some things i think about  

Christy66x 62T  
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8/19/2021 5:12 am
some things i think about

So i have a twisted imagination. That's why I am here. I have had lots of fantasy's and lived out some. i have had a couple threesomes, had a couple friends to meet and play over the years. I like to roll play . fantasy i am dressed in panties and a skimpy top and have to wrestle a stronger man. i loose of course and have to give the winner a good time .
I love rope and bondage<b> gear </font></b>love feeling helpless and captive . i like to be considered a sissy told I am bad punished nipples pinched spanked.
I love to dress i just don't get to get out much. i have several short stories i have written about fantasy. i will share if you are interested. i will work on something more interesting have a great day ttyl

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