something to write about!  

CarlaRLayne 73M  
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10/5/2021 2:19 pm
something to write about!

For most of the summer, my walks in the<b> park </font></b>have been in women's short shorts & a shirt with a bra and pantie underneath. The cooler weather has begun so the other day I did leggings with a long shirttail giving some modesty where necessary. Today I decided to do something different. Under my trousers and shirt I wore a garter belt and thigh highs, then a teddy, all in black. I felt good! It had been a long time since wearing thigh highs & garter belt and as I walked the stretch of the garter tabs reminded me of what I was wearing. I enjoyed that reminder every step I took. I wish that I had met someone would have appreciated seeing what I had on underneath. I know I'll dress this way more often from now on.

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