living my lie  

Christy66x 62T  
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10/30/2021 6:29 am
living my lie

All my life i have felt wrong i was not the person i felt i was. I have always liked<b> silky </font></b>clothing love smooth skin when i was very young i played with dolls with girls my parents got mad my father spanked told it was wrong for a boy to play like that. I remember having a jewelry box I don't know where i got it when opened a ballerina would twirl as a music box played . I had curious feelings wanting to be dressed like the toy i can still remember her blue tutu. The figurine was only about an inch and a half tall. I can't remember exactly when i started dressing up i did not have a sister so i had no one to sneak things to wear from. but i had a girlfriend and i got a pair of her panties i would wear them and JO. When i got married the first time i would wear my wife's panties and night gowns. She was not amused that did not last long we were divorced soon after. However before we split I did hook up with a man . I have always felt good having a man hold me love being feminine. Feeling submissive just the way i am wired not "normal" but i just don't care anymore.
have a great day kiss kiss Christy

bi1946 75M  
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10/31/2021 6:34 am

good for you, better luck going forward

SexySultrySondra 68T  
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11/6/2021 4:55 am

I think we all know growing up that we are not the same as our Hetero 1st BF was in grade school and we loved to dress and fuck each other.

funbeingnude 69M  
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2/11/2022 4:10 am

Love to hear about the man you hooked up with and also you have a very yummy looking ass

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