Maturating like a girl  

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11/23/2021 3:41 pm
Maturating like a girl

Found this caption of how to maturate like a . I have tried this but it doesn't seem to work for . I am sure it will for sum but I guess being older I have problems doing it this way. But even before I found this caption I found another way to do it and .

Instead of Laying on my<b> stomach </font></b>and reaching back like in the caption, I can stay laying on my back. Being older now and maybe a bit desensitized by porn it takes a longer to get hard so sometimes when I masturbate the usual way I would come sometimes before being completely hard Basically just semi-erect.

Over the past year and a half when I woke up horny I would stroke my cock just enough to get pre- to form a on the tip. Sometimes I might go to far and strop just before cumming and occasionally instead of a normal cum it would just ooze . That might be what some a ruined orgasm I guess.

Now since I have been wearing panties exclusively for well over a year, I would sometimes tuck my cock a bit so it wouldn't show. When erect I am 6 inches and I am a grower not a shower which mean when I am completely flaccid it is very shriveled and about a inch. Makes it more of a clit when flaccid and makes it easy to tuck and hide.

One morning laying in bed I tucked my flaccid clit a so it pointed toward the crotch of the panties. Rubbing the crotch of the panties I could hardly tell it was there. I did however notice that it felt good when my hand rubbed across the tip that it felt good. I liked the feeling and realized what I was doing was a lot like a woman rubbing her clit and pussy through her panties.

Since it felt nice I kept doing it. The stimulation did make grow some but not a full one erections. I found that the faster and more I rubbed there the tip was the more I seemed to get close to cumming. So I am laying there rubbing my crotch like a woman frigging her clitty. Eventually I feel I am ready to cum and just keep at and then it happened. I came in my panties. Quite a mess but was fun

Needless to say that I find I am doing that regularly. I guess that means if for some reason I ever can't get hard I know how to make myself cum.

The questions is thougg, By cumming like a that way does that mean I am a squinter? LOL

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