my sweet pants and couldn't find them. So I ran out in my stockings and panties. I'm glad it was dark out when I left.
If anyone want to hear more of my adventures since I discovered I'm cock lover. Let know.
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