Chuckrabbit 66M
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6/2/2021 11:33 am

Hi. I am a fun kind of guy who I think you will enjoy. I have a pretty decent bod for my age and keep it well groomed. I keep nearly all my body hair shaved off. I used a laser system to remove my pubic hair permanently. I didn't actually mean for it to be permanent, but it just worked out that way. Having no pubic hair may be a little embarrassing at times for a guy, but I think most women will enjoy it. I can tell you I would enjoy a woman who had her pubic hair permanently removed. I enjoy seeing the vagina and a more youthful you. But don't fret, I don't expect a women to remove her hair for me. I do like women who either<b> shave </font></b>their vaginas often or heavily trim their patch. A small patch looks good on most women.
The most I can grow now is a little, hard to see peach fuzz. The absence of pubic hair is a turn-on for some women. Although I am older it gives me a pre-puberty look. Give me a try. You will like it. I am fit, have nice skin and with no hair on my upper legs, I look good in shorts. You will want to get into my shorts and If you are sexy, I will want to fuck you long and hard. I may be a bit small penis-wise, but I have a lot of stamina, I use Viagra for a larger, harder dick, and it takes longer now to get me to come. That means more organisms for you. We should be able to fuck, possibly 45 minutes, without a break of any considerable length. I am a caring guy, friendly, considerate, loving and giving. I will give you a lot of love. And the removal of most body hair means I am more attractive for oral sex. Please get in touch. I'm a little shy, but a good person to know and fuck on a regular basis. I am open to threesomes and one female and two males is OK. Two females is obviously great too. Hope to meet you soon. ChuckRabbit of Hemet.

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