The Language of Empowerment pt4  

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4/13/2021 5:56 pm
The Language of Empowerment pt4

Authenticity as I relate it you is not just regarding the accurate perception of reality, but also a critical understanding of what reality actually is. This is where perspective and the true nature of authentic relationships comes into and the notion of validity comes from; where valid means fitting the actual reality and different perspectives offer alternative perceptions, widening the reality, adding certainty about what choices are right. Morality then is choosing higher value things as an end goal, a value system or hierarchy where things of lower value are given up in exchange for things of higher value. Immorality is therefore the betraying of the values system by confusing the ends and means.

When we have an accurate knowledge of what is happening in a situation, it paints a clearer picture make decisions and determine direction. When empathic, thoughtful and aware people give their perceptions and perspectives and we also self-analyze our ego-entrenched duality issues, then we will have a better guide for what is right for us and others in any given moment. Authenticity then, is the declaring of rights, feelings, intentions, or actualizations in a way that empowers our voice, position and perspective, in addition an ability respect the boundaries of others regarding the levels of intimacy and authenticity they want receive; the language of empowerment shows us how make declarations assertively, positively, compassionately and with an empathy that enables others do so as well.

For a true understanding of what is real and actually happening take place, we need build our awareness through both self and objective analysis; our subjective reality is a combination of objective critiques and self reflections, hence the need for like-minded support groups and mentoring programs. This is also why early scripting is hyper-critical for and youth because once a spirit is actuated, (aware of itself), it begins to expand on its sense of self. This is done by the synergizing of both the external and internal environments as much as possible with the least amount of cognitive dissonance. If our continuous social scripting doesn't conform to reality, differs from our thoughts, or doesn't bring out the most of our spirit's capacities, then our spirit is conditioned to think it isn't even part of the body, allowing the being to develop its awareness and validation through a more ego-centered, mind/body perspectives.

By having authentic relationships where we utilize the language of empowerment to build, not break, we create sustainability and encourage spirit's diverse and individual journey through reality. This helps create conditions that inspire unity in diversity and fosters same thinking. Thoughts are things and they create our feelings and believing in or subscribing to either for too long, whether good or bad, real or imagined, accurate or inaccurate, adds to the enforcement of or conformity in our feelings and mental dwellings, leading to an abrogation or uniformity of them by the mind. Thoughts are the engine that powers our desires and fears, its our feelings that come from and spring out of our thoughts and conditionings that helps sustain our cognitive dissonance. Our thinking is the abstract force that powers the actual action we put into effect. Action itself is the empowerment of or control over the environments latent power potential of choice; to choose is to move action towards the direction of some intention.

Moral development then, is a process of changing our thinking towards the actual reality and coming further into alignment with the thinking and choosing of the higher value over the lower. When we're able, for any reason, to see things as coming from the same source, yet each thing having its own perspective and means of expression, we begin to realize the true intention of creative intelligence; to build knowledge and awareness of itself and to express it. This can only be done by an open, objective and<b> realistic </font></b>analysis of itself, by us, that leads to a transcendence of spirit in us. The goal of creating and sustaining authentic relationships then, is to enhance perspective and thereby our perception and increase our ability to choose the higher value in decision making and to increase the levels of love and intimacy in relationships.

Fear is nature's defense mechanism for fight or flight. In order to rise above this instinct and become supernatural, we must learn to face our fears and allow them to pass through us. Then we will see that we are supernatural beings because only we will remain, our fears will have been transcended. An authentic relationship centered on loving kindness provides the security of position and safety of expression that enables us to explore boundaries and empowers the desire to relate to the facing of fears, eagerly facing challenges as opportunities to encourage, enable, engage, transcend and build our awareness.

It's our ego's attachment to roles, investments and other self-gratifications that creates or enhances our fears, jealousies, anger and other less than feelings and actions that limit us and our relationships, increases our overall depressed effect and feelings of dependence and contributes to overall relational disunity. Cultivating altruism and compersion in our relationships cultivates inter-independence in people and minimizes the need for power, control and attachment to roles and investments by the ego, it reduces possessiveness and the need to compete. We do require roles to function in society and while it's natural for us to invest differently in them according to our attachments to them, we must remember we are not them and given the multiple roles and interactions of people according to their various role attachments and investments, this is not easy to do, but to lose our fears and our ego, or at least face and embrace them, is to gain power and control over loss, change, abandonment, scarcity, consumption, the unknown and our ego itself.

Love is the answer, intimacy the prescription; our roles and there investments exist within all relational, cultural frameworks and boundaries. It's our ego's hold on them, and its shaping by cultural standards, that enables our entitlement of position and of privilege take over and further habituates traditional, emotional responses as ways of relating, thinking or feeling. While all feelings are natural, normal and deserving of our validation, proper vindication of our thoughts, feelings and actions is supernatural and requires us examine and acknowledge the impact of our ego and actions on the body and mind, on thoughts and feelings, on roles and investments and in right relationship actions and dialogue. True emotional empowerment is not ego-based; it's principally-centered, it's empathetic, intimate, firm and seeks loving kindness. It doesn't enable entitlement of position, of privilege, or perpetuate culturally traditional, habitual, emotional responses. It seeks truth, justice and the efficient use of power as a loving response.

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