Eating out my first girl  

CallMeFiggy 33M
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11/11/2021 7:11 am
Eating out my first girl

I have always thought about eating out a girl. In fact, I have fantasized about it in my previous relationships. I met this really cute Asian woman last night who stood about 5'2 and had a voluptuous, remarkable body. We went back to her place and talked for a little, but just like that we were all over each other.

My mind raced with anticipation on what we were going to do next. I can be a really sensual guy. Foreplay is extremely erotic to me and I love making a girl feel wanted. She looked incredible with that sexy body of hers and honestly I am not the one looking for a quick fuck to satisfy my needs. In my head, I wanted her to feel satisfied.

I slowly caressed and massaged her ass and breasts as we undressed. She told me she did not want to fuck because she did not know if I could last or not. I told her earlier I lacked experience. She decided we would try the 69 position. I have no words to describe this position. The feeling of being in control yet at the same time vulnerable is utterly exhilarating.

Initially, her expectations had been low on whether I could please her, but as soon as I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy that all changed. I could not help myself. When her pussy laid right by face, a primal urge came over me and I could not stop. I stroked her pussy with my tongue across the inside of her walls and she moaned a lot. At the same time, I could feel every sensation from her mouth and tongue as she bobbed on my cock.

I have an average sized member and I like to think that made it so much easier for her to take me in really deep. Her throat felt very satisfying and I wanted to reciprocate the favor. I started with one finger sliding it deep into her now dripping wet pussy. My tongue caressing and squeezing against her clit made her moan in ecstasy. I moved to 2 and then 3 fingers. Her pussy stretched even deeper as she let my fingers glide into her deeply. Before I knew it, she came really hard in my mouth. Her body and pussy jerking with each orgasm. Her juices weren't unpleasant at all.

All the while during this time, I am getting a blowjob from this extremely hot Asian girl. After 30 or so minutes I finally had to stop her to finish myself off. I do not know if there is something wrong with me, but I cannot cum very easily unless I do it myself. That is not to say I cannot maintain the feeling of pure pleasure when I am in the moment with someone. I also have a<b> weird </font></b>kink where massaging my prostate internally does seem to put me over the edge, but it is slightly painful and not the way I would like to orgasm. I will never forget this moment with the first girl I ever ate out and feel so fortunate to have satisfied her.

Pleasureinc 58M
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11/11/2021 9:43 am

Yes, Asian women can be extremely hot. Glad your first foray into pussy was a wonderful experience.

mufdiver69er2 61M  
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11/11/2021 10:50 am

1st? at 33? wtf?

woop woop

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