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10/2/2021 10:29 am
The Stroies I write.

Since I came to FriendFinder-x as Callie, I have posted stories from time to time. At first most were ones I had written on another site that was shared with individual members. The were basically very short stories. I posted those just to test the waters of FriendFinder-x's story section and gauge response. Eventually, I posted my only long one (Real Estate Encounter) I had previously written.

The initial response I got to them has lead me to start writing more. I am planning on using my Blog to post information form time to time on stories I am working on. Things like where I am on multi-part stories and maybe on an individual story series give those following an idea of where the story may be heading. I will try to post in my status when I add new stories.

I will start now with what I have out there on longer stories (multi-part ones) and what might be expected.

Discovering Daddy:

This story series started as just one of my short stories, but readers were curious about what happened when Liz was taken upstairs. That lead to writing a second part and eventually several more. This story-line is also when I started to add pictures. Unfortunately, a couple of the parts I posted disappeared and hard as I have tried I couldn't get them re-posted and stay. Since the direction of the story was changing the title didn't seem to fit anymore. As a result I am posting gradually what I had written and writing As they are added you will start seeing them posted as "The Sexual Awakening of LIz".

Sexual Awakening of Liz:

Those who have already read the parts posted for "Discovering Daddy" will recognize the first parts I will be posting. Part 1, however, has had a some new content in the beginning that better sets up the rest. I also added pictures to it. I will do that on any other parts from "Discovering Daddy" where there were no pictures. Eventually the previous parts will be posted and I will start posting new parts moving the story along. I would post them all but don't want to blast the story sections all at once.

Just One of the Girls:

The first part has been well<b> received </font></b>and will be posting Part 2 soon. I also have two other parts (3 and 4) written and am tweaking them. As a preview of Part 2, that part will pick up the story with the next morning. It will detail a dream of sex in a library and at the end the character Judy tells Sammie about a trip she had taken to a glory hole.

FEM6 Virus Changes His Life:

This is a story I am working on that is based on a set of story captions I came across. I am taking the idea from the captions and giving more detail about the changes taking place in the main character's (Brian) life as a result of the FEM6 virus. This is a gender transformation story. While the captions is set when Brian is in high school, I am thinking of taking it farther into his life.

Story Captions:

As I mentioned previously about the FEM6 story is based on a story caption. I have come across a few that have captions so detailed that they pretty much tell the story. As I find ones I like I will share them too. Those that have more than 10 pictures I will have to post as more than one part. Just put out one story caption out there that I titles "His Idea Goes Wrong".

As I post about and individual story series feel free to comment on them in my blog.

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