PTA Meeting  

Chase6721 55M  
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6/4/2021 3:32 pm
PTA Meeting

So I have a in the fourth and one night I had to attend his PTA meeting. Something I was not looking forward to. This was my first time in attendance, so I knew nobody there. It was just some parents and teachers discussing what is best for their .

We sat in a large forming a circle with our uncomfortable folding metal chairs. As Ms. Burke began the meeting, I couldn't stop looking her. She had this low cut blouse on revealing a heavenly cleavage. "God I bet those tits are incredibly nice," I thought to myself. I wasn't really being shy about it as she caught my gaze. Her lips, glistening with a pink gloss raised to a smile.

I tried to listen, you know, for my sake. But Christ all mighty, this woman was<b> smoking . </font></b>She continued talking and to provide a little show, she parted her legs just a few inches allowing my eyes to see her frilly little panties. My cock was hard as a rock as I did everything to hide my erection. I crossed my legs hiding him in my loose slacks.

It appeared that I wasn't the one looking Ms. Burke. I caught one of the moms in the undressing her with her eyes. "Hmm, this is a nice and welcome turn of events," I muttered. This other mom caught me eye fucking both her and Ms Burke. A little seductive smile was offered up to me.

Finally the meeting was over and I could go home and rub one . I couldn't take it, I needed to explode. Everyone was leaving, so I grabbed my paperwork and began heading toward the exit. "Mr. Wright, may I have. word with you?" I froze in place. Did she just ask to stay back? That's exactly what my cock told my brain. I turned around and Ms Burke was standing a few feet from . Beth, the other mom, in our imaginary three way was there too. Beth stood about five foot, a real spinner. She had jet black hair that stopped at her shoulders. She was wearing a lavender blouse and a black skirt with black stockings. She stood there smiling.

"I noticed you couldn't stop staring at us," Beth said in a sultry voice. "Why don't you sit back down in your chair." I sat down, this time it was evident that I was ready to play. My zipper struggled to keep me inside. Ms Burke, Brandy was her name, sat across from me and Beth sat next to her. Without losing eye contact with me, Beth began unbuttoning Brandy's pressed white shirt revealing her lacy white bra. "You like?" she asked. I couldn't speak, nodding like a prepubescent seeing his first porn. Beth reached back and unclasped Brandy's bra sliding it slowly down, over her shoulders and to the floor. My God those tits were better than I imagined. Beth continued stripping Brandy until the thing she had on, was a smile...that and some cute thigh high stockings.

Brandy looked at me and told me to pull my cock . Without hesitation, I freed my beast and stroked ever so slowly as Beth kneeled down between Brandy's creamy white thighs. With the first feel of Beth's tongue, Brandy arched her back squeezing her hard nipples. Beth continued with her assault on Brandy's clit faster and fierce. Beth pulled up her skirt around her waist and began rubbing her own love box. I wanted to move, but was paralyzed.

Beth stood up and faced . She unzipped her skirt from her side. It slid down her knees, to her ankles, finally resting on the floor. She had a little landing strip of jet black hair. She then removed her top allowing her B cup breasts to become free. Beth kneeled in front of me taking my hard cock in her hand. She started stroking it, slowly as I watched both her and Brandy. Brandy, smiling, began pleasuring herself as Beth took me into her mouth. Every fucking inch of my cock was in her mouth. Faster and faster she went until Brandy joined in on the fun. Brandy pulling off my pants joined in on the oral action. One on the shaft, the other on the boys.

Brandy stood up and turned around while Beth was directing me inside Brandy's love canal. First the head, then inch by inch until I was all the way in. I couldn't believe how wet she was. Her moans increasing in volume intensified the pleasure. Beth sitting next to with her hands on Brandy's perfectly sculpted ass while my hand was caressing her clit.

I was asked to lay on the floor. Beth mounted rather quickly, she wanted to fuck fast and hard. Brandy straddled my allowing to taste her quivering cunt. Brandy was rocking her hips on my working herself up to a climax. Beth bouncing on my cock buried her tongue in Brandy's mouth as she let out a loud moan. He legs shaking as she came. Brandy feeling the passion pulled off my and smacked her clit until she squirted on my and neck.

Brandy decided she needed from behind as Beth laid on her back. Brandy used her tongue on Beth's wet pussy. I kept watching my cock thrust deep and hard inside Brandy. It wouldn't take but a second to explode, and she knew it. I worked right up to the edge and in a flash, I pulled and shot my hot load all over Brandy's sweaty back. Beth came around and licked the off her back.

We cleaned up and got dressed. Brandy and Beth engaged in a kiss to each other, then to . I don't know why I never attended these events before. But I will keep coming back. Is it bad to encourage my to do bad in so I can keep coming to these little meetings?

It's not the kill, but the thrill of the chase.

japaneseass 54F  
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6/8/2021 7:24 am

If our PTA meeting was like this, I would have gone more. But seems like hardly any male in the meeting!!!! Definitely I will volunteer as Beth, next time...well you coming to the meeting? LOL...

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